Sweet Nothings

What’s up with the moon ?

miely / January 30, 2018

I was walking at the side walk of Tirona Highway at 4:35am, wondering how the moonlight made me feel light as I walk. Although I felt lighter in terms of walking, my feelings are quite gloomy. (Sorry but I hope you don’t mind me posting my emotional thoughts in this blog)

Sweet Nothings

What a weird feeling.

what a weird feeling
miely / January 30, 2018

I suddenly noticed on the statistics page that there were some people who bumped in to some of my old posts. I really felt weird about it. So I opened those pages.

Sweet Nothings

Reading challenge for 2018???

Reading challenge for 2018
miely / January 18, 2018

I’m starting a reading challenge for myself this year and it’s official. Although it is a big question that still runs in my head. Will I be possibly make it? What do you think??

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What A Gorgeous Smile

miely / January 16, 2018

  I usually get home around 3:30-5am. But 2 days ago I was able to get home earlier than everyone expected. I was able to take a ride as soon as I get out of the office that’s why.