MielyGraphy – A mom that writes.

This is my personal blog. I consider this site as my journal. I write personal opinions, reviews and things related to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

I’ve been blogging for a while now, but I’m not a professional writer. I do this as a pastime.

Just a bit of a background about me, I’m a mother of two kids. I’m working as a call center agent and I’m very passionate about learning new things. I also love sharing thoughts and ideas about things I learned or discovered that is why I built this blog.

I have previously blogged on two sites that I own. One is just about whatever and the other one is about bitcoins. It’s hard to manage two sites alone, so I decided to combine them here.

I hope this time everything would be manageable. Please subscribe to this blog or you can follow me on social media sites floating on top of the page for updates.