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Repost: Facebook Messenger Kids now available on Androidi

miely / February 22, 2018

Facebook Messenger Kids now available on Android — Read on This is really nice. My niece is using a regular messenger app and keeps on chatting with random people. We hate the fact that we are quite unable to control her usage with it. Hope this app will be available on iOS soon.

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Hair fall myths after giving birth???

miely / February 20, 2018

After giving birth, most of the women like me are experiencing this condition where our hair excessively fall. It’s very common to women that breastfeeds and just gave birth. I could say it’s common because it happened to me after giving birth to my first child and also to my second child. Here in the Philippines, our elders keep on…

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How was your valentines day?

miely / February 16, 2018

Family is not an important thing, it’s everything! Two days ago, everyone celebrated the hearts day or valentines day. Most of the couples out there went on a date, spent time on an exclusive restaurants, watched movie or just made their loved ones days so special by giving gifts, chocolates or flowers. That was so ideal. But I never experienced…

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Review: EQ Colors Diaper(the cheap ones)

EQ Colors Diaper review
miely / February 10, 2018

I guess it’s a responsibility for me to write a review for this EQ Colors diaper that I recently bought. Last week, I was at Puregold to buy some diapers for Mikayla. I’m trying to work on my budget because I had to pay my mom. So I looked around. Actually, her current diaper has been affordable already. I’m not sure…

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Breast milk refusal made me so worried(and sad)!

miely / February 4, 2018

Mikayla is very cranky today. She’s crying hard and refusing my breast milk and me. This is so devastating for me as mother. I feel like she hates me because I’m working. It’s like I’m not being able to build a good relationship with her that’s why she’s refusing me.

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What’s up with the moon ?

miely / January 30, 2018

I was walking at the side walk of Tirona Highway at 4:35am, wondering how the moonlight made me feel light as I walk. Although I felt lighter in terms of walking, my feelings are quite gloomy. (Sorry but I hope you don’t mind me posting my emotional thoughts in this blog)

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What a weird feeling.

what a weird feeling
miely / January 30, 2018

I suddenly noticed on the statistics page that there were some people who bumped in to some of my old posts. I really felt weird about it. So I opened those pages.

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Reading challenge for 2018???

Reading challenge for 2018
miely / January 18, 2018

I’m starting a reading challenge for myself this year and it’s official. Although it is a big question that still runs in my head. Will I be possibly make it? What do you think??

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What A Gorgeous Smile

miely / January 16, 2018

  I usually get home around 3:30-5am. But 2 days ago I was able to get home earlier than everyone expected. I was able to take a ride as soon as I get out of the office that’s why.