Bitcoin will try their best to support Bitcoin Cash soon! will try their best to support bitcoin cash
miely / August 11, 2017

Hey guys, it’s been a while again. This is an announcement I received via email from . If you are a member already you might have received the email already. I know some people don’t read emails a lot that’s why I’m posting it. So in July 30 2017, they sent an email prior to the Biggest day of Bitcoin history,…

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SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited in Layman’s Term

segwit and bitcoin unlimited in layman's term

Hey, guys! I know I promised this to be posted in the morning, but I wasn’t able to and I’m sorry about that. Anyway, I’m here to discuss what is SegWit (which means Segregated Witness) and Bitcoin Unlimited in layman’s term. I know you’ve been reading a lot about it recently since they said the deadline for the implementation of either…

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What’s with August 1st and Bitcoin?

august 1st for bitcoin

The news about August 1st for Bitcoin seems to be a very big issue at the moment. I’ve been reading about news and articles about it, but I’m a bit confused until now. I’m using Bitcoin for a while now and as a casual user, I never thought of the difference of it from other fiat currencies. To tell you…

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Top 5 Sites that Let You Earn FREE Bitcoins 2017

top 5 sites to earn free bitcoins

The last time I listed top sites for Free Bitcoins was 2 years ago already and it seems to be so outdated. At the same time, some of the sites I listed there were no longer working. It may not be useful for those people who are trying to get started with Bitcoin. Anyway, I’ll be listing 5 top sites…

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How to fund your account using BPI online ?

how to fund using bpi online

Some of my readers are interested in investing with bitcoins but they don’t know how to start. So I will link other related posts to make everything clear for everyone. In this post, I’ll be showing you guys a step by step procedure on how to fund your account.

Bitcoin, Money Matters, Reviews Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Update just shut down! If you’re roaming around the web to look for some investment sites. I’m sure you’ve already stumbled upon But whenever you do, I’m sure your question would always be like this — “is it legit or is it just another scam?”. If you haven’t encountered this site at all, it would be nice to…

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Let’s talk about something useful

I’m using bitcoin for 3 years already in some small time money making stuff online which doesn’t involve any investments. However, I only get cents from it. Well, for three years of doing it I have earned a lot but I didn’t realize there’s something more awaits me until I asked my college friend about what she was posting about.
Check out what happened next.

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Make payments for Meralco Bills and get rebates!

get rebates in paying bills and buying Load with

This summer, I know everyone either prefer to stay at home to avoid the sun or probably go out of town to get relieved by soaking in water or cool places. But we all know that we have some responsibilities to do like working to earn and most of the time make payments for our bills.

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As Promised: Two Legit Cloud Mining

miely / August 31, 2016

Tired of looking for legit cloud mining service?   I was once got tired of looking for a legit mining service until a friend of mine referred me to two websites. Web sites that have been known as the best cloud mining sites since they began. I am sure you have ever heard about it. However, you must have been…

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What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?
miely / August 30, 2016

 Bitcoin Cloud Mining?  Check out two legit cloud mining services I use. I have been loving bitcoins for months now or maybe a year already. And I have tried so many things just to find the right ways to earn it. As I remembered, the value of it before was just around 10,000 PHP, but now it’s almost 30,000 PHP. As…

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Earn Money from your Smartphone

earn money from your smartphone
miely / August 29, 2016

Have you ever thought about earning some money from your smartphone? I am talking about real money not just gold coins or gems on the usual games that you play.   If you haven’t tried that, then I think you just fell on the right post.

Bitcoin, Reviews : New Wallet for BTC DOGE and LTC

Bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin wallet in one

Looking for an all-in-one BTC, LTC, and Doge Wallet? Here’s for you!   So since I found out yesterday that QoinPro isn’t working anymore. I would like to give you guys an alternative wallet, which will allow you to store your bitcoins, litecoins, and Dogecoin.

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QoinPro: Not Working Anymore?

QoinPro Review

QoinPro — Is it still working? (Update as of 12/17/2017 – I found out that it’s working and got improved!)   Hey, guys! How are you? Thanks for dropping by. I just want to give you a quick update about QoinPro.

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Win the Auto-Bet Game on

miely / February 14, 2016

Two weeks, I did an experiment on how I can win the betting games on . I was curious about what my friend told me about betting on “color games” – that is actually a dice game wherein instead of numbers, the dice rolls 6 colors.   He told me to bet on just one color and just double…

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5 Ways to Earn Money Online

earn money online
miely / January 31, 2016

There are so many ways to earn money online and there’s so many ways to be scammed as well. I have been scammed before by an investment schemed program online and I don’t want that to happen to me or anyone else again . So I have here a list of five ways to earn money online without being scammed…

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