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Repost: Facebook Messenger Kids now available on Androidi

miely / February 22, 2018

Facebook Messenger Kids now available on Android — Read on This is really nice. My niece is using a regular messenger app and keeps on chatting with random people. We hate the fact that we are quite unable to control her usage with it. Hope this app will be available on iOS soon.

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Review: EQ Colors Diaper(the cheap ones)

EQ Colors Diaper review
miely / February 10, 2018

I guess it’s a responsibility for me to write a review for this EQ Colors diaper that I recently bought. Last week, I was at Puregold to buy some diapers for Mikayla. I’m trying to work on my budget because I had to pay my mom. So I looked around. Actually, her current diaper has been affordable already. I’m not sure…

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Don’t buy this kind of Milk Warmer from Lazada

miely / December 10, 2017

When it comes to online shopping, we usually buy from Lazada because of their fast shipping at the same time they have a wide range of affordable products. Last Dec 6, I ordered three items which are unbranded (or the most affordable ones). I ordered a milk warmer, an electric breast pump and a cloth nappy. As you can see in…

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Bitcoin, Money Matters, Reviews Review: Is it Legit or Scam?

Update just shut down! If you’re roaming around the web to look for some investment sites. I’m sure you’ve already stumbled upon But whenever you do, I’m sure your question would always be like this — “is it legit or is it just another scam?”. If you haven’t encountered this site at all, it would be nice to…

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As Promised: Two Legit Cloud Mining

miely / August 31, 2016

Tired of looking for legit cloud mining service?   I was once got tired of looking for a legit mining service until a friend of mine referred me to two websites. Web sites that have been known as the best cloud mining sites since they began. I am sure you have ever heard about it. However, you must have been…

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Earn Money from your Smartphone

earn money from your smartphone
miely / August 29, 2016

Have you ever thought about earning some money from your smartphone? I am talking about real money not just gold coins or gems on the usual games that you play.   If you haven’t tried that, then I think you just fell on the right post.

Bitcoin, Reviews : New Wallet for BTC DOGE and LTC

Bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin wallet in one

Looking for an all-in-one BTC, LTC, and Doge Wallet? Here’s for you!   So since I found out yesterday that QoinPro isn’t working anymore. I would like to give you guys an alternative wallet, which will allow you to store your bitcoins, litecoins, and Dogecoin.

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QoinPro: Not Working Anymore?

QoinPro Review

QoinPro — Is it still working? (Update as of 12/17/2017 – I found out that it’s working and got improved!)   Hey, guys! How are you? Thanks for dropping by. I just want to give you a quick update about QoinPro.

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BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II

bpi express start credit card review

Last time I actually shared you guys how you can avail the BPI Express Start Program.    Today, I am happy to tell you now that I already received the card way back 2nd of June. It got some delays on the delivery since I requested for the card to be delivered to the branch instead of having it delivered…

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BPI Express Start Credit Card Review

bpi express start credit card review

Through the years I have never been approved for a credit card despite not having any loans or whatsoever. After so many declined applications, I got tired and stopped applying again. Until I found out that there’s a way to get approved for credit card applications by getting a Secured Credit Card.