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SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited in Layman’s Term

segwit and bitcoin unlimited in layman's term

Hey, guys! I know I promised this to be posted in the morning, but I wasn’t able to and I’m sorry about that. Anyway, I’m here to discuss what is SegWit (which means Segregated Witness) and Bitcoin Unlimited in layman’s term. I know you’ve been reading a lot about it recently since they said the deadline for the implementation of either…

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What’s with August 1st and Bitcoin?

august 1st for bitcoin

The news about August 1st for Bitcoin seems to be a very big issue at the moment. I’ve been reading about news and articles about it, but I’m a bit confused until now. I’m using Bitcoin for a while now and as a casual user, I never thought of the difference of it from other fiat currencies. To tell you…

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