Any idea about Journal writing???

These days been so bad for me. I’m quite emotionally stressed. We’ll I am not sure if it is related to my pregnancy or my health condition (hyperthyroidism). But I am trying to find a solution or some solutions. One thing that I guess may be helpful is journal writing.

I like writing journals. But my paper journals were quite full of scribbles. It looks like a scratch paper. I don’t have much privacy on it so I don’t write much personal thoughts there.

A few months ago, I’ve been trying to look for some journal apps that I can use on my phone. The one that can give me privacy. However, most of journaling apps (especially on iOS) are bulky in terms of space. So I didn’t download any.

(My phone is an old iPhone 5s with very limited storage of 16gb so that is why. I told myself that I’ll upgrade one step once iPhone 10 has been released. Hahaha, it has been released, though its X. I should upgrade next year.)

Though I didn’t get to download one few months back. I decided to get a decent app for journal writing since I read a lot of good benefits from it just last week.

I downloaded the Day One app. It has limited features as basic app and I’m thinking if spending money on this app can really help me. It’s quite expensive than the paper journals (I believe) I have but I can most likely keep it forever since it’s digital.

Can someone help me thinking about it.

Here’s the comparison.

I buy paper journals at around 300-400 php a year and about 80 php for a pen which I lose most of the time. I haven’t really thought about how many pens I’ve lost in a year. I only buy mid-range pens because it doesn’t give a yellowish mark on the paper when it gets old.

On the other hand the app costs 1750 php per year. Which allows me to have unlimited journals (which means I could create a journal for my son and upcoming daughter too. ), I could sync everything on the cloud together with the photos and there are other features that I don’t think so much useful yet for me.

Well, there are some enjoyable features of the basic accounts, however, it doesn’t sync and you’ll have some limitations like one photo per entry and one journal only.

So there are the things I wanted to consider. I wanted to know if it will be worth spending. I’m also trying to observe if  journal writing can help me to be more calm and stress-free.

Do you guys have any thoughts about journaling and the cost that it involves.

Btw, right now Day one app is only available on iOS and Mac.(UPDATE: it’s now available for android) Some suggest the Journey app which is only available on android.

Apparently, I don’t have an android phone and that app is not available on iOS too, but soon Day One app will be available on android.

I’m hoping that I could decide within the week since I am about to give birth hahaha

There’s also a monthly subscription for 199php per month. I’m not really sure if it’s really worth spending.

Just an update I really enjoyed my subscription with Day One App 🙂 

Any comments?