AZ's 7th Birthday

AZ’s 7th Birthday at Robinsons Place Gen Tri

I’ve been trying to search the reason why 7th birthday is one of the most important celebration among all birthdays of a person. To be honest no one can really answer it directly. Most of them say it may be some kind of this or that. But I noticed, most of the results about the 7th birthday celebration are coming from the Philippines. It seems to be a tradition only in my country.
The reason I’m trying to look for it is because my mom keeps on bugging me to give my son a great celebration despite the fact that my budget is so limited. She even lent me some money for us to celebrate this 7th birthday. So that is why I really wondered why it’s too important. If you know why I hope you’ll let me know. Right now, I’d like to say that this post isn’t really about unveiling that mystery and I really don’t know why I started it with that introduction.
Anyways we are really unable to throw a party since we really don’t have invitees. We only have few kids in the neighborhood and we don’t really know them to be honest. So there are only two things to choose from whether we’ll go out for swimming or a fun malling.
We ended up going for the malling because of the gloomy weather. We’re from Bacoor and were just so sick and tired of SM Bacoor, so we went to Robinsons Place General Trias. The place is quite far from us but we made it there for lunch. I really prefer this place for family day because it is so spacious and there are chairs everywhere. When you have kids, you don’t wanna go to crowdy places.

At Gerry’s Grill

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So we had our lunch feast for AZ’s birthday at Gerry’s Grill within the Robinsons Place Gen Tri. We just bought a cake from Red Ribbon and brought it in. Honestly, I would really love to have the cake from Goldilocks than Red Ribbon. However the guy from Gerry’s Grill told us that there’s no Goldilocks within the mall which I really find odd.
Anyways, let’s not discuss much on the food. I’m sure most of us knows the food quality of Gerry’s Grill. The staffs were friendly but not that proactive. There’s a lot of flies around, so I have to request for a candle to shoo them away.
My son really liked their grilled chicken, but I guess we always have to request for the veggies to be cooked well. We have kids with us and most of them had a hard time in chewing their food.
It was pretty obvious that we were celebrating a birthday because we sang a song, my son blew his cake’s candle and all that. After we eat, there was a small group of peeps that is celebrating a birthday too. The staff finds out about it and they all cheerfully sang a birthday song for the guy. My son was looking at them and I felt really bad. He looks like he wanted that kind of birthday song to be sang for him too but they didn’t. Because of that I really didn’t like the experience at Gerry’s Grill. I hated it.

At the Mall

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Lunch is over and as promised, we will be treating all kids for a 2-hour play at Kidzoona. We went there but there’s a birthday party being held until 2pm. We decided to roam around and digest the food that we ate. My mom saw the markdown sale at Outland and they all went there.
My husband is carrying Baby Mikay and quite tired. He sat down on one of the bench on the aisle and played mobile games since he found out that there’s a free wifi available. The kid were just running round and round. The place is really really spacious, it quite new that’s why there are no shops or stalls yet on the aisle. Usually, Robinson’s Malls has stalls and mini shops at the middle of the hallways.
The comfort room is my favorite place, it was so clean and neat. It looks like the comfort rooms at casinos and had a big mirrors for full body view. They were so accessible almost every corner as well. I wish SM malls would have this kind of CRs as well.

At Kidzoona


We are 2 kids, 2 babies, 2 grown ups and 2 teenagers.  We only paid for two kids 300 php each for 2 hours. Their fee includes free 1 guardian admission. The babies were 1 year old below so they were free of charge. Then for my nieces, we paid 100 each for extra guardian admission fee. They also sell socks for 30 php each.
They have lockers available, you just have to pay for 100 deposit each. The deposit will be given back upon check out, so we took 2 lockers too. We also got a VIP Card for 100 php which is valid for 3 years, this card earns 1 point per 10 php spend for admission fees.
I’ll do a separate post for my photo blog. There’s a lot of pictures and videos to come. I really enjoyed it. Anyways, this play ground is very spacious, kids and grown ups will definitely enjoy it. They have birthday packages for minimum of 20 guests for 10k. I didn’t really gather much information about it since I’m not really interested, I just added it since you may wanna know.
We spent two hours at Kidzoona.

At the Food Court

We’re all wasted since our relatives roamed around the mall while we were at Kidzoona. So we stopped by the Food Court. They only have few stalls available. So my mom decided to buy pizza from S&R. This S&R is just a stand alone pizza store inside Robinsons Place Gen Tri. Since S&R is quite small and can only accommodate few seats only, they decided to bring the pizza at the Food Court.
Our overall celebration went as a normal family day. I really wanted it to be better than that but there’s really no one we can invite aside from the people we are with on this day. Also, my leave for the day wasn’t approved that is why we are unable to at least have a swimming instead of malling.
Getting home is the most terrible part. We are able to book for GRAB Car near by, but he took almost two hours to get to the pick up location. Imagine the traffic! He was just on the other side of the intersection. We really have no choice but to wait. We can’t commute because we have kids and babies and bags and stuff. Anyways the travel time was just less than an hour. The kids were all tired so we just toweled them while they sleep. Congratulations to me! I just had 48 mins to sleep before going to work.
Anyways, it’s a wonderful day. I’ve seen them all having fun. I’m so blessed to have a son that is so appreciative with whatever we give. I’m hoping that I can raise him well and make him keep up with his gratefulness to everything and his loving and caring attitude towards to others.
Today is his real birthday. I should be able to sell off all my sandwiches for sale so I can give him another present. I’m so sure that his waiting for one.

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