Bitcoin, dogecoin and litecoin wallet in one : New Wallet for BTC DOGE and LTC

Looking for an all-in-one BTC, LTC, and Doge Wallet? Here’s for you!


So since I found out yesterday that QoinPro isn’t working anymore. I would like to give you guys an alternative wallet, which will allow you to store your bitcoins, litecoins, and Dogecoin.

It’s almost the same as QoinPro since it supports multiple cryptocurrencies. The difference is (aside from it is working) Block.ioย doesn’t give any daily earnings or commissions. But it is fine as long as you can keep safe your coins forever.


Another feature of Block.ioย is that you can create multiple recipient addresses. So if you want this address for sales, donations, and/or faucets you are free to have it. However, I am not so sure if how many addresses you can generate per account.


They also have some feature that you can use for your site if you sell or receives money since it uses some API keys to generate an address for each payment to be made by a customer. Well, that is kinda technical for me so I guess it’s best not to discuss itย withย me. Haha.


In regards to transact, they do have some transaction fees which they call as “network fee”. But I think it’s fair enough to pay the somehow for the excellent service that they provide. I found out that they have some premium account which I guess used by business owners. Anyway, I prefer a standard and free account.


You guys might not trust this at this stage, because you may think that I just joined the site. Honestly, I’ve had it for a while now since it has been introduced by some faucets that I used before. When I found out that QoinPro isn’t working anymore. I tried to access again and it still works with the same balance I had before. So I find it cool and worth sharing.


They also have some sort of affiliate programs that you may wanna try!

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