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Miely is a working mom that writes during free time about personal thoughts and experiences. She loves sharing things that may be useful for other people too.

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Changing SSS Status from Employed to Voluntary

Changing SSS Status to Voluntary & Paying Contributions Online

As a freelancer aka self-employed, we lose some of our benefits due to not being able to pay out contributions just like with SSS. Many freelancers today who are getting paid are forgetting their responsibilities to our government by not paying taxes, and the security of their future by not paying other contributions like SSS,

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DSWD “ReliefAgad.ph” SAC distribution online

DSWD “ReliefAgad.ph” Amelioration Distribution Online

Just today, one of our kapitbahay told us that she just got her SA (Social Amelioration) via online. I was a bit skeptical about it at first given the fact that I live in the Philippines. I guess they’re finally improving as we rarely have good online service from government services. Most of the time

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3 Password Tips to Keep Your Online Bank Accounts Safe

3 Password Tips to Keep Your Online Bank Accounts Safe

Thanks to online banking, taking care of your financial transactions has never been easier. However, its growing popularity has made it a prime target for many cybercrime schemes. Hence, you should learn how to keep your accounts safe from these types of tactics. To help you get started, here are three password tips to keep in

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things to do during lockdown

Best ways to spend your time during Enhanced Community Quarantine!

Make the most out of your time during the isolation. Take advantage of social distancing and enhanced community quarantine to be better. In my country (the Philippines — I feel like I need to let you know) everyone is in chaos. Almost everyone. Many people don’t have work, businesses are closed, no public transport at all and

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top 10 gift ideas for lazada year end sale

Top 10 Gift Ideas (Lazada Year-End Sale Special)

Tomorrow is the biggest year-end sale at Lazada, and you don’t want to miss the opportunity of getting the lowest price deals from top brands! Today, I’ll highlight gift ideas that are on sale. Lazada’s year-end sale will start tomorrow but most of their deals will be available on the 14th. This ideas I’ll share

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employment for tattooed people in philippines

Tattoos and Employment in the Philippines

Why tattoos still matters for employment in the Philippines? I was shocked about this video to the point it made me do a blog post. Me and my husband can relate to this issue. Ever since we had our family, my husband couldn’t get a job because of one same reason as the guy on

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