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My Simple Bullet Journal Set Up for January (It’s my first time XD)

Today, I am about to share my bullet journal set up for January. It’s already late for me to share this because I’m using it now. I also did the set up for Feb but it’s just quite the same with this but I did a few minor modifications.

This is a very easy set up for first timers like me. It’s not that colorful and artistic coz’ I’m bad with ARTS. I guess I have missed some pages that should’ve been included but for me it’s really fine. So before I show it off I’d like to give an intro as to what is a Bullet Journal (I’m just really shy to show it on the first part  hahaha.)

Bullet Journal can be anything. You can set it up the way you want it and the way you need it. Well as for me, I just really wanted to stay organized. I’ve been using journals as my jot pad before and it is messier than anyone could think of. Actually I’ve shown my messy journal last time on this blog. So since I have tons of goals for this year, I decided to use a bullet journal for me to have a guide in reaching it.

I started my bullet journal with seven sections(I’m not sure if I should call it sections). You can Check it on the tabs below.

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This is something new to me. I never thought of indexing my pages when I do my journal entries. I rarely even use dates especially when I’m writing free flowing ideas.

I tend to flip through all my pages when I’m trying to look for a specific entry I did.

So I think it’s really nice to add this page on my new bullet journal. I left three pages just for this very useful section of my bullet journal.

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

This one is very useful and this is one is the most frequently used items on bullet journals. From the name itself, “BULLET”, you need to use specific bullets to identify what you just logged on your journal.

This page will set as a reference of yourbullets and symbols, in case you’ve forgotten what it stands for.

I did use the standard bullets that was discussed at bulletjournal.com.

Although, I added some keys like location, I changed the key of explore/research because I can’t draw an eye symbol. I added color highlighters for mood and period tracking. It’s just really minor changes. You can check the standard bullets and signifiers at bulletjournal.com.

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

This is simply a reference of the dates. I’m not planning to mess this one. 🙂

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

This is a page where I have to put all events that will surely happen like birthdays.

I don’t know why I added a recurring log there. Honestly I might ditch this page next time because my friends and relatives ‘ssss birthday is on my iphone’s calendar.

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

This is my monthly view. I forgot to have a goals spread for my 2018 so I decided to have it on the monthly views.

I have a calendar for the month there and the dates are boxed. This is where I’ll highlight the days of a corresponding color for the moods. The bigger box is where I’ll write my absence, Overtime, rest day and pay day at work. I’ll highlight it with pink for my “red days”.

Blog Topic Ideas. I want to place it on a monthly view and just check it out if I was able to write the topic. This way I’ll have an overview of the number of posts I did in a month.

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

For this month I had my daily log combined with the weekly view.

I put all my weekly tasks on the day I wanted to do it.

I also had a weekly tracker on it. Which I can change or continue every week. 

Usually, BuJo(Bullet Journal) pips does their tracker in a monthly or yearly view and they write the number of days vertically. In my case, the journal I bought has 20*30 grids only. Therefore, I won’t be able to write 31 days vertically. It was the last piece of dotted journal I found on the bookstore so that’s why I have no choice. Hahaha.

bullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphybullet journal setup for january : Mielygraphy

This is a blank space where I can write my reflections or summary of my entire month.

Of course it includes a list of what I’m grateful for and the things I could’ve done better for the past month. It is like a preparation of my goals for the upcoming month

Here are the pens I used to set up my bullet journal.

I love erasable pens from Pilot Frixion that is why I bought their pastel colored highligther pens which are also erasable. I also used my favorite Maica 0.4 G-Tec-C Black because I don’t think it would be best for me to use my Frixion Point in doing the lines of my bullet journal.

I also used a Zig Art and Graphic Twin (Brush tip) to do some highlights and watermark effect on the dates on the daily log. There’s also a Crystal Water Based pen I really don’t know if that was its brand name because I just saw it from the National Bookstore. I used it in Re-writing some headings just to add an effect(I’m just trying hard to put some art on it hehehe).

Of course, I also used a pencil for drafting lines. Although, I ended up using the pen directly afterwards. I also used a ruler and an eraser. I just want to mention that even they are not pens 🙂

Summary of my January Bullet Journal Set Up

So to summarize everything. This is a bullet journal set up for people who are not so artistic. I set it up the way I think could help me reach my goals.

There’s a lot more to discover in setting up a bullet journal. Right now I’m still at the stage of identifying what’s best for me. Always keep in mind that setting up a bullet journal should consider your needs and wants. What I mean there is that it should be based on what you want to reach in your life. 

I hope this can help others to start their own bullet journal because I think it would really help people organizing their lives. 

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