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My March Bullet Journal That Will Save My Page Usage

March Bullet Journal
Woohoo! I’m able to keep up my bullet journal for two months now. I’m so happy and I realized that it really helps you in so many ways. But my today’s post is not really about what made me better when I started using a bullet journal. It’s actually about my March setup. 
Last week, I checked all my pages and logs from January to February. It’s really amazing that I began being more productive and focused based on my logs. But I noticed that there are some huge spaces left blank(usually on my rest days.) I felt like “bullet journal is supposed to make your journal customized and somewhat makes me save pages”, but because of the blank spaces, it seemed like I just wasted pages. Wasting pages only happens when buying planners and definitely, that’s what I wanted to avoid that’s why I opted for bullet journals.

Because of that realization, I set up my March Bullet Journal differently. So let’s take a look!


The Monthly View

Monthly View

The monthly view used up two pages and this is what it contains:


  1. March Calendar – the dates doesn’t have grids.  All events will be boxed and my period tracker will just be highlighted there.
  2. Weekly blog stats – I previously tracked my daily blog stats on my daily logs but it’s sometimes disappointing to write very low hits on some days. So to avoid disappointments, I will just track it weekly. 
  3. Weekly Spending tracker – I really wanted to focus on my spending so I wanted to have this. 
  4. Events and Appointments – I don’t really go on events but I usually have an appointment with my doctor because of my hyperthyroidism. In January and February Bullet Journal set up I made, I didn’t have this on the monthly view because my daily logs are boxed with days, so I just put the appointment on the day where it’ll happen. But due to a change in my daily logs spread I had to add it here on the monthly view.
  5. Blog Topic Ideas – Still the same as what I had before.
  6. Monthly Goals – Same as the previous months but I decided to categorize it to see if I’m being able to balance my life properly.
  7. My Habit Trackers – I made it horizontal this time because 31 days is not going to fit if I will do it vertically and if you’ll see on my February tracker it is harder to use because I used abbreviations of each habit or things that I am tracking. Now it has space for what I’m tracking about. I really don’t track habits like hydrating, clutter clearing or simple things that is not really worth tracking FOR ME. So some guys loved tracking them but I don’t see any sense if I am going to do the same thing. My mood tracker will be done by highlighting the days on this habit tracker.

My monthly view looks good for me. I am not the kind of person who attends so many events so the space I had given for my events and appointments seems to be fine for me. I feel the same way about the spaces allotted for everything.


The Daily Logs

Daily Logs
I realized in the January and February Bullet Journal Setups that the spaces allotted per day are either too much or not enough. It was boxed in the same sizes, so it’s not really nice. Now I decided to change it. What I did is I placed a vertical divider on the first three pages in the middle. I’m gonna add horizontal dividers at the end of the day. If three pages aren’t enough of course I’ll be adding more. This way I’m going to be able to save pages on my bullet journal. At the same time, I’ll be able to create longer notes on it. I’m planning to put some of my blog outlines on my daily logs too.

My End-of-Month Reflections

In my previous months, you’ll see that I allotted one page for my reflections but you may be wondering where’s it now? Hmm?

Since I decided on freedom of space, 2 or 3 days before the end of the month I’ll be doing the last allotted page for daily logs for the remaining days. Then I will do my personal reflections 2 days before next month. I will just leave spaces for the summary of all my trackers and goal on April 1.

If I feel this setup works for me, then, I’ll be doing the April setup after the reflections part. That time frame will just be perfect when setting up this kind of spread because it’s so simple and minimal.

I guess this would be perfect for busy and not so artistic people like me and for those who wanted to use less space in their journals.

Hope you find it useful somehow. Share your insights and comments below. ?


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