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When Life Asks You to Bullet Journal on Evernote (With Free Templates)

Digital Bullet Journal Template for Evernote

Two days ago, I uploaded my very first video guide on YouTube about my Evernote Bullet Journal Set up with some guide. Today, I’ll just share with you the story behind why I made a bullet journal with my Evernote. Also I am going to share with you the template that I created.

Just a quick note before you read it:

This template that I am about to share was created on the iPhone. There are some limitations in formatting them on the iPhone, so it may not be as fancy as other templates you may get from the web. What you are about to see is just a very simple setup. You can improve them on your own and if you have a computer, I’m sure that there are better options to make this setup more eye-pleasing. The steps that you’ll see here as well maybe different when using other devices. Although, these templates can be used on any platform that is supported by Evernote. Check out my old post about an Evernote review here.

For new users register on the link below to get a one-month free premium subscription for Evernote. http://bit.ly/evermiely

When did I start using bullet journals?

If you’re a follower, you may have noticed in the past that I am sharing my Bullet Journal Set Up here every month. I love journals and notebooks but I really don’t know how to use it for planning. I usually use them for note taking and outlining some ideas. Way back last year, I found out that there is a systematic way on using your journal in planning your life and goals.I really liked the system of bullet journaling. To be honest it helps a lot. However, as my baby grows older, she started reaching things. She became more playful and active. Whenever she see me writing, she’d cry for the journal.

Also, I am a commuter. From Cavite to BGC and vice versa, it’s almost 6 hours a day. Plus, 9 hours at work. The rest of the day is spent with my kids, eating and sleeping. I can’t even get a full 8 hours of sleep. So imagine how I could possible do my bullet journal, from setting it up to filling it out with logs every day.

It’s really hard to manage it as a working mom.

After four months of keeping up my bullet journal, I decided to stop it in May. From May to July, my life is almost out of focus. I wasn’t able to determine what would be my goals and what needs to be addressed. It isn’t really nice seeing yourself without direction. So I decided to get back to bullet journaling. However, because of some factors, I decided to do it on my phone instead.

Why Bullet Journal on Evernote?

The first step in saving the earth is to take advantage of technology by simply minimizing paper consumption ( not to call Son Goku) and make things digital.

I really love the DayOne app because it gives you full-packed features for digital journaling. However,  it is best with Premium subscription and they don’t have a Windows app yet ( If they have, I’ll definitely use it again.).

While with Evernote, you get tons of great features even as a free user. The only thing that lacks on free users of Evernote is the upload limit and synced devices. You only get 60mb monthly upload and 2 device limits. The thing is if you don’t upload many photos in your journal then that should be enough. Also, you have an option to minimize your photo uploads in their settings. Also, Evernote is cheaper that DayOne in terms of subscriptions. Just take note that when subscribing to Evernote, do it on their site and opt-in for a yearly subscription than the monthly. Subscription with Evernote on App Store and Play store is higher.

The templates.

Basically, the templates I made were super simple. This was just made using an iPhone which is not capable of creating colorful tables. I’ll be sharing the screenshots and the link below. To know how to use it please check out the video which I embedded below as well. Just please don’t get sick of my face and voice on the video. I really suck with verbal communications and I hate seeing my self. LOL

Here are the Evernote Journal Templates below:

Main Page Evernote Bullet Journal Templates
First part of the journal (main page) – – – http://bit.ly/mv1main
Productivity logging and task tracking : Evernote Template
Second part (productivity and tasks) – – – http://bit.ly/mv1tasks
Evernote Template Bullet Journal Daily Logs
Third Part(daily logs) – – – http://bit.ly/mv1daily
Gratitude Page Evernote Bullet Journal Templates
Part(Gratitude and Reflections) – – – http://bit.ly/mv1gratitude

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