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5 Home Treatment for Children’s Fever, Cough and Common Colds

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Children are very vulnerable with viral diseases like colds, fever and cough. Their immune system are not yet good in fighting virus that causes these common diseases. Since they aren’t good yet, we wanted their body to be more strong and reliable to keep our kids away from viruses.

Medications and antibiotics are one of the reasons why these defenses are being weak. Not because meds are bad and weakens our kids body. But its not allowing the body to learn how to fight these viruses. To cut it short, the body gets dependent on medications.  

Simple colds? Meds! Fever? Meds! Cough? Meds! 

Being dependent on medication can also increase our tolerance with it. I’m pretty bad in citations but you can search it on Google. Excessive use of medicines can also lead to kidney or liver problems. Sobrang advance mag isip!!! Hahaha. 

For the first three days you may wanna check your kid first before taking medication. But keep in mind that there are limitations to this as well. Having limitations only means that you have to seek doctor’s prescription already. You can still continue the home remedies while taking whatever prescription given by the doctor.

Let’s start with the limitations.

Fever started reaching 39° Celsius

fever reaches 39 degree celcius

For me, reaching that point is quite alarming. Try to give paracetamol if your kid reached that temperature. If it didn’t go down in 3 hours, go to the doctor right away.

If phlegm or mucus is already yellowish or greenish

sneezing guy
Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

It sucks to say that on the header and I don’t wanna make you feel disgusted right now. But I have to include this on the limitations. Most likely the bacteria has already evolved in to something. It may then need antibiotics and expectorants already.

If there are other symptoms showed up aside from fever, cough and/or colds

other symptoms
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

In case there are vomiting, pooping or any other symptoms showed up aside from the main three. Bring them to the doctor for further diagnosis. Make sure that your kid is well hydrated if in case of pooping and vomiting. Hydrite is an over the counter med that you can mix with water to avoid dehydration.

Now let’s about the things to do when your kid had a fever, cough and/or colds

Hydration/Water Therapy “The miracles of water”

water therapy for common colds
Photo by Sven on Unsplash

This wouldn’t be the first time you would hear the importance of water to our bodies. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense but it is very very essential.

Fever is caused by infection and viruses like colds, sore throats and urinary tract infection. Keeping your kid well hydrated can cleanse their bodies and its whole systems. Especially their mouth and throat where the water passes.

High fever can lead to dehydration and thus leads to much worse conditions. I found an article from MayoClinic.org that discusses more sabout dehydration. Check the article here.

Salt Water or Saline Solution

saline solution for home treatment of colds
Photo by Kees Streefkerk on Unsplash

I used to stay in Zambales. A lot of our elders there advises me to go to the shorelines every morning for the sea breeze. They said it can help me with my asthma. I realized they were right.

Salt solution or clinically called sodium chloride solution can be purchased on drugstores and can be homemade. There are several uses and types of formulation of it.

  • Nasal Sprays – this are used for runny and clogged nose. It is commonly used for babies who can’t blow their noses.
  • IV infusion (0.9% sodium chloride)
    • Vials and Syringe – you can get this from drugstores as over the counter. You can use it for nebulzation if the cough and colds are sticky.
    • IV Fluids –  this are 500 ml sized IV Fluid. Used at the hospitals and for cleaning deep wounds (not related for today’s topic but just an FYI)
saline solution for nebulizers
My stocked saline solution for nebulization

I remembered when my baby was 1 week old. She was also given that for nebulization because she was aspirating. Which later found that she acquired pneumonia from the pediatric ward. She made it after antibiotics and saline nebulization.

Fruits rich with Vitamin C

fruits rich in vitamin c can help prevent cough and colds
Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

I’m sure everyone who’s reading this right now is super aware that fruits are the best remedies. Especially those are rich in vitamin c are helpful in building ones immune system.

But even though we’re aware of that, we still tend to neglect or forget about it. If it’s hard to get some fruits then you can get a food supplements, syrup or drops. I prefer using Ascorbic Acid with Zinc.

I usually get that for my kids from Generic Pharmacy. Instead of getting decongestants. It really helps. 

Anyways simple Calamansi or Lemon Juice can do the job.

Also my mom usually heats a piece of Calamansi on top of the stoves. She cuts and squeezes it on a teaspoon and intake all the juice she extracted from it. She claims that it helps her when she has an itchy cough. I haven’t done that though since I haven’t experienced it so far.

Cooling Gel and/or Wet Toweling

wet toweling helps reduce fever
Photo by Caroline Attwood on Unsplash

For fever it would be helpful if you will cool it down by using a cooling gel or wet towels. If you are familiar with Cool Fever, you can get it for less than 60 PHP for 2 pieces. This cooling gel must be on the forehead. I usually have a stock of it in case of sudden high fever. (BTW this is not a sponsored post)

But if you wouldn’t want to spend something like that then we can use the most popular alternative ever. That is by using wet towels.

For babies, it is highly suggested to use warm water and for children you can use tap or lukewarm. I personally use tap water for my kids. You can also add a splash of rubbing alcohol but not too much. That is totally optional though.

You may wanna use water only especially if your kids are experiencing allergies with alcohol. 

I wouldn’t suggest the wet towel to be left on your kids forehead, armpit or wherever. The towel may get cold when left, which can lead to your kids to shiver. You should just continuously towel bath your kids until the fever gets lowered.

Hot porridge

arrozcaldo hot porridge can help your fever
My favorite hot porridge
Source for Image and Recipe

Anyone who’s sick tends to lose their appetite. It may be because they can’t swallow the food easily or they are may not be feeling well to sit and grab a spoon and fork to eat.

Not rare but let’s have it on the list anyways.  

Whatever hot porridge that is easy to swallow could be helpful in regaining a sick persons energy.

I really prefer Arrozcaldo because of the taste and the ingredients of it. Of course, rice, chicken and/or egg can be satisfying for a hungry sick person.

Also it has garlic and ginger that are all well known to be the top ingredients that can boost your immune system. If you love reading health blogs/sites like healthline.com most likely you’ve seen it already.  

If your kid is allergic to chicken, you can use other meat or the breast part of the chicken. I have food allergies in almost any kind of food. All my doctors allowed me to eat breast part as they say it wouldn’t cause an allergy.

Those are just the 5 common home treatment I use for my children and myself for fever, colds and cough. It’s can be done by anyone as well.

Do you do these as well?

If you have something to add don’t forget to share it with us on the comment.

Stay healthy!

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