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Create a Blog for Money Making

creating a profitable blog

Previously, I posted some tips before creating a blog and how to set up a free one. Today I am about to discuss how to start-up a blog for businesses and money-making.

Create a profitable blog
We all know that having a business of whatever size needs capital. In this post, I want you guys to expect that there will be a cost to effectively use blogs as an earning tool.

Setting your expectations when starting a profitable blog or website

I just gave those expectations for you guys not to waste your time if you are just planning to have free blogs. Anyway, even free blogs can make you earn money. It just so happens that you can have a hard time doing that on a free blog because ad affiliations and ad networks are usually not allowing everyone to have a sub-domain on their web address. Also, some providers don’t allow you to put ads if you’re using their subdomain. I might discuss that in a separate post. I’ll have this updated soon.
Going back to the main part. Since I have mentioned in the previous paragraph that sub-domain can hinder you from earning money on blogs.

Buy Your Own Domain

The first thing you need to have is YOUR OWN DOMAIN. There’s a lot of advantages which I will talk about next time. Having that can help your application for some advertising network to be approved.
If you’re looking for cheap domains go to this link.
Once you have a domain, you can either host it independently or use your current free blog (if there is) to redirect all pages to your new domain. If you are going to independently host your blog, you have to pay for the hosting too. Usually, it is cheaper if you’ll buy a longer subscription. The least is one year. Hosting sites like Hostgator and Intersever.net allows you to have a free domain together with their hosting subscription.

Invest in themes

Aside from your blog should be attractive. For readers, they prefer premium-like views so you can also spend some money on premium themes. You can also get some free themes, but you should have some little knowledge on how to make some tweaks to it to make it personalized for your site. Don’t change it from time to time because readers usually know your site because of your theme. It can actually be the trademark of your blog.
Well, you can still use free tools, it’s just that it is quite hard to find a perfect theme that you can customize. Right now I am using a free theme but it took me almost forever to finally pick the one I could customize well.

Spread the Word

After that, give some effort or somehow spend on advertising your site. If you just started recently and doesn’t have any followers yet. It is better for you to advertise it to spread the word. You might just use it for one to two months. Once you have gained enough followers/ readers definitely they will be the ones to do the advertising for you. How? Well, just by sharing your post if they’d like it.

Create a Social Media Presence

Keep your readers updated. Create some social media accounts which you can use for keeping them updated. Updates can be your recent write-ups, giving them some short tips that don’t require a blog post and interacting with your follower. Might as well ask some questions to keep them engaged. This can also be a tool for your site to be known.

Important Pages you may need

Another thing that is very important is to have an about page (which I have discussed on free blogs as well) and also a privacy policy. These two are important. Aside from making your site looks professional. It is also one of the requirements of advertising networks.

Just Keep Creating High-Quality Content for your Blog

Once you’re able to do all of that. Just keep posting a relevant blog post. Be consistent in everything. Create valuable and high-quality content on a regular basis.
I think if you would spend on these things it might cost you $100 per year plus time and effort. It can be less or more depending on what you will do, but everything will return if you were able to sell your products or put advertisements on your site.

If you don’t have the time or needed help to build your blog or website

Just so you know, I recently started my business in building websites. I build websites for businesses and new bloggers.

For new to blogging I have a special offer to create your website for 100 USD. This will cover the initial setup only, but the domain and hosting are paid separately. Don’t worry I know a cheap hosting that is perfect for bloggers.

For business and people who need an online store and professional websites please contact [email protected]

Guys don’t hesitate to comment or give some feedback. You may also want to share something just leave your comments below. Thanks for reading. 🙂
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