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How to prevent dengue virus in your home

Prevent Dengue Today

Recently, our neighborhood were so alarmed about dengue. Two adults were hospitalized and a young girl passed away because of this viral disease. 

It was a heart breaking news in our street when we found out what happened to the young girl. There’s no dengvaxia or whatsoever related with what happen to her. But the family claims that the hospital are too slow in giving treatment to the kid that’s why she didn’t make it. 

Because of what happen, everyone are quite concerned about our whole area. I guess there should be a wider concern coming from the local government too. But waiting for them to action on something may put our lives at risk. We don’t want anyone to die because of dengue. It could’ve been prevented.

Here in this post we’re going to list down some things to do for us to prevent dengue virus from striking our homes. Most of it were very common but we always tend to neglect. So let’s tackle it!

How to Prevent Dengue Virus?

Prevent Dengue infographic

Very first thing to do is clean up 

For sure you’ve noticed, mosquitoes are usually hiding on dark and messy areas. Most likely on shoe racks with shoe boxes, stock areas where we keep some old stuff and tons of old boxes and almost anywhere dirty. Cleaning up is the first thing to stop them from hiding. This is very self-explanatory but we hate the fact that this mess can cause danger to us and our family. 

Avoid stagnant water 

This is the root of all evil. Mosquito eggs are being laid and hatched on these stagnant water. Whether it’s clean or dirty water, they love it! Toilet bowls and buckets of water must be kept closed all the time.

I know we wanna save water especially those we have use on our laundry but make sure we cover it. Roof drainage and gutters can also have stagnant water especially if it is rainy season. One rule of thumb, COVER IT. Find a way to cover or clean up any areas that has stagnant water. This can stop mosquitoes from multiplying.

Do a closed door fogging 

Fogging inside and outside the house is quite necessary to at least shoo away the mosquitoes. Do this after cleaning up he house.  

So how does this works?

Outside – If there are dry leaves and whatever around that you can burn, then merge and burn them. It’s a good way to cut the unwanted dried leaves and whatever it is there outside your house. At the same time shooing the mosquitoes away. Make sure your doors and windows are closed.  

Also, be considerate with your neighbors. Check them out if they have any “sampay” or clothes hanging outside.

You don’t wanna mess around while they have some of it outside. If there’s none then ask them to close their doors and windows while you’re burning something. The thing is you don’t want to redirect all mosquitoes to their homes. Of course, yours should be closed too.

Make sure that you’re firing up away from any walls or whatever that can cause bigger fires. I guess I don’t have to be more descriptive about that.

Inside – You do fogging inside your house too but not by firing up your house. Lol. Use any insecticide or sprays for mosquitoes. Make sure that you guys aren’t inside the house for a while.

Just let one person to do this. 30 to 60 minutes I guess would be enough for this. Do it when people in the house are at their school or offices. 

So spray the insecticide upwards, because the mist of it would fall downwards anyway. Make sure that there’s no open flame and your gas stoves are closed. Most insecticides are flammable.

Make sure mosquitoes can’t get inside. 

It’s really best to have screens installed on your windows and doors. This is to keep mosquitoes guarded from coming in to you house. If screens can’t be installed right away, at least use mosquito net(Kulambo) to protect your family during bed time.  

Also, keep your rooms and windows if it is not necessary to have it open. They say mosquitoes are active during evening but dengue mosquitoes bites in day time.

If you can’t stop them from entering your home, use mosquito repelling stuff.

These days, there are already tons of mosquito repellents that you can buy. There are bands, stickers and lotions. My sister’s children are the usual target of the mosquitoes at home. She claims that Off lotion is effective in repelling mosquitoes. They never encountered any skin allergies with it.

Don’t apply Off Lotion on your kids’ hands. I tried using it before, I just touched my face and I felt a burning sensation. I really have a sensitive skin. Not sure if others would experience the same thing but just to be safe, DO NOT APPLY ON THEIR HANDS. This is to avoid them from getting same reaction when they touch their faces or if they scratch their eyes.

My sister also tried the citronella stickers and bands. She said that it somehow repels but not as good as the lotion. BTW, it causes me an allergic reaction with the smell. It is quite too much for me. I’m not sure if other mosquito repellent stickers or bands are like that. But if you and your kids are not that sensitive, I think it would be nice to have some for your kids.

Stay fit

The best way to avoid this so-called “Dengue” is by staying fit. No matter what virus gets into you, the very first defense that you’ll have is your body. If you have a low immune system, there’s no way the body can take the dengue virus. Keep yourself hydrated and eat lots of fruit.

My niece, who is just 10 years old at that time. Got diagnosed with the dengue virus, because of high fever, rashes, and low platelet count. She just took lots of water, Gatorade, paracetamol, and fruits and veggies for her diet. After one week, she survived without being hospitalized. Not all kids can handle dengue that way especially if they have a low immune system. So always stay fit.

Always prioritize the kids

In case of the low budget in buying mosquito repellent or anything, just do the best that you can. Especially for your children. They are very vulnerable to anything and we don’t want to lose them because of our own negligence. This is something that we know already if we are parents, I’m just reiterating.

Have anything to add?

If you have some other ways to keep dengue mosquitoes away from your family aside from what was stated above, please share it with us on the comment below. We want everyone to be safe and out of this dengue virus. Anything you may have used or tried. I’d really appreciate that and I’m sure others will do as well.

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