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Kick Start Your Goals with UnionBank App

Start your 2020 Goals with UnionBank

Happy new year everyone! I am doing a rush post on holiday to get y’all informed about this new feature that was released on the most recent update of the UnionBank App.

Introducing Goals!

Kick start your financial goals this 2021!

Every new year comes we always promise to quit our bad habits and start developing a good one or more. But as always, we tend to lose on track because we don’t even track our goal progress at all.

New update by UnionBank App

I’m pretty sure that saving up is one of the top priorities of everyone this coming new year. We always tell ourselves that we’ll save for investment, dream house, business, vacation, school funds, and new gadgets. If you’re someone like me who tends to forget about committing on saving-up goal because of any reasons then this new Goal feature of Unionbank’s app is definitely for you too.

Why setting financial goals this 2021 with UnionBank?

I carry all financial responsibility for my family and honestly, my income always goes to paying bills and family expenses. So far, I am only able to buy other things when I receive extra income.

I am an impulsive buyer so when an extra income appeared I tend to lose it onto something unimportant. I always forget about saving up since whenever I see extra cash on my pocket or my account I tend to spend it. Not cool!

So here are are some reasons why this goal feature is perfect for me and I believe for everyone:

  • You can choose or set any kind of financial goal.
  • You can set up an auto-debit from your Unionbank account for as low as 500 PHP
  • They have 3 auto-debit frequency option ( Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly )
  • Setting up a start date will allow you to see an estimated time when you can reach your goal.
  • There’s also an option to top-up your Goals’ account. This means I can put my extra income here for faster progress.

Types of Goals on UnionBank App

How to set up financial goals on UnionBank App

A step by step guide on how to set up a financial goal on the UnionBank App

  • Start your goals by saving up on Unionbank
  • Set up the amount and the name of your goal
  • Choose how often you want to save up for your goals
  • Estimated Goal completion date will be shown
  • UnionBank Goals Terms and Condition page 1
  • UnionBank Goals Terms and Condition page 2
  • Make your first 500 PHP deposit on your goals account
  • Goal Summary/Details on UnionBank App
  • Top up your goal to achieve it faster.
  • First, make sure you have a Unionbank account. ?? How to open a UnionBank Account on Mobile
  • Sign in on the app or website.
  • Under Goals, you’ll see “Start Saving Now”.
  • Choose the goal you want to reach.
  • Enter a name for your goal and set the amount you want to reach.
  • It will ask you to set the saving frequency to weekly, monthly or quarterly.
  • And you will choose the account to be charged for auto-debit.
  • You’ll also set when your goal should start.
  • The terms and conditions will show up for you to agree on.
  • The last thing to do is commit yourself to your goal.

Let’s wrap up 2020 and be prepared for 2021

Lessons are learned in the past, the present should be lived at it’s best with a great mindset that will draw our future at its finest.

I honestly like this new feature. With this “Goals” feature, you can keep yourself up into saving and at the same time, you can track and focus on the progress of it.

Every time you save up you’ll see the completion percentage which for me is really encouraging.

Some of us may be broke after Christmas and some have a lot of collection from their kids’ pamasko, wherever you are right now, spend some time thinking about your goals. Long term or short as long as it is meaningful, go for it!

Look forward to what these goals can bring to you and your family.

This upcoming 2021, I’ll do my best to commit to my goals. For sure it is hard as hell, but we should always believe that we won’t move on unless we make a step. I’m thankful that Unionbank has a great team to come up with this idea.

And all in all, I’m thankful that God provided us a great opportunity to learn, be blessed despite challenges throughout 2020 and to welcome the new year!

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32 thoughts on “Kick Start Your Goals with UnionBank App”

    1. Yes it will be on the dashboard it’s like a dummy account and from the dashboard you’ll see the percentage of completion of your goal

    1. Opo I tried funding it and withdraw. Pero pag withdraw ko nag close ung goal cguro dhl sa nilahat ko po. Pde nmn mag reopen ng goal anytime

    1. Nd nmn po.. for tracking purpose lng dn nmn sya and para ma enganyo mag ipon pero nd nmn ma forfeit kung nd na kaya hulugan..mkuha mo pa dn pera mo if you want to stop or if nd na kaya

  1. Hi! I’m unable to see the ‘Goals’ feature which is really weird because my app is updated and I’ve looked everywhere. ? I just wanna save some moolah so why is it hard lmao thanks for this article btw!

    1. Hi thanks for your thoughts I appreciate your comment.. I was encouraged to save up dn because of this feature too. I’ll forward for you to get started ?

  2. Hi! I made a goal for myself, but for personal reasons, I dont need that goal na. I cant seem to delete it. Would you happen to know how?

  3. Would it have to be a real-life withdrawal like going to an ATM? or can it be transferred from the ‘goal’ back to the main account in your dashboard? also, do you happen to know the current interest rate of saving in union bank? thinking about making it my main savings account

  4. Im just wondering, diba may 10,000 maintaning bal ang UB, since may goal account ako. What if sa goal account eh may 10k but sa main account ko 0 bal? Same balance pa rin ba yun or different?

  5. Hey Good day…just want to ask if magset ng goal na kunwari 1k per month so un ang kukunin ng ub sa account ko..what if ive decided po na lakihan ang amount for a certain month..possible po ba un?thank u

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