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QoinPro: Review

Qoinpro multi-cryptocurrency wallet review

Update 2021 — No longer Operational

QoinPro — Is it still working? (Update as of 12/17/2017 – I found out that it’s working and got improved!)


Hey, guys! How are you? Thanks for dropping by. I just want to give you a quick update about QoinPro.

For those who don’t know QoinPro is one of the wallet providers that I have used before.  I also featured that with one of my old posts about the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies wallet. So this site actually offers a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to store their digital coins. They also give us some sort of earnings from it every day. It is something like a commission.


I rarely use it. So I am unable to monitor my old balances from them. What I just did today is to actually try checking my balance to see if it will still work. Unfortunately, the website is inaccessible to me now. I am not sure if it doesn’t work anymore for everyone. But I tried accessing the site multiple times on several devices that I owned. I tried it on my laptop, iPhone, Android tablet, and phone. I also tried using my LAN, WLAN, and mobile data to access it but it still fails.


I just really wanted to share this for me to know if it still works for others and if not then at least everyone would know. So if you do use QoinPro.com kindly leave us your feedback about it. Thanks


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4 thoughts on “QoinPro: Review”

  1. I don’t think that QoinPro is a goodbye online business but a healthy one. Id true that have passed difficulties but now is back and give coins everyday. Then have added various options to increase the daily bonus. This daily bonus can go until 1250%. Is true that the amount given are very, very low but no one ask nothing to have those. The only job you need to do is to see every day the increase of amounts and to control if the everyday addition of coins is made correctly. So, money for nothing.

    1. that’s good to hear.. I haven’t opened it for a while because I thought they are no longer maintaining the site.. They have updated it before and the update was quite inaccessible at the time..

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