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Make payments for Meralco Bills and get rebates!

This summer, I know everyone either prefer to stay at home to avoid the sun or probably go out of town to get relieved by soaking in water or cool places. But we all know that we have some responsibilities to do like working to earn and most of the time make payments for our bills.

Last week I found an update from my app store for several apps that I use like Facebook, Uber and Today, I’m gonna share you the very nice update from
I’m not sure if you guys been following this blog for a while now or not. If you could remember, I already talked about some features of this thing.


To summarize, it’s a bitcoin wallet provider. It allows you to store money whether in peso or bitcoin currency. It’s like Gcash and Smart money, that has better features and opportunities. Before as I discussed on my old post about this wallet app, you can make payments for your postpaid bills, utility bills, credit card bills even installment programs like home credit and more!

However, before they have removed Meralco as a biller. But after the update last week, they now have Meralco on the list again. Though it’s only available on the app and not on the web wallet version. It is still convenient for those people who are planning to have an outing or for those who prefer staying at home. : cryptalk pinas


Another good thing about it is that each payment you make for Meralco and other billers, the app rewards you 5 PHP. You can also get another 100 PHP rebate after making payments to five different account or subscriber numbers. Therefore, you can use this opportunity to make money by asking your relatives, friends or neighbors to pay their bills with you. They offer so many ways to earn money. And I think it is a must have an app now.

By the way, if you wanted to download the app you can check the links here for iOS and Android. You can also register directly on the website of coins.phMake sure to use my referral code: bs05tf, so that once you completed the registration and identity verification, both of us will earn 50 PHP reward. That is a win-win situation for both of us. Right? You can also invite your friends or relatives, once you have completed your registration. So that both of you will earn too.

Find out how to fund your account.


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