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New GCash Feature that I am So Excited About(GCash Invest Money)

New GCash Feature that I am So Excited About(GCash Invest Money)

Update 06/19/19: Finally I was able to try this feature. It took a while but here are the

Just saw a new and very cool feature for GCash. That’s the Invest Money feature.

GCash New Invest Money Feature!
GCash New Invest Money Feature!

I just found it from the “more” section of the GCash app. I’m not sure if this has been there for a while but I’m so excited and looking forward to this happening. So if you could remember in my last post about GCash review and getting started with Gcredit, I mentioned that whenever I click manage credit or apply for Gcredit, it gives me an error saying that it is still on Beta.

Even it was on Beta at that point, I saw some posts that they were able to avail the GCredit service already. At this point, I haven’t found any post about it yet. I’m guessing that they haven’t really releasing it yet. After some Googling, I saw their terms and conditions page for this was just posted in July 26, 2018. They also have an FAQ page for this.

GCash New Invest Money Feature!

The pages about GCash Investing feature is already available on the web but after clicking the action button to invest now, it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Update October 31 2018

I didn’t realize that it’s been almost 3 months since the first time I saw this GCash Invest button. I have been excited about this and even sent emails and submitted forms to express my interest in trying the feature out. However, until now this Invest feature that I have been longing from GCash isn’t available yet.

I also tried tweeting them but they only replied “Just continue using GCash” LOL. If it’s beta they shouldn’t show it with people who are not going to have the feature. Because some of them can be so disappointed. Yes. I am super disappointed.

Well update you guys soon. I am checking it almost everyday. It’s quite exhausting.




4 thoughts on “New GCash Feature that I am So Excited About(GCash Invest Money)”

  1. As far as i know GCash invest beta is already active to ”some users only”. You will received a text message once you are a qualified GCash user, then, you will proceed certain application to fill in before you will be able to invest. For now there is only one product available thru ATRAM peso market invest with a minimum investment of 50 Php. I’m still looking forward for more investment schemes thru Gcash. And by the way, once you are an active GCash user (thru loading,buying online etc.) you will receive a text, so get your active…

  2. You have to send them request for that feature. I mailed them and after a few days I received a text message. Theres another feature released and it’s in beta–GSave, hope you write a blog about it, too. More power!

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