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Prevent Dengue Today

How to prevent dengue virus in your home

Recently, our neighborhood were so alarmed about dengue. Two adults were hospitalized and a young girl passed away because of this viral disease.  It was a heart breaking news in our street when we found out what happened to the young girl. There’s no dengvaxia or whatsoever related with what happen to her. But the

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Baby's Food Preferences

Does Babies Inherit Their Moms’ Food Preferences?

Uncommonly asked I guess, but I wondered, does our food preferences get inherited by our babies? Well I said babies because as they grow, I’m sure they are able to build their own preferences. But still, the question revolves around me. What made me think about it? In the past few months, I’ve been noticing

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home treatment

5 Home Treatment for Children’s Fever, Cough and Common Colds

Children are very vulnerable with viral diseases like colds, fever and cough. Their immune system are not yet good in fighting virus that causes these common diseases. Since they aren’t good yet, we wanted their body to be more strong and reliable to keep our kids away from viruses. Medications and antibiotics are one of

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6 key features of evernote

6 Key Features of Evernote That Makes it the Best Note Taking App

Note taking is very important for bloggers and almost anyone. You do that for your grocery list, reminders, to-do list and just anything you wanna remember or organize. I love my physical notebooks and digital notebooks. It helps me remember things, organize my thoughts and plan the things I wanted to achieve in any kind

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Mielygraphy's new bitcoin faucet

Just sharing my latest bitcoin faucet

Bitcoin Faucet is one of the easiest and safest place to collect free bitcoin. However I am sure a lot of people are very hesitant when someone talks about money making. But I am still going to try and share this risk-free opportunity to everyone!

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creating a blogger's community

Can we create a blogging community?

Two hours ago— while washing the dishes an idea came through all of a sudden. I thought maybe a blog community is a good idea! But I am thinking maybe it would be better if I have a team to manage it. So here’s how the plan goes.

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Parenting Babies: 4 Things I Teach My 1 Year-Old Baby

Parenting Babies: 4 Things I Teach My 1 Year-Old Baby

Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks ever. But to make it less challenging, we have to teach our babies some good habits and manners as early as possible. Today, I’m just sharing 4 things I teach my 1 year-old baby. My baby Mikayla just turned 1-year-old last month and there are a lot

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How to stop yourself from quitting in your current job

How to Stop Yourself from Quitting in Your Current Job

What a title? After freaking years of writing blogs, I still suck at titles, intros and everything about writing. But I am so in love in doing it. Having that love affair with my blog is so satisfying for me. Anyway, I love writing but I don’t do it full time because I have to

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Mikayla's first birthday

Mikayla Athena’s First Year of an Amazing Journey

September 29, we celebrated my baby girl’s 1st birthday. The gratefulness that I am feeling right now is really indescribable. There are many things happened since I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. So many challenges that we have faced together. I’m just so thankful and blessed that we are able to get through

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Picolo Umbrella Typed Stroller Review(A gift from my mom)

Picolo Umbrella Typed Stroller Review(A gift from my mom)

My daughter’s first birthday will be on the 29th and my mom bought her a cute umbrella stroller by Picolo. I’m just going to share a short review about it and some photos. Honestly, I don’t know what they call these type of stroller but my mom keeps on comparing it to an umbrella. The

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Using templates are now made easier on Evernote

Using Templates Are Now Made Easier on Evernote

I’m sure you guys noticed that I am such an avid user of Evernote since I had so many write ups about it. Honestly, I’m quite addicted using it. Last night, I received an update from the app store. I saw on the “What’s New” section that there was a new feature about templates. I downloaded

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my handsome genius

My son’s teacher was surprised at him

I grew up in a family who never forced me to be good or perform well in academics or anything at school. As long as we pass my mom is already good with it. We were never been asked by my mom if we had an assignment or projects to do before watching TV.  

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how a blogger uses evernote

How I Use My Evernote as a Blogger

Blogging sometimes can be overwhelming. There are tons of tasks, ideas and topics that will bombard you whenever you think of doing it. I’ve been experiencing it a lot more than what you can think of. Simply because I am an over thinker. I tend to get so many ideas to the point that I could

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