Goals for this year

Goals for this year

Last year was so amazing. Despite of many challenges, we are able to survive.

I gave birth to a lovely baby girl. I had my first anniversary at work. Well there might be more than that, but I am unable to recall most of the good things happened in 2017 because I have been through a lot last year.

Anyway let’s leave the bad memories and cherish the good ones.

This year one of my big goals is to be healthy. There’s a lot of goals mumbling inside my head but this one is my priority.

My health wasn’t so good last year. This resulted for me to go on leave of absence for more than two months before my maternity leave. Being unhealthy makes you unproductive and makes you earn lesser. Sometimes your earnings are almost less than what you have to spend for medications. So I decided to live healthier this year.

I should take meds regularly, eat healthy and exercise.

Actually, this goal has been messed up from the start of the year. On the 1st of January, until now, I am sick. I had tonsillitis and skin allergies. First day of the year, I am absent.

Anyway I’m hoping to get well soon.

Another challenge I had last year is my finances. I had to borrow money to cover my daily expenses. I have no income for almost 4 month yet I have to spend a lot for my health and also for my baby.Because of that I have to be thrifty. I need to save and pay out all debts as soon as possible. I also have to earn more. I guess 30 mins to an hour over time wouldn’t be so bad for me to do.

I also considered bullet journaling on my 2018 goals. I guess it is necessary for me to be more focused and organized with what I do. Imagine, if I am focused enough I can hit my targets at work which can give me more earnings.I am hoping that having a bullet journal can help me achieve all my goals this year. I also have blog goals. My goal is to be more consistent with posting. I just recently decided to combine my bitcoin blog and my personal blog in one so I can easily manage making a post. I always loved blogging even though my blog isn’t loving me back.

I want to focus on my relationship with all the people around me too. Sometimes I feel like I lacked attention to my kids. It also seemed like I am no longer socializing with my very few friends.

My mom is strict when it comes to going out. I always tend to lose communication with my friends and soon will lose them completely because I am not being able to join them anymore. I’m really shy chatting them online when I haven’t seen them for awhile. I guess I should change that.

I decided to set monthly goals which can change every month. That way I’ll be able to achieve more. Soon I’ll show my bullet journal set up. It may be late to show but I think it’s nice.

By the end of this year I should be able to reach my goals. I know it’s hard but there’s no harm in trying.

Hope we all have a good year!

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  1. Good luck for your goals this year. Don’t be too hard on yourself if things falter a little, stay focused and you can achieve all you want to achieve.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your reminder :D. I’ve been losing it, but I’m fine… I’m still in the part where I’m trying to know what will work for me.

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