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Been busy lately working from home and being a stay at home mom

Pizza hut SM Bacoor Date with AZ

Okay, I am again rethinking my goals. Whether I should focus on my blog or my work at home career. Do I have to rethink every month? Hahaha! I love them both.

I guess I am at my mid-life crisis now. I’m hoping that mid-life happens at 40s, but I don’t know with our generation.

Anyway, I just really missed blogging. I don’t know if anyone missed me, I guess there’s none. As always I’m the anonymous one!

Hmmm.. I really don’t know what to say, but I decided to stop working for a moment and write this. The week just started my clients are quite busy to provide feedback at the moment, and I don’t have a bunch of tasks to do since they’re still offline. So I stopped the timer and have a break.

Hope I can make this break a little more productive by making some sense on this post. LOL!

Last month I posted about my slacking experience and how I decide to be productive that made me to this workaholic-stay-at-home-mom now. Maybe we can talk about how busy I am now if that sounds fun to you (because it is for me).

What makes me busy lately?

Well, so far I have two part-time jobs from two British Clients (they’re so amazing!), and I’m trying to rebuild the business I started last year which is supposed to be a solo company but happens to have some collaborators now who also works at home. I even bought a mug!

I handle social media strategies for my clients and creates some content for them in terms of graphics and social media stuff. And after work, I do tons of research on how to make our small business better. Researching things like what tools to use, which ones are free and which ones are paid and cost-effective — something like that.

There was a weekend where I’ve spent so many hours trying a specific tool from different brands and checking out the features, how beneficial it would be for our team, does it have the features we will need and how much would it cost.

Last week I found an alternative for a specific paid platform I’m using so I spent so much time again trying to figure out how to migrate my data from one to another.

What makes me even busier?

You’re right there’s more! Aside from working from home, I am a mother of two. I usually do things at home despite spending almost 16 hours a day working. You see I am a breastfeeding mom, still feeding my toddler here who wraps around me all the time. Although my baby and husband went to Zambales and stayed there for almost ten days, I’m still busy with house chores.

While they are away my son was with me, I wake up usually at around 11 am. I cook, I wash the dishes, I  sweep and mop the floor, I scream all day, asking for my son to take a bath and sleep after lunch, and clean up all the mess.

It’s tough…

And here’s my mom

Who keeps on wanting to have dinner at SM Bacoor. Hahaha. We’ll eat, walk and shop for little things until we get tired and decide to go home. She likes staying in the mall because she’s complaining about how hot it is outside and at home.

  • Hap Chan SM Bacoor
  • Tong Yang SM Bacoor
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Pizza hut SM Bacoor Date with AZ
  • tteokbokki and waffle with kuya AZ
  • tteokbokki and waffle with kuya AZ
  • tteokbokki and waffle with kuya AZ
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Hap Chan SM Bacoor
  • Pizza hut SM Bacoor Date with AZ
  • Pancake House at SM Bacoor with my Family
  • Hap Chan SM Bacoor
  • Soy Yummy at SM Bacoor

The AC is running from 2 PM to 5 PM and 7:30 PM to 5:30 AM.

Wew, good luck to our Meralco bill. So the only way to lessen the consumption of electricity is to really go at SM hahaha.


BTW my birthday is coming, do you know when?

I’m pretty sure that no one knows, but it is my birth month.

I probably won’t have any huge celebrations at home due to so many payable for this month, but I’ll be having a GIVEAWAY.

It is soon to be announced because I’m still thinking about everything but you better like my FB page and follow my IG. That will definitely be part of the mechanics and of course for you to have updates about this promo.

Follow me here to join the upcoming promo:

I’m currently talking to a friend who has an excellent restaurant here in Bacoor to collaborate with me on this treat. I’m sure you guys will love their food, and on this giveaway, I’ll treat you there. I’ll give you a budget so you guys can eat there unless you want to invite me there too.

So if you’re from Cavite, you better join my upcoming promo for those who are not then I will try to send another promo next month. Or you can join this and visit us in Bacoor. It’s a perfect place to eat and chill. I swear it is!

I haven’t been able to write a review for his restaurant because the real people who know me are entirely unaware that I’ve been blogging. I’m shy to reveal that to them.

When I asked him about the collaboration, he was like ” oh nag bblog kna pla”. Hahaha! I find it weird to tell people that I know what I’m blogging. Because they tend to think that I’m vlogging not blogging, I’m too ugly to be a vlogger so let’s skip that for the meantime.

Okay now I just saw that I’d written 800+ words already.

Back to being a work at home momshie again.

It’s really satisfying to write. I enjoyed my break a lot. Now I’ll upload this from my Evernote draft to WordPress, add some photos if any, then hit publish.

Hope you enjoyed reading because I did enjoy writing it. Have fun in your life guys.

Love lots… Miel (back to work)

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