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My New Job: Full-time Blogger and OJT Vlogger

Making my self a full time blogger

Finally, I took the risk and ended working as a call center agent. Well, it has been 3 weeks of being an official stay-at-home mom. This time I’ll try my best to pursue being a better blogger for real!

Also, since I realized I had a YouTube Channel before, I decided to fill it up with vlog posts about “Life After Quitting My Job Series”. It was fun creating videos even though I wasn’t that great at it.

One of my fear is to take videos of myself. I can’t help hating my face and voice when I watch it. Hahaha! Right now, I’m trying to build my confidence with it.

The story of my beginnings…

So many years ago, I decided to create an English blog because I feel so stupid about this language. I’m not so fan of literature and I hate reading.

No one could ever imagine that I would write stories and stuff as a blogger today. If you’d notice how I write, it’s very basic and not flowery at all. Even with all my intros and finales are just the same.

It’s really because I don’t read much. Especially books! I had to challenge my self in the past to read at least one book per month but I wasn’t able to make it.

The point of this story part is just to tell you that I ain’t writing now if it wasn’t just a challenge for me to practice the language. Not really how terrible I am in reading a long piece. My English still makes me panic but it has improved, I BELIEVE.

Blogger and Broke.

I’ve always wanted to be like this, stay with my kids and write full time. But due to the fact that I am the only person responsible for our family’s finances, I cannot.

Despite being broke, I decided to quit my job after I got a small part-time job. Sadly, we had to cease the work in the meantime because the business is off-season right now.

So my last pay and everything that dropped from my previous job, that was our only resource. It isn’t enough for us to make it until tomorrow because of some reason. We have a backup plan though, for me to pursue this blogging life.

Still hoping

Our back up plan is really to switch roles. My husband used to stay at home. But now, he is trying to look for a job. Whatever job it is, it will only be a minimum waged job or less.

That’s the reason why I was the one working all these years. But we’ll try our best t live that way. He’ll work and I’ll blog and continue with my freelancing.

My last money from my previous job is fading

Yesterday, my baby girl was admitted to the hospital since she hasn’t been eating nor drinking these past few days.

My baby Mikayla and her papa

She had coughs and colds and my nephew who was just diagnosed with pneumonia visited our home prior to knowing his condition. He was okay now, but since they’ve gone to our house my baby started having a fever.

She’s vomiting and pooping a lot of times. After that, she’s advised to buy meds and all but refusing them.

My baby loves food and she eats whatever food she sees. But now she doesn’t want anything aside from my milk.

Because of that, she was confined to prevent dehydration(which is fatal). Having that said, I’m sure the money that is left o my account will be washed out before she gets discharged.

A freaking weakness that challenged me to Vlog

If you haven’t subscribed to my channel at Mielygraphy on YT.

Mielygraphy on YouTube a Mom that Vlogs

As I’ve mentioned I fear to look at the camera and see my self talking. I have very low self-esteem and I really do see myself as an ugly face with an ugly voice.

It’s going to be hard for me to develop that skill but I feel like it is necessary for me to improve verbal talking. I’m not good with long conversations. A lot of tests were given to me and most of the results show that I am an extroverted introvert.

People who had real interactions would see me as a very talkative person. Because I am. However, I always get to the point that I want to get out of the conversation and spend time alone.

And I never start a conversation, usually, they would initiate a talk before I do. Right now, I feel like I have no friends because I don’t ask them how are they. The reason is not that I am a snob, it’s just that I am SHY.

My Vlogging OJT at Home

I swear that I enjoyed capturing videos but I went to chaos when it comes to editing.

Kuya AZ my vlogging buddy!
Kuya AZ my vlogging buddy!

I downloaded a lot of video editing tools. My favorites are the Adobe Premiere Pro which includes the Premiere Rush but my laptop can’t handle any video editing software.

The thing is it’s just 4GB Ram and Core i3. The memory slot is just single and soldered, so I have to buy 1-pc 8GB Ram and bring it to the authorized center to do the modification. Right now, I really can’t afford it.

Anyway, I ended up using iMovie again for editing. I’m not skilled with editing though.

Right now our videos aren’t that high quality since the topics may not be in great interest for other people. At the same time, I am just using my phone to capture.

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Making my Channel interesting? I like to be a Game Streamer…

At this point, I don’t know yet how vlogging really works and how to grow with it. It is challenging to think of how to make it interesting because there are limitations to what I can do with my current tools.

You may not be aware but I am a gamer. I used to play Ragnarok when I was in high school and DOTA when I was in college. until I got pregnant with my eldest. That’s why his name is Alex Zeus because Zeus it the Lord of Olympia that casts Thunder Wrath in DOTA 1.

After I gave birth I stopped playing until Mobile Legends appeared I guess two years ago. I’ve been playing that game but not too much because of course, I used to be a full-time employee at the same time a mom. Although I haven’t been playing much, I am currently at Top 2 Local Server for Rafaela(used to be Top 1) and Top 14 in Cavite.

It could’ve been ranked higher if I played 5 times a day, I guess.

Having that said, I wanted to stream my play on YouTube and FB Live.

However, Globe’s ping is so terrible, so I have to play on mobile data. Which means streaming may cost a lot of data. At the same time, my iPhone 6 is too old to handle streaming. It’s just 1 GB Ram, I can’t even play Ragnarok M Eternal love there.

Blogging for a living

Blogging for a living

So far, I couldn’t see it that way yet. Unlike with other blogs, they’re pretty good at networking and they go to events to feature stuff, meet new people and get sponsorship.

Honestly, I have no idea how it works. To my fellow bloggers out there, let me know how that works, maybe you can join me when you go to events or whatever. Hahaha!

My AdSense isn’t really making sense right now, it is really hard to predict. There are days that it earns and there are days that it doesn’t. Most of the time it doesn’t give profit. Whatever check I do on analytics, my visits and their behaviors don’t really change. Yet the earnings kept on changing.

I actually decided to join some affiliate marketing sites, hoping that this would be better. Anyway, I’ve been an affiliate for Lazada for a while now. So far I haven’t earned anything there, even there are people getting into my links.

I’ll share a review soon. Please subscribe to get you up to date!

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