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Gotta press this right now. The day is about to end , I forgot that this day is the celebration of the 9th month of my baby! Let’s celebrate this day!!

Az doesn’t seem to look so happy this day, maybe he doesn’t know that this day is his special day! He always cry (geez) I always get tired of carrying him to stop him cries but I love him so much.

Anyway at his 9th month I saw his 2nd tooth is fully grown. I’m so glad to see it ,hope his 3rd and upcoming teeth comes now. Excited? Yes! I’m very excited to see that he has complete teeth soon. I guess I’ll be waiting 2 more years for that.

I hope 2 months later he can already stand by his own and walk towards me


I’ve been deleting old posts recently and this is one of the things I’d love to remain – 10/09/19

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