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I Think There’s Really a God

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I’m not sure if the title of this post is quite offensive or inappropriate at some point. But this one lined idea suddenly strikes me last Sunday night. I am a Catholic, and I do believe in God. But there are times in our lives wherein we ask Him for validation. These validations we ask for sometimes make our faith worst or better. In my entire years of living, this is the very first moment where His validation strengthens my faith.

I realized. . .

That the elders were right. “He never fails, He just responds at the right time”. That is something my mom or my older sister usually tells me whenever I question Him. I usually argue with them and finally, I have to agree with them.

So let me tell you the story why I am telling all this.

The first part of the story.

Whenever I get home, I usually have to wait for a pedicab. But we have an electric bike which my husband can use to pick me up and that is just a 3-5 minute ride.

Last week, I called him if someone can check the baby so he can pick me up. He said Mikayla is in her crib and her Kuya AZ is watching beside her. He said that he can pick me up and leave the kids since the baby is in her crib anyway.

So I said okay just let AZ have his phone so he can dial me on FaceTime. While waiting for my husband, I just suddenly prayed or asked Him “please make my kids safe”. I always ask Him to protect my kids that’s the only prayer I usually do. We got home and everything was normal. Nothing was unusual and it’s really nice.

2 days ago the second part of the story happened

I was at work and I was about to eat my dinner. I saw my mom’s messages on Facebook. I got thrilled and wasn’t able to eat at all after seeing some words on the message.

mom's message

My husband fell asleep while allowing the baby to crawl around with doors open. It’s the first time I got to call him and say bad things because I feel so afraid. I’m really mad at him and I wanted to go home right at that point and scream at his face.

A colleague of mine told me to calm down and just be thankful that the baby is safe. I realized that she was right. At that same time, I said that title in my head. The whole night until I got home I feel so blessed and thankful that He was there and found a way to wake someone to notice my baby and be saved.

As I’ve mentioned in the first part, He never fails. I’ve always prayed for my kids’ safety and YES, HE DID NOT FAIL ME. It’s only us who usually fail to believe.

Here’s the photo of the shoe rack with the arenola. She was just 5 inches away from her safety.

I may have sounded skeptical when I said that “I think there’s really a God” but I’d like to tell everyone that there is! We just have to love and trust HIM full-heartedly. Would you agree with that? I hope so. Share your own thoughts…

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