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Do you believe in Luck and Horoscopes? Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig 2019!

Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig

Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

Happy Chinese New Year.

Do you believe in luck? Good luck or bad luck? I know most people would say that they don’t believe in luck or horoscopes. A lot of us are very in denial about believing in luck and fortune telling. But we tend to read or listen to what they have to say about our future.

We’re always curious about what’s headed for us

For sure you’ve seen these prints along the roads or malls that talks about our fortune this year depending on your Chinese Zodiac. It’s really irresistable to stop by isn’t?

People are curious about it even they say that they don’t believe on it. If it says good luck, we say hopefully. If it’s a bad luck, we say, that’s a joke.

Anyhow, we can’t really rely on these predictions. But it’s not bad to believe somehow.

Do I believe in luck?

It’s a very hard question. Luck is based on our actions. In my opinion, predictions or fortune telling somehow affects our actions. Therefore, I believe in luck but it isn’t just out of somewhere or what. It is caused by our actions.

Horoscopes and Fortune Predictions

Having my opinion said above, I guess it is still nice an entertaining to read horoscopes as they strengthen our wills.

I just read my Chinese horoscope yesterday and it is pretty close to what I am aiming for this year. Oh no! Not just pretty close but really close.

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Most of my goals match the predictions(I know it is just a fallacy but I am still amazed by it) and it says that I would succeed on it.

If you are the one who sees that kind of encouraging notes, you’d probably feel like you’re on the right track. Like you just needed more effort to succeed.

Probably right? That’s how I felt!

Since my daughter got sick few days ago. Right now I am writing this at the hospital. I started losing hope with my goals, but the horoscope made a new spark on it. It encouraged me to stay doing what I am doing now.

How reliable are they?

Just like what elders say, “Nasa Diyos and awa nasa tao ang gawa“. Superstitious beliefs, horoscopes, religions, whatever it is, it is always our guides.

Our luck still relies on us, on how we decide, how we act and how we think. If you’re too careless with what you do and decide, do you expect good luck to come and save your day?

What should you do this Chinese New Year to attract Good Luck?

Not a Feng Shui master here but there are a few things I want us to do not only this Chinese new year but all the time.

First, it would always be nice to start with your family.

Sometimes, we don’t notice that we’re too focused on our jobs and goals. That could be stressful for sure. Try to loosen up and build a harmonious relationship with your family and friends.

Also don’t forget the fun and food this spring festival. Spread kindness and love, I’m sure that’s what we always miss.

Try to avoid conflicts. Not only with your relationship with other people but also with your decisions and your time.

Find yourself some moments of silence and meditate. Having some deeper peace can help us decide smarter and perceive things better.

Find out your Chinese Zodiac and Horoscope this year

If you find horoscopes fun to read, try to figure out first what your Chinese Zodiac is. Just so you are aware your zodiac won’t only rely on the years that we know. It actually relies on the date of your birth.

It’s nice that you don’t have to pay for knowing your zodiac and your horoscopes anymore because of the internet. Here are some cool sites I found to check your Zodiac sign based on your birthday and some astrological predictions for you.

Chinese Zodiac Calculator & Find your zodiac from Travel China Guide 


Chinese Calendar Guide from Travel China Guide

– https://www.travelchinaguide.com/intro/focus/calendar.htm

Chinese Calendar with Lucky Date Search
Chinese Calendar with Lucky Date Search

Some sites I visited for Chinese Horoscopes:

  • https://www.thechinesezodiac.org/astrology/chinese-horoscope-2019-year-of-the-earth-pig/
  • https://www.yourchineseastrology.com/horoscope/pig/yearly-2019.htm
  • https://www.yearly-horoscope.org/chinese-horoscope-2019-year-of-the-pig/
  • https://www.chinesefortunecalendar.com/2019/default.htm

There’s really a lot of links to mention, however, I am unable to capture them all. I’m just really sharing these links because I find it entertaining to read. Hope we could be at our bests this Chinese New Year.

Please share your thoughts about your own beliefs about luck and horoscopes. I think it’s a really nice topic. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media so we could reach out as well.

Share this guys. Have a prosperous new year!

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