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Mikayla Athena’s First Year of an Amazing Journey

Mikayla's first birthday

On September 29, we celebrated my baby girl’s 1st birthday. The gratefulness that I am feeling right now is really indescribable. There are many things happened since I gave birth to this beautiful baby girl. So many challenges that we have faced together. I’m just so thankful and blessed that we are able to get through it all.

Here’s a bit of a run through of her amazing year.

She struggled but God gave her strength.

Her first month in the outside world was really hard for her. She had jaundice and acquired pneumonia. We were financially challenged after giving birth and because of that we were forced to move her to a public hospital. The hospital doesn’t want to admit her to NICU since she was not born there. She was admitted to the pediatric ward where 80% of the patients had pneumonia. There were 45 beds inside that ward and there was a time that two children need to occupy one bed. She was admitted there for 15 days. Imagine a newborn baby, admitted to a pediatric ward.

All I can do that time is watch her cry while nurses and doctors were puncturing either her hands or feet for IV fluids. Sometimes, they miss the vein and they have to try needling her again. It’s heartbreaking but it’s for her own good. After almost one month of struggles with her health, she was able to get through it all. God gave her the amazing strength to conquer everything.

She’s brave enough to face challenges.

pretty little lady

Based on my observation with my niece and nephews, our neighbor’s children, and my eldest son, my baby girl was able to stand and walk on her own at an early stage. As early as the 8th or 9th month, she’s already attempting to stand alone. 10th month and she’s Before she even reaches her 1st birthday, she already walks by herself. It’s amazing because we saw her courage and perseverance in learning things on her own. To be honest we never forced or taught her how to do it. We just found her doing it.

She’s so adorable.

Well, any parent would agree, our babies are the most adorable peeps in the house. Mikayla is adorable because she rarely stresses out people around her. She’s easy to feed and she doesn’t cry too much. Everyone says that she’s always well behaved. What I like the most that it’s very easy to make her smile.

Her smiles and charms are very relieving. She’s very reliable in turning my stressful day into a happy day.

Her first year is very special for me and for anyone in the family. I’m sure that there are more amazing experiences to explore for her and I really love sharing those to everyone.

Thank you for reading this. I know that for some this post may not mean anything but for me, it really means a lot. This is like a yearly log of my kids’ journey. I wished that I had a better phone and internet in the past so I could’ve done this for my eldest kid too.

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