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I’ll be doing a mobile blogging challenge!

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Anyone here who blogs using mobile devices only?
I haven’t really met one. But honestly, I’ve been doing that in the past. That was 6 years ago. Recently, I received a notification from WordPress. It was a greeting about my 6th anniversary with WordPress.

Happy 6 years to us WordPress
Happy 6 years to us WordPress

I started blogging with WordPress 6 Years Ago

So yeah, I started 6 years ago but I wasn’t able to publish much content way back. Any reason that you can guess? Okay, I guess I’ve mentioned it and that is because I use mobile devices in blogging. Not to mention that 6 years ago, I don’t own an android nor iOS phone.

What I used before was touch and type Java phone by Alcatel and Symbian OS Nokia N97 which happens to be touch and type as well.

I was using mobile data only. Those phones I’ve used never had wifi… As far as I can remember.

My very old posts were also deleted already because the photos are no longer showing after I imported my blog to a self-hosted WordPress and after I realized that I’m so jejemon back then. HAHAHAHA.

My mom bought a laptop before but it is like a public laptop that is being used by everyone in the house. We had a fight I moved and she sold the laptop because she feels like no one will use it anymore. She also cut our line for the internet.

Now we’re okay but there’s no more laptop and internet and she doesn’t want me to subscribe for a line again. Sad, right?

Where do I blog now?

So if you’re wondering how I write or edit my stuff on this blog, well I’m sure I’ve shared it a bunch of times in the past too, but just in case you don’t know. I’m drafting some of my post on my very old iPhone 5s and edit them at work. Using a company owned laptop or desktop…during work hours.

Right now our workload is getting higher and I can’t manage to blog at work anymore. So I decided to have a mobile blogging challenge. Or Blogging on a mobile challenge. Whichever sounds better for you. 🙂

I just purchased some new tools that will allow me to blog using mobile devices only.

This challenge will run until I finally able to buy my own laptop and internet line at home. Which I believe will take years to happen because I solely work for my family and I stay with my mom so it’s required to give some contributions to the bills too.

What are the tools I purchased?

1. Rapoo E6300 Wireless Keyboard – 1899 php

Full Keyboard View
Full Keyboard View
Back Keyboard View
Back Keyboard View
Thin Sides
Thin Sides
Focused View
Focused View

Man! I really liked this keyboard. Among all the wireless keyboard I’ve seen at the mall, this is the cheapest and working perfectly with iOS. Other keyboard functions well with iOS but it doesn’t allow you to use the command. This keyboard thus has the command button and ctrl button. This means it can work with iOS, Android and other OS.

Iphone 5s and the keyboard
iPhone 5s and the keyboard
My son’s tablet and the keyboard
My son’s tablet and the keyboard

It’s very compact and slim. I like it so much and it’s very comfortable to use because it’s just like a laptop keyboard.

Other keyboards I found that works with iOS are Logitech but it’s bigger and much expensive. I believed it’s almost 2800 php. I can’t afford that.

The only thing that’s missing on this keyboard would be the device mount. But it’s not that bothering because I can get some device mount somewhere and it may cost around 100–200 php only

2. Byword App for iOS – 299 php

This is the first writer app I purchased. I bought it prior to buying the keyboard. It is a really nice app for writing because it is integrated with WordPress, Tumblr, Medium, Evernote and Blogger. I liked it because if you use their publishing option, you’ll see WordPress options like tags, categories, excerpt, publish type and slug.

Publish option Byword App
Publish option Byword App
Connected services for publishing
Connected services for publishing
Wordpress options within the Byword App
WordPress options within the Byword App

It’s actually nice but I haven’t purchased the hardware keyboard, I noticed anther app which has better hotkeys than Byword.

3. iA Writer App for iOS – 249 php

iA Writer Library Access on iOS
iA Writer Library Access on iOS

This app is available for iOS, Mac, android and windows. The app also offers publishing options for Medium and WordPress. However it uses the browser and access of WordPress in publishing. So basically, Byword is better when it comes to publishing.

The good part is that this app is free on android.

Right now, I borrowed my son’s tablet to write his post.

The writer apps I downloaded: For Mobile Blogging
The writer apps I downloaded

I just bought a Cheap Tripod from bargain stores – 130 PHP

Mini TriPod For Mobile Blogging
Mini TriPod

I just bought it today and added it here. It’s only going to be used on my phone. I tried to look for a tablet stand but I can’t find one at the bargains outside SM Bacoor. I’ll probably be able to see one inside the mall but it may be expensive. This tripod is very workable and somehow can be useful for taking photos and videos on my phone.

So I’ll try to work on these tools that I currently have. I hope it will be a success. Share your thoughts and experiences in mobile blogging. Join me in this journey to blogging exclusively with mobile devices. 😀

~ Miely

This post is written and posted using mobile device as part of mobile blogging challenge.

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