Weekly abouts #1: Why Do I Blog Random Topics

I’ve been blogging for a while but I feel like my readers are confused why I blog randomly or what my niche is. I am a defensive person sometimes, and I feel like I have to defend my blog from time to time. So I decided to write something about me or my blog every week until I get the satisfaction of not doing it anymore. So I’ll call it #weeklyabouts series… Hahaha. Maybe you can send questions too. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense. But for the sake of my calling to write this I will do it.

I’m not sure if this weekly topic would be interesting(probably not), but I’ll write it to defend my blog anyway. LOL

What do I blog?

Some of my friends would ask “ What do you blog about?”, and honestly, I don’t know how to answer that question. As far as I could remember, I started blogging to share my son’s photos and my life events as a teenage mom. But supposedly, its for my own viewing purposes only. I wanted to isolate myself from social media back then.

If you would see, I have no specific niche. I post whatever makes me satisfied or what I feel necessary to share. My ideas were just overflowing day by day. There are times that I’m drafting my thoughts in my brain while walking. It’s hard not to express these thoughts. I guess setting a specific niche will stop me from writing consistently too because you’ll be forced to write about topics related about that niche.

Right now, I’m being able to somehow get readers from different type of groups like mothers, new bitcoin enthusiasts, and bullet journalists. The rest were just being referred to my blog because I share it on some social media.

Last year, I also started creating posts about item and app reviews. It’s part of writing things “… I feel necessary to share.”. I do believe that reviews are really helpful. I largely rely my purchases on reviews. Sometimes while I am scanning some stores, I have my phone and browser up and check reviews of each interesting items that I haven’t tried. I check several article before being convinced to purchase.

I was once an inconsistent blogger.

My consistency in blogging isn’t really good. Because I really can’t find much time in doing it as I share a laptop with the whole family way back. Those days were about time management only because there’s really no goal for readers. Until I learned some things about money making online. . Of course, for you to get more earnings for those things, you have to refer people to do the same. So I created another blog specific for money making only. I tried and explored things to engage other people to visit my blog. At the end of the day, I still had the same issue of lacking time for it. I usually can’t think of topic that would keep this niche always up-to-date, so I decided to stop it.

I have had so many blogs in the past.

This is the fourth and hopefully the last domain that I will use in my entire life. I find it hard to manage multiple blogs and keep on being inconsistent with it. So that’s why I imported all my old blogs here to make it all-in-one.

I just feel bad because I have to start over again on how to gain followers, readers and organic searches. Also, after importing my blogs, some photos were lost. So some of my very very old posts that is already corrupted were already been deleted.

I also had other blogs under free sub domains that I already closed. I don’t know why I keep on starting one and then suddenly stop. I guess it is really about finding my self those days.

I am enjoying my blog now and there’s no way for stopping this again.

I am an undergraduate of BS Computer Science and I really enjoyed programming. Since I can no longer pursue it because of so much responsibilities, I decided to explore things about creating a website. That is something that I also enjoy about blogging.

Some of my relatives and friends are not even aware that I have this blog and I want to keep my blogging space that way. Most of the time, the people who knows you are the ones who judges you the most. And I like freedom.

Although I still have less time in blogging, I know that I’ll be able to be more consistent now than before because of the evolution of mobile computing. I’m now able to use different tools to make blogging on mobile easier.

Being a random blogger makes me write more and consistent, which I believe one of the important thing in blogging.

My future goals with this blog

Since I find this exciting and enjoyable, I’m looking forward to pursue this as a career one day. I know it wouldn’t be that easy. However, I believe that, ones can only be successful if they are enjoying the hardships that they do. Just like parenting, blogging is full of hardships and those were the ones I really enjoy.

~ Miely

This post is written and posted using mobile device as part of mobile blogging challenge

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