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When your baby likes something else than their teether

When your baby likes something else than their teether.

Baby knows best too. If you haven’t notice they know how to put themselves into the most comfortable position to sleep well. They know when to cry and notify us of their hunger or discomforts. They know a lot but they say it on their own ways.

As they are about to start eating solids, they seemed to notice that teethers aren’t really something that most of us eat or chew. They know that its just a toy. While they are getting more interested with what we put on our mouth when we eat, the more they get less interested in playing with their teethers.

They are more likely to cry when we start eating during lunch or dinner.

It feels so bad when I see my baby begging for some food. 🙁 My mom told me not to let her eat yet as Mikayla hasn’t reached her 6th month. We let her taste the food sometimes, but we are really careful with what we let her taste. Most of the time we give her teether to play with it but most of the time it’s not working. She seemed to be eyeing the spoon all the time.

Whenever we sit her beside the table she never blink an eye while we put our spoon in our mouth. She’d cry whenever she realizes that the spoon is not heading her mouth.

My husband had a bright idea that works really well at this stage. I’m hoping that this would work until she can start eating.

That idea is by giving her a Rice Spoon.

It’s plastic and wide. It wouldn’t fit her mouth so it’s not gonna choke her. It has a handle for her best grip. She seemed to be enjoying it a lot. She feels like eating just like adults when she’s holding it. It’s cute and funny. Sometimes the most bright ideas are not from us moms, it’s from dads too. 🙂

She's holding it even while she sleeps

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