What is Podcast and Why You Should Love It Too?

Two weeks ago, I reinstalled the podcast app on my iPhone because I wanted to explore this medium. Actually, I uninstalled it in the past because the first podcasts I listened to was so boring. I hate watching and listening to radios because I find them boring. I feel like it’s a waste of time. Unlike when I read stuff online I get to learn a lot of things. Learning is my form of entertainment. I find it more practical and fun.

I don’t know how I bumped in to podcasts but I felt like installing it back. After two weeks of getting it back on my phone, I feel so thankful about my decision to have it again. I started loving it so much to the point that I am so eager to share why you should love it too.

Here in the Philippines, podcasts seemed to be underrated and I don’t know why. I wanted everyone to know what it is and hopefully they would try it out.

So, what is a podcast?

Based on Wikipedia, it’s an episodic series of audio or video that is available for download on devices. I haven’t seen a video podcast but I think in this modern days it’s like the Youtube.

But based on my own understanding, it’s like a blog or YouTube in an audio format. It’s something that you can download and play on podcasts apps. For iPhone users, it’s pre-installed and no requirement to sign up. There are tons of categories to choose from like comedy, history, business, education and more! Every category has lists of podcast shows that you can subscribe on and start listening too. Podcast shows usually consist of a host(s) or sometimes guests for interviews.

Did you know: Google just launched their Google podcast app for android devices just few months back.

Well there’s a lot of platforms and apps that you can use to start listening and subscribing to podcasts but I’ll give you a list next time.

Right now I’d like to discuss why I am loving it and why you should love it too.

It’s very informative.

You can get news, insights about certain topics, interviews and sharing of own experiences by the host. There are also podcasts for learning new language and a lot of self-help shows. If you’re wanting to expand your knowledge about a certain topic this is one of the greatest way to explore.

They also have some entertainment topics like comedy and story telling.

It’s time saving

Yes it is. You can play a podcast anytime and anywhere. This is what I really liked the most. The thing is I have kids , I work full time and I comute everyday. To be honest, I really don’t have much time to read. My mom usually gets mad at me whenever she sees me using my phone. My baby tries to reach it whenever I am feeding her. Also, I tend to get dizzy when reading on my phone while I’m on a bus.

Not only that! You can also speed up a podcast if the speaker speaks slow. You can also play it in slow motion in case you need to listen to it carefully.

I usually play a podcast while commuting, cooking, breastfeeding my baby and even while we’re doing our laundry. We have a big bluetooth speaker at home and I play podcasts using it. Everyone in our house can somehow get some informative talk as well while I listen.

It’s accessible for free

Everyone can access it for free as long as you have an internet connection and a device that can play podcasts. In my case I use iPhone and it has a pre-installed podcast app.

I guess those were just the main things why I loved podcasts recently. Listening to success stories and different life perspectives of different hosts and guests from podcast shows are really helpful and inspiring. If you’re someone who doesn’t have too much time in reading to inspire you, to update you, to learn or to inform you, then I believe podcast is for you too.

Do you listen to podcasts? Hope you’ll share your favorite podcast shows so we can listen to them too.

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11 thoughts on “What is Podcast and Why You Should Love It Too?”

  1. I listen to podcast as well. And like you, I feel dizzy whenever I read and use my phone while on a bus. So podcast is a good alternative.

    Have you tried Google Podcast?

          1. Hahaha.. I feel you. I also thought I’m the only one here who’s into podcast. Good thing I saw your blog. ๐Ÿ˜Š

            What’s your favorite podcast show? Do you know any Filipino podcaster?

          2. Hahah.. That’s great. BTW, I just downloaded Castbox (podcast player) in Google Play. And I’m surprised that there are a lot of Filipino podcasters out there. I used to listen to podcast via Spotify and SoundCloud but they only have limited choices. And now with this app, the choices are overwhelming..โ˜บ

          3. Castbox is one of the best. I scheduled a post review about some podcast apps. And among the list I think castbox is the most outstanding. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

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