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8 Different Cool Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

8 Podcast Apps for iOS and Android

Let’s make this list simple as possible. Last Saturday, I just shared to you what is a Podcast and why you should love it too.

Well, I love it so much and I hope everyone would. These days I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts especially while I’m commuting or doing some chores. 

Today, I tried some podcast apps from Play Store and App Store. I tested them out one by one, so I can somehow give you a short comparison among these apps. The list is in a random order. My son is actually grounded from using his android tablet that’s why I had a chance to use it for this review. Hahaha.

To download the app, just click the link on the corresponding operating system. No one paid me for this post. I just downloaded and tried the apps that catched me. Now let me list down these apps that I am talking about. 

Let’s start with the app I really use. Apple Podcast (iOS built in app)

8 podcast apps that you should try now

This is where all it started. One of the best podcatchers(catches or fetches podcasts hosted somewhere) ever made. 

  • Wide range of shows
  • Top charts based in your country
  • Has auto-download feature for new episodes of shows you are subscribed
  • Option to change the buttons from next and previous to skip back or forward
  • Ability to rate and write reviews

Google Podcasts (for Android only)

If it’s from Google, expect it’s also great.Hope they’ll have this app available for iOS too.

  • Very easy to navigate compared to iOS Podcast app
  • It shows the file size of a specific episode
  • No Sleep Timer 🙁
  • Can trim silence to save time and cut dead air.
  • No auto download
  • Requires Google app. For some reasons they require it and my son’s tablet was intentionally rooted because I removed that app in the past.  LOL

Anchor (for iOS and Android)
8 podcast apps that you should try now

  • Requires an account.
  • You can listen and at the same time create your own podcast show here.
  • Limited library, I searched some of the podcasts I listened on other podcast apps aren’t here. I guess they only have the ones hosted in their app/site.
  • They have their own shows(shows made by Anchor)
  • You can send voice message to the host of the show.
  • If you host your podcast show here, you can also send it to other podcast apps (like Podcast app for iOS and Spotify).

The Podcast App (for iOS and Android)
8 podcast apps that you should try now

  • They have visual ads.
  • Offers in-app purchase subscription in iOS for ad-free experience. Can’t find the option on android.
  • No landscape interface(I’m not sure if that matters).
  • No playback speed option
  • Very limited settings 🙁

Castbox (for iOSand Android)

8 podcast apps that you should try now

  • It has log in options but not required.
  • You can create your own podcast here like Anchor
  • It has an Ethereum wallet(YES they have!) and also a currency they create. You can use it for sending and receiving.
  • Limitations for free users(up to 100 subscriptions only and visual ads)
  • It has an auto-download feature.
  • Sleep timer is available.
  • Trim silence and playback speed option is available like Google Podcast.
  • You can also listen to Audiobooks and Radio. Good for storytelling for your kids when sending them to sleep.
  • Ability to donate using their wallet feature to shows that are hosted with them.

Stitcher (for iOSand Android)

8 podcast apps that you should try now

  • The app requires log in.
  • Offers premium feature as an in-app subscription for ad-free experience ad exclusive contents.
  • Upon set up, it’ll ask you what you prefer and they’ll auto play all suggested episodes to you. This is best if you’re wanting to listen to random shows that is within your favorite topic.
  • The good thing is you can create a playlist of shows.
  • Has an auto-download options and you can also set the maximum space you allow for the downloads.
  • No playback speed or sleep timer option.

Audible (for iOSand Android)
8 podcast apps that you should try now

  • For the Amazon fans out there, if you are subscribed to Amazon Prime or Audible, you can listen to the podcasts in Audible.
  • Limited but great channels/podcasts.
  • You can bookmark a clip of the audio.
  • It has playback speed and sleep timer option.
  • Large buttons for those who use it while drving.
  • Ability to change whether skip buttons or next/previous button like Apple Podcast.
  • Subscription and log in is required.

Last but not the least, Spotify (for iOSand Android)

8 podcast apps that you should try now

Yes they have podcasts too, they even have white noise for babies, karaoke, audiobook and guided meditation. Those are the things that you may get from Spotify, things that you may have been paying for separately. I subscribed to an app before for white noise for my baby, not realizing that I can get it with my Spotify too which we’re paying as a family plan. LOL.

  • It has a sleep timer.
  • I used to see a playback speed option in the past but I can’t find it now. Not sure if it was just my imagination.

So that’s it!

I hope your find this quick review helpful in finding what podcast app suits you. You can also read my previous post about why I love listening to Podcasts. If you are already using a podcast app that isn’t listed here or just wanted to add something else on what I just written, feel free to share it on the comment box. This is like OPLAN PODCAST LITERACY PARA SA MGA PINOY. Hahaha. Please share 😀

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14 thoughts on “8 Different Cool Podcast Apps for iOS and Android”

    1. Actually un nga dn gmt ko ngaun. Mejo weird lng kasi after an episode it stops. You have to wake the phone para mag play next episode. I just noticed it knina. Does that happen to you?

        1. Luh. Auko tlga marinig na ung sau okay skn nd kasi sbi ng pamangkin ko may nag papramdam sa bahay nmin. Hahaha. Pero sa apple podcast kc nag pplay nmn ng kusa. ?

          1. Hahah.. Walang kinalaman yung nagpaparamdam dyan (kung meron nga) sa Castbox mo. Grabe namang mumu yun, techie masyado. ?

          2. Hahaha matatakutin lng tlga alam nmn ntn lht that technology fails sometimes pero kasi pag nkkinig aq ng podcast na speaker pti kptbhy ata rinig tas may times na nag iistop sya kht naka dl na ung episode. Ung kada end ng episode tingin ko sa app un tlga. Pero lht ng pinplay ko sounds nag iistop ng kusa lagi

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