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6 Key Features of Evernote That Makes it the Best Note Taking App

6 key features of evernote

Note taking is very important for bloggers and almost anyone. You do that for your grocery list, reminders, to-do list and just anything you wanna remember or organize. I love my physical notebooks and digital notebooks. It helps me remember things, organize my thoughts and plan the things I wanted to achieve in any kind of matter. And because it is so important to me, I wanted to have it accessible as much as possible and flexible.

Evernote is one of the most important tool for me. It’s very accessible to all my devices and it is very flexible. 

Today, I’m going to share 6 Key Features of Evernote that makes it the best and most outstanding note taking app for me.

Stacked Notebooks

My notebooks are quite messy, but I realized that I should be minimizing it down. Since it may take so much time to trim down the notebooks, I found out that I can stack them to make it more neat. Here’s a sample screenshot of my stacks.

I deleted my old evernote account because I find it so messy. Since this is my second account, I wanted to make sure that it is well managed as much as possible.

Stacked notebooks on Evernote
Stacked notebooks on Evernote
Sample of my stacks: BLOG
  • Blog notes – this  is were I put all random stuff that is related to my blog or blogging. For example researches, references, bucket list of topics, things to do, and anything that needs to be noted or recorded. 
  • Posts – this is an exclusive notebook for my blog posts. This is where I draft and finish everything. If there’s a sudden topic I wanna write, I will create a note here with the title or the idea of what I would write about. Most of the time it is just pure text notes and links.

There are other things you can add for your Blog Stacks. it can be about your Social Media Strategy, SEO research and many more. Right now my stacks and notebooks are still in a mess because I have to do a lot of things lately.


For me, this is the most important among those I listed. Tags are the best way to organize your notes. In my notes, tags refer to a progress of a note. For some people, they would use it to categorize. Although I use it for categorization too, I use it mainly for checking progress. When I say progress, it’s not in a way like this note is 10% finished then the other tag is 50% finished. Let me cite some examples.

Example of Tags I use
  • Blog Notes
    • Reference – This consist of reference articles like shortcodes for WordPress, html tags.Explore – Articles I want to explore or learn that is related to blogging.Affiliate – All affiliate links.Topics – List of my brainstormed topics.
  • Blog Post Flow
    • Idea – Just really an idea, it could just have the topic, title or outline.Drafting – In the process of writing. Editing – In the process of editing it on WordPress, this includes adding internal or external links and photos.Published – When it’s done.
  • Finances
    • Payable  – Items to be paidPaid – Paid itemsPayment – Receipt copyBill – Bill Copy
  • Health
    • Results – Laboratory resultsRequests – Lab or procedure requestPrescriptionsClinic Scheds – Schedules of doctors from flyer given from clinics and hospitals.


I usually create note reminder to set some due dates on my blog post, payment dues and subscription renewals. Very basic. The important thing here is not to bombard your self with reminders that are not even important. I only create reminders about things I can’t miss.

Internal Links

These are the links you can generate on your notes, which you can use as a hyperlink to another note. I use these on my journal and also on my blog notes. Let me show you an example below:

Internal linking on Evernote
Internal linking on Evernote

I hate to show my very first video on Youtube with my face and voice that really sucks but in case you wanted to know how to do internal linking you can check the video about how I did set up my digital bullet journal on Evernote.


There’s a lot of notes and notebooks that are usually scattered on my Evernote and I find shortcuts really helpful. Some of my notes have internally linked on some other notes. Let me show you an example. So below you see that one of my shortcuts is the “Topics”.

Shortcuts on Evernote
Shortcuts on Evernote

If I open it there are hyperlinks(or so called “internal links”) that will route me to a list of topic ideas I listed for a specific category on my blog. If you will look back on the internal links part you’ll see the note for “Topics” that is listed on my Shortcuts.


This is quite new, don’t know when they exactly released it but I’m sure that this was just months ago. Note taking is now made easy with templates. You can create a note and save it as a template. It can be easily accessed when creating a new note. They also have sample templates on their website that you can add and use. 

Check out: How to save a note as a template and My simple bullet journal templates on Evernote.

Those are the few things I really like about Evernote. I know some other note taking apps may have these features but most of them doesn’t have it altogether. I hope you find this post useful. If you’re not yet using Evernote, this is the best time to start.

Register using this link https://bit.ly/evermiely to have your first month as premium account for free. You can still take advantage of these features I listed even you are a free user.

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