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How I Use My Evernote as a Blogger

how a blogger uses evernote

Blogging sometimes can be overwhelming. There are tons of tasks, ideas, and topics that will bombard you whenever you think of doing it. I’ve been experiencing it a lot more than what you can think of. Simply because I am an over-thinker.

I tend to get so many ideas to the point that I could just lose them in just a snap. I usually get some pen and paper to jot down my ideas and outlines but I don’t have them all the time. At the end of the day, I’d still forgot about what I’ve been thinking of.

With the help of technology, we are now capable of jotting things down and capture all ideas with just our smartphones and computers.

These said devices are for sure with us all the time, no doubt with that. Having that said, we can make sure that there would be no more missed ideas or topics that our minds can come up with.

There are a lot of apps and different tools that we can use to capture ideas, organize our thoughts, manage our tasks and write down whatever we can think of. However, not all apps are the same and not all apps can do it all.

So today, I’m gonna share with you what I use and how I use it to capture my ideas, manage my tasks and organize my thoughts. We’ll put this in a blogger’s perspective since that is what I do the most on this tool.

I’m sure that this isn’t the first time I’ve ever talked about Evernote. As a matter of fact, I’ve shared in the past how I use it for Bullet Journaling with free templates. Though it was just a simple set up I hope you could try it out as well.

Anyways, Evernote is an all-in-one tool for productivity in any sort of way and today I’m just sharing how I exactly use it for managing my Blog.

So how do I use Evernote for Managing my Blog?

Capture ideas

  • I brainstorm topics and list them down with checkboxes in just a single note.
  • Whenever I suddenly thought of an idea, I create a quick note of the topic. It can just be a title, an outline, or some note about that topic. I tag it as an idea.
  • I usually add my readings on the Pocket app, if I find an article interesting I send it to Evernote and write some insights about it. Insights about the topic, the way it was written, and how engaging it was. I wanted to learn how to be better at blogging. That’s why I do that. Hihihi.
  • I use web clipper on chrome or share option on iPhone to copy articles, photos, or screenshots of some resources I could use for my blog.

Write blog drafts

I do all my drafts on Evernote. With the help of the tagging feature, I am able to see and filter my write up progress easily. Let me share with you a simple workflow I use to finish a blog post.

Simple writing workflow on Evernote

Set goals and monitor my stats

In a monthly basis, I set goals and tag them as goals.

I change the tags at the end of the month if it has been achieved or not.

Every week, I gather data from WordPress as to how my blog is doing. I’m still new to Google Analytics but I try to compare the stats from WP and Analytics.

I create tables for the numbers and tries my best to analyze the behavior of my readers and how they are being referred to my blog.

This helps me plan how to work on my next topic or how I should promote my site. My goals are simple, I want something that can be realistic for me to achieve but I make sure that it would be challenging every month.

Creating a plan

While monitoring my blog stats, I am creating a weekly plan on how I could improve my stats.

Good thing Evernote shared a weekly planner template.

I use it to outline what to do for the upcoming week. I’m using a different app to cross out my task lists which is Todoist but I do the plan on Evernote first.

This is for me to see the task load that I am putting for my self before copying them on Todoist.

I have a full-time day job, so I am not really allowed to have too many tasks to buffer. In this table, I use bullets to list down the things to do then copy them on Todoist with due dates.

Planning can consume time but I think it is necessary to have some direction towards my goals.

The rest is simply note taking, recording transactions and copying references online

This is the main function of Evernote, it can be basic but it’s also crucial. For bloggers, we need to make sure things are well recorded. There are also some cases wherein we have to copy references so we have them available anytime.

Other things I do with it?

  1. Uploading snaps or copies of my receipts, bills, medicine prescription, laboratory results, and requests.
  2. Daily logs and journaling.
  3. Taking note of call references.
  4. Clipping some recipes and lyrics of a song I like.

There’s a lot more you can do with it depending on what you do. I am not a professional or a student, so I only have minimal tasks to do or take note with.

Recap: The most powerful features of Evernote that I can’t live without

  1. Tagging – Set tags on your notes to filter the things you can start doing, what you’re still doing and the things have done already.
  2. Templates – Copy or create templates for what you usually do to make your life easy.
  3. Web clipper and Share option – This can simplify your life in copying and scanning references online whether you are on your phone or desktop
  4. Search – I may have not mentioned it with how I use Evernote but using search option for filtering captured articles is really helpful. Of course not just your clipped items but all your notes. If you are a premium user, you can also do text search from pdf and images.

I am sharing this to you to show how to simplify things with the help of free tools you can use on your phone or other devices.

I really love Evernote and I’m sure you’ll love it too.

I’ll put the template links below just in case you wanted to use the templates. My templates are totally free and other templates you can find on the web.

Feel free to modify these templates or create your own templates to tailor fit your purpose. Evernote can be used for free but if you don’t have an account yet, REGISTER HERE to get 1 month FREE Premium Trial.

Here are the Template Links:

  1. Monthly Blog Goals and Stats
  2. Weekly Planner from Evernote
  3. Monthly Planner from Evernote

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