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BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II

BPI Express Start Credit Card Review 2

Last time I actually shared with you guys how you can avail of the BPI Express Start Program

Today, I am happy to tell you now that I already received the card way back 2nd of June. It got some delays in the delivery since I requested for the card to be delivered to the branch instead of having it delivered at home(by the way some banks like BDO don’t allow that). The reason is we live in a building and credit cards are required to be received by the owner or by the authorized person. I am working so definitely no one will receive it.

Credit Limit for this Secured Credit Card

I’ve got 90% of my deposit as my credit limit which is 9000 PHP since I deposited 10000 PHP only. As per their representatives, I can increase its credit limit by depositing more and by requesting for the deposit to be placed on hold.

BPI Express Start Credit Card Appearance

Another thing, the card looks very presentable. It doesn’t show any marks that it is a secured credit card. It has the secured chip thingy and it has a one-tap card feature too.

BPI Express Online?

Since I have an account on BPI Express Online, the credit card account is already showing on my portfolio. A Nice thing about it is that all transactions can be tracked in real-time by using the mobile app that they have.

Card Activation

Also, once you’ve got the card it is already activated, so there’s no need to ring and be queued on their hotline just to activate the card.

Real-Time Transactions

BPI Credit Cards are pretty cool because all my transactions are showing on BPI Express Online in real-time. It’s really awesome because you can see and manage your credit limits very well.

Their billing is real-time as well so all purchases made on or before your cut-off date it will all be billed together.


So to explain the cut-offs, let me just give an example.


The cut-off date is the 7th of the month. All charges from the 8th of last month and the 7th of the current month will be billed.

May 8 – June 7 charges will be billed on June 7.

Grace Period for Payments with BPI Credit Cards

Aside from that they only have 20 days grace period so therefore my due dates are every 27th. Before I applied for this, I tried to review the grace periods of the credit cards and I get an answer of 30 days, but apparently, it’s different with BPI.

Paying BPI Credit Card Dues

The last thing, I don’t like the payment methods. We got out of the office at 4:00 and most BPI branches close 30 minutes after my out. I am not able to pay through the branch so I tried using online. I was automatically enrolled online. However, I found out that I still have to enroll in bills payment to enable a feature for paying my credit card bills. I think they suck on that part. My savings and credit card were enrolled but then I still have to enroll for bills payment. Anyway, I already registered myself for that feature and it was processed in 3 business days.

BPI Express Start Credit Cards is advisable due to the following reasons:

  • Save money, since your hold-out deposit will earn interest unless you request to terminate your subscription with the program.
  • Manage your expenses and
  • Also, to build a good credit standing.

Just an added info

As far as I know, having a good standing within the program, BPI can give you a regular credit card. I’m not sure about that though but having a good standing means easier approval among all credit card providers.

To wrap this all up. My conclusion is simple. Anyone can avail of a credit card in the Philippines by applying for a secured credit card using BPI Express Start Program.

Next time I’ll give you guys tips on spending wisely using your credit cards. Stay tuned by following me. Spread the word by sharing. And please comment to provide feedback and discussions.


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29 thoughts on “BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II”

  1. hi
    makaka avail ka ba ng installments using ths secured cc? i mean same thing as reg cc?
    like gusto ko bayaran ung purchase ko ng 3-6mos installment?pwd po un?

  2. hello, what if yun installment na gadget is around 20k pero nsa 2k monthly, then yon credit limit is only 10k. pwede po ba yon? thanks

    1. Pag gnun po nd sya pde. Unless you pay 10k up front tas 10k charge to credit as installments. Pag ng installment ka po ichacharge nila ung buo sa credit limit mo pero ung billing is installments

  3. Hi,

    Nag eearn din po ba ng points itong secured credit card ni BPI? Like other credit card which I can use also as a payment? If yes, how much per points?

    Big help Thank you.

    1. Yes po it will have all the features of a regular credit card. You have the choice dn nmn if you have a preferred card. As far as I could remember 25php spend per 1 point.

      Example you want their petron credit card it will posses all the features of the regular petron cc. Tlgang application process lng and available credit limit ang naiba sa regular CC

    1. Ahh gnun ba most likely ung bgy nla don ung blue na MasterCard. Halos pare pareho lng nmn dn po un. May mga cards lng na my added features. Like ung sa petron may extra points ata sya para sa mga ng papagas.

  4. Hi,

    When the amount is already hold off (available balance is no longer equal to total balance as amount is already deducted), does it mean you are already approved? Or still not yet?

    I haven’t got or email yet from BPI but the amount is already hold off in my savings account.

    I applied last August 18 and the hold off akount was deducted today, August 26.

    ThanksIn advance for your feedback.

  5. Hello. You mentioned earlier that the hold out amount is for 1 yr only. Does that mean that i can withdraw the money already after 1 yr?

    1. sa pag kaka alam ko dti oo pde pero irerequest mo sya sa bpi pag good standing ka for a year possible na maging regular credit card acct sya so that means pde mo na makuha ung hold out amt mo po.

  6. Hello maam I open a savings account today at BPI Centrio Mall and signed the DEAD OF ASSIGMENT for HOLD out amounting 26k. Kailan kaya possible na darating. Nag ask kasi ako sa kanya sabi basta idedeliver lang daw.

  7. Hi.just want to ask if may annual fee din po ba ung express credit card? If yes, how much naman po annually?thank you

    1. Yes pero first year wala at the same time po if good standing kau and regulat gngmt ung card pde nmn itawag to waive the fees.. depende sa card dn po na inapply nyo kung ano po nsa site nila na annual fee un dn po ung for this.. approval process lng tlga naiba

        1. hi po back then it has not sure now though because I no longer use BPI. But in the past it automatically enrolled the credit card account to BPI express online since the savings account is enrolled already.

  8. Ung inapply kong card mam is ung may hold out na 10k.kakaapproved and deliver lng ng card..kaso wala sa paper kng magkanu ang annual fee.
    And isa pa mga ilang buwan bago pwde ipacancel ung card of ever na need ng ilabas ung holdout na 10k?and magkanu ang mgging cancellation fee niya kng sakali?thank u

      1. pde nmn po kau mag deposit nang mas malaki sa 10k basta po kung magkano ung pinahold nyo saknila un ung pagbabasihan ng credit limit na bbgay nil

  9. Pwede po ba icovert ung bpi secured cc to regular cc? How about rcbc secured cc, nagcoconvert din ba to regular cc? Thanks sa reply/info

  10. Hi po. I’ve read na hindi niyo na po gamit yung BPI credit card na inavail niyo. Nung nirevoke niyo po ba yung assignment agreement niyo with BPI, magkano po chinarge nila sa inyo?

    1. Wla naman po binalik lng po ung naka hold na amount… They won’t charge po you just have to complete all payments for your card bill

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