Internet Service Review: Converge in Cavite

Converge FiberX in Cavite | A must-read review! Updated 2020

Please read till the end as I update this blog post from time to time to share our overall experience with Converge ICT.

Geez, I’ve been thinking about titling this post for almost an hour. Cavite version is just weird but I wanted to specify this review for those who live in my area since it may vary per location(I guess). So this is the current Internet service hype in the Philippines β€” Converge ICT Solutions. Almost everyone is looking forward to having this service provider (including me) to become available in their areas. Finally, I got it. 

Our service got connected on Maundy Thursday and it’s just almost about a month now that’s why I’ll be providing a review about the Converge FiberX plan that I subscribed to.

Here you’ll find out the application process and my current feedback about the service and all you need to know prior to subscribing. I’ll have this updated from time to time to make sure that you get the right information when deciding to switch. Don’t forget to write your own experience and comments later on. πŸ™‚

Converge Available Plans

All their plans are unlimited and range from 1500 PHP to 7000 PHP. To show you here’s a table for their plans

Plan and MSFSpeed
FiberX 150025 Mbps
FiberX 250075 Mbps(used to be 50 Mbps)
FiberX 3500100 Mbps(used to be 75 Mbps)
Xtreme 4500300 Mbps
Xtreme 7000500Mbps

Perks for having the highest plan (Xtreme 7000)  is that you get their FiberX Share Linksys EA7500(router) for free. It’s worth around 9000 PHP and uses MU-MIMO technology. It means the router can distribute data speed simultaneously. Perfect for multiple heavy internet users.

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Applying for Converge FiberX Plan

Converge’s application process is not so similar to the regular processes for internet service applications. I have tried all internet service provider before since my mom loves moving places, so I can say that this application with Converge is quite different.

To explain you the process here are the steps I’ve taken to apply for Converge FiberX 1500:

  1. I contacted a sales rep from Facebook who posted that our location (Barangay Habay II, Bacoor, Cavite) is now serviceable ( I messaged him just a few minutes from the time he posted the availability).
  2. The guy went to our house with an application form and asked for an ID and proof of billing. He advised me to check my email from time to time since the approval will be sent via email. Make sure you have one when applying for Converge hehehe.
  3. He took a photo of our house, it’s required according to him. Maybe for them to easily locate the place. (So don’t panic when they take a picture of your house).
  4. A few days later, I got an email with account details, how to make a payment and the validity of the application. It says there that I have to make the initial deposit of 1500 through their available payment channels within 7 days or else the application won’t be valid anymore.
  5. I made a payment using Metrobank Online on the same day I got the email. Converge doesn’t seem to have a better tracking or customer account management systems yet. They just ask the customer to fill out an online form to confirm the payment and upload a payment confirmation. Screenshot or Photo of a receipt.
  6. The next day after making the payment, Converge’s installation team came despite being a holiday. Yes, that was on Maundy Thursday, April 28, 2019.
  7. They love taking photos. They asked me to stand beside the router and they’ll take a picture of me and the router. (Mandated as well). Maybe to avoid scams or usage of someone else’s identity.
  8. After installation, it just took less than an hour to be activated. Important note from the installer, do not change the WiFi password until we get a bill and never reset the modem. I’m not certain why, but I think the installer mentioned a “dedicated IP” for the modem.

Their Modem/Router

I guess it’s not usual to discuss the modem on an ISP review but I’ll talk about it anyway. The thing is that the modem made me feel unsatisfied.

They gave us a single band 2.4 GHz ZTE F660 modem. My aunt had a dual-band router from Converge, the one that looks like a PLDT Fiber modem the 4 antennas. I asked the installer if they can use a router like my aunt’s since it doesn’t have an extra charge. But he told me it’s out of stock.

Well, I asked it because I was eavesdropping on them. I overheard that our router is the last 2.4Ghz router and the next installation they’ll conduct will have the bigger router. Hate that guy 😞.
Anyway, this modem provided by Converge is not better than Globe’s Aztech modem. Just a quick comparison of the two modems:

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Converge and Globe’s Modem little comparison

Converge ZTE ModemGlobe Aztech Broadband
Low Ping(Faster Response Rate)Unstable Ping(Sometimes fast sometimes not, I guess it’s also because of the internet connection)
Limited router settingsWith Advanced settings( I usually use bandwidth limiting)
Very slow when connected on 1st floorCan decently reach our 1st floor
2 Antennas1 Antenna

Application and Installation Fees

I’m not sure if fees may vary per location but here’s what I found out on my application. As mentioned in the first part I paid 1500 initial deposit. It’s an advance payment, that is usually the case for all internet service providers.

Deposits are used when you unsubscribe. Meaning even you’ve paid 1500, on your first bill you will get a prorated amount from the installation date up to the end of the billing cycle plus one monthly fee. 

According to the sales rep, the billing cycle for every subscriber is the same and that is every end of the month. I haven’t got my bill yet but what I am expecting to pay is the amount from April 19-30 plus the payment for May which is for May 1 to 30.

Services are always paid in advance that’s why May should be paid on my first bill. I will let you know once I got my first bill, as per the rep there are delays in sending bills but the service shall not be disconnected. 

For the installation fee, there’s no upfront fee. The modem cost is 2500 which will be on staggered payment for 24 months.

For other ISP, they only have the modem cost be divided into 3-6 months.

Converge ICT Internet Speed Review

Speed est and Consistency?

I think this is the one that you’ve been waiting for to read. How’s Converge’s internet speed and reliability.
For all ISP in the Philippines, the minimum speed should be at least 30% and the service reliability should be at least at 80%.

You can find that on your service agreement with any service provider. 

It’s too early to tell the reliability of the provider because we just had this for a month. But I am impressed because their download and upload speed are incredible. But there are still some downsides. I guess there’s just really no perfect service in the world.

They provide 25 Mbps for download and almost 25 Mbps for upload. You won’t get that on a residential plan from other internet providers.

(Click the images to check the speedtest I did using different providers)

For Globe, based on experience, the upload speed is just around 10% of your plan’s speed while the download is almost 90%.

While PLDT Fibr, you get about 150% upload speed and more than 90% for download speed based on your plans’ speed.
However, recently we’ve been encountering intermittent connection where the overall speed drops, yet the connection is still working it’s just that the speed drops badly.

Few things to know about their Internet Speed

On the screenshot above you’ll see some low results. So far my solution is to turn off the modem for a few minutes, and everything goes back to normal.

When the installer was here trying to connect the lines, I asked them about the known issue since I’ve seen some bad feedback on Facebook about the connection. According to him, it happens since the area just got activated and could really give some issues. 

I guess it’s understandable I don’t want to miss my opportunity when Converge takes over the place that’s why despite this known issue I still opted to get a plan. Fiber connections have limited slots only that’s why I am the first one in our place to get this connection.

Upgrading your Converge FiberX plan

According to the sales rep when he was still here, Converge offers an optional speed upgrade every 3 months. I have not seen any information about that on their website or anywhere else but he said that after 3 months I can get an additional 10 Mbps for 300 PHP/a month on top of my monthly service fee.

But I also asked him about an absolute upgrade from FiberX 1500 to FberX 2500, he said it is a can-do after 3 months as well. That’s a good thing if possible because, for other ISP, upgrades can be done only after 6 months.

My verdict with this Internet Service Provider

For me, so far, I am quite good at it. I still have my Globe Broadband connected just in case I get some issues with Converge ICT, I would have a backup connection. 

I think the whole process and their service is highly tolerable and understandable because they’re quite new. Even Converge has been there for years they are still considered as fresh compared to significant service providers like PLDT and Globe. I’ll make sure to update this review from time to time.

They don’t seem to have an office nearby that’s why most likely, your go-to for an application would be the sales reps.

At this point, I’ll try to fix some of their misses

I ordered a router and LAN cable to try fixing our network at home
I ordered a router and LAN cable to try fixing our network at home

I ordered an MU-MIMO router and some cables to improve internet distribution at home. As mentioned in this review, the connection is not good when downstairs.

At the same time, I wanted a router that can be configured for prioritization which can’t be done on the ZTE router of Converge. I will do a review on the router as well soon. I didn’t see that I was ordering it on Lazada from Overseas because that is the cheapest. Usually, I always filter sellers from the Philippines because it takes time to get an order from overseas but I can no longer cancel it.

Sad update 05/13/2019: I’m quite disappointed with Converge ICT yesterday

And today! It’ mother’s day yesterday right? All we just wanted to do is eat and have some fun by singing karaoke songs from YouTube. Sadly, Converge didn’t allow us to do that.

I’ve done all I can to make things work but it just keeps on buffering. The internet connection of Converge is not that reliable. I am thankful that I haven’t cut my slow-motion internet with Globe yet. Coz’ apparently, Converge is going on and off. It sucks!

I checked their Facebook Page and it is raining with negative feedback on the comment section of each post they make. I assume that they have a network outage or whatever at this point that is why I tried to chat them and see how it will go. According to Converge ICT’s Facebook page, they reply instantly.

They are responsive because it is a never-ending chatbot. When you reach the end of their chatbot it will ask you again how they can help. Which affects their responsiveness on Facebook.

Let’s give them a chance.

Since I contacted them I also tried to email, send SMS and leave a number on their click-to-call link to see if this could get fixed. Hopefully, it will.

Update 05/15/19

Finally got our connection is working. With the help of our new router our experience is now way way better!

I wanted to burst right now!

Update as of 08/05/2019


For me, a few hours of no internet is worst. Now it’s even worse than ever… We had no internet for more than 24 hours.

And this happens every single freaking month!

I can’t believe that I am paying earlier than the due date and yet they have the guts to cut my internet EVERY MONTH!!! In the past month, I didn’t update this post because the internet goes back after 2 PM usually. Although I have to contact all means of support before it gets fixed.

Well, honestly I don’t know if it’s because of their support since they never respond. AS IN NEVER!!!

I just send them tons of emails and chat tickets because apparently you’ll NEVER get someone over the fb chat. No one answers their phone either.

Today I just did the same thing because I have to send my client an invoice to get paid for my job and poof no internet connection after 26 hours!!!

I went over their facebook page and a lot of people say they just deleted all negative comments and feedback.

I truly believe them because of every month, whenever we get some issues. We also check their FB page and that same comment about deleting comments is always mentioned.

To my outrage, I encourage people to drop their comments here until Facebook finds my comment to be spammy. I’m not sure if people will be able to see that bombarding comments I placed but hopefully, they can.

To those who will read this blog post. Just opt-in if you think you can stand no internet without someone to ask for help. If you can’t stand that I advise not to subscribe because it’s freaking me out right now for becoming a subscriber of Converge.

Even they put back our internet right now I am still wishing that I never switched to this carrier. Until now I’m paying the amount they send us without receiving a bill at all just a text from them of the amount to pay.

Kala ko nakamura ako sa Converge FiberX, mapapamura lang pala ako. 10/06/19


I mean slight Tagalog lang. Last month I didn’t update this post and just made a quick rant on FB about our monthly no internet issue! YES BES BUWAN BUWAN KAMING WALANG INTERNET.

Though it only lasts for 1-3 days. Still very inconvenient especially that this happens EVERY MONTH SINCE WE’VE SWITCHED TO CONVERGE ICT.

And I’m sick and tired of contacting them because no one answers at all. NO ONE! Well good for my mom who works in Pasay, she has a landline to call them.

Last month she called Converge when she was at work. It took hours before she got a consultant, she’d asked if we have paid already. As if she doesn’t have capabilities to check whether we’ve paid or not.

I pay Converge 10 days before the due date or as soon as I get their text message. I haven’t able to see a bill from them ever just a text message of how much to pay. How convenient for them!

Anyway, I don’t think they ever thought about the importance of proper billing because they don’t even know what proper service is.

Going back to the call my mom made. They are advising my mom to troubleshoot as usual. My mom is really furious at that time. She nagged about this issue of not having internet every month and that her daughter(that’s me) is an IT with tech support background and before she even called I’ve done so many troubleshooting steps already.

I’ve heard her shouting at the rep already because we were having a call via messenger at that time.

And you know what’s the response of the rep? “THERE’S AN ONGOING ISSUE IN YOUR AREA”.

Very helpful isn’t. So there’s an ongoing issue every month.

Today October 6, 2019

We have the internet, but for the past 3 days, it goes on and off. Like every 10 minutes, the internet will be gone and be back after 2 minutes.

No one even dares to play Mobile Legends right now. Kase MALAG PUCHA NAMAN.

And for the past 6 months of having connectivity issues with Converge ICT here in Cavite… I noticed something!

These issues always happen during the first week of the month and also when I am about to receive the text message for the amount to pay.

Most of the time I get the text message for paying the bill after having internet issues. But I don’t know why I have to go through a monthly issue when I pay them as I receive it. As a matter of fact, our bill dues every 21st but they send the SMS amount to pay every first week of the month.

We always pay them as I get the text because they accept payments through MetroBank which is my main bank. I simply go to the app to process the payment but still, issues are going on every month. I have to update this post because I think everyone deserves to know how we suffered by switching to Converge ICT.

A lot of the comments on their Facebook about the issues and bad comments were removed by Converge. I don’t know how they can still have the guts to promote when almost everyone is having hatred for them.

I actually shared my negative feedback on some FB groups and some claim that they don’t experience this kind of issue. Some are legit some are just salespeople of Converge.

If they don’t experience this, why do we have to experience it despite early payments? What could be the reason for having monthly issues?

We were the first ones in this village to have Converge. Yet we’re the ones who get to experience the worst side of Converge. It makes me sad and full of regrets.

Two weeks later after the last update, Converge ICT is still the worst!

I sent them an email a few days ago, asking to check what has to be done with their service and ask if maybe they can just cut it. Of course, I told them that I am not willing to pay for termination fees because they don’t even meet the 80% guaranteed reliability.

You see it is more than half a month now that we’re encountering issues it is less than 50% reliability already. We can’t even watch, play or work properly because of the intermittent connection.

And all they have to say is that they had issues in the area. It’s much worse than being hit by the typhoon Ondoy! I even told them that I’ll do my best to share this worst experience on my blog to tell everyone how worst they are.

Converge is the real game-changer

gaming experience with Converge ICT
Half na ng game ng bumalik.. tas nung matatapos na dc ulit kaya nmn Brawl lng kami hays!

They changed the way how I looked at other ISP in the Philippines. We thought we’re not getting enough from other ISP, but then Converge showed up. Thinking it was the best but it is the other way around. It is the worst ever much worse than any other ISP on the planet.

If you think I was paid to make things up. Sorry, I am not. This blog is purposely for sharing my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. I thought when I was reading reviews before about Converge, they must be paid by competitors because that was the comment I saw from the reviews. But here trust me it is the worst ever. Let me share my email with them to show that I did contact them and see their response for yourself. It has my account number para LEGIT! Kaloka talaga!

They haven’t responded since then… I’ll try to find even my old emails if you need further proof that this issue we encounter happens all the time… One thing I can say now. DO NOT SWITCH WITH CONVERGE. NOT WORTH IT!

October 28, 2019, finally okay na ulit. (Bati na Kami?)

I’m happy that we don’t encounter issues now. But November is coming… I’m really preparing my self for another disappointment again since for 6 months we’ve been encountering issues EVERY MONTH.

They never adjust the bill but this month they haven’t sent me an amount to pay.

SO far I haven’t made a payment for this month since they haven’t billed me. I’m thinking maybe they did not send a bill because of the almost one month issue we’ve encountered. Usually, I pay every 10th of the month whenever they send us a text message of our payable and our due is 21st.

Please share this post and follow us because I’ll be updating this from time to time.

Converge Review in Cavite Update 12/04/19

I’m quite happy that since last month, it went okay now. Although, 1 month of being okay doesn’t make me a 100% satisfied customer. I am still hoping for the best. I have not received a bill SMS for two months and I thought they were adjusting the bills due to all inconveniences I had with them which are supposed to be in their records because of my so many attempts to get in touch with them.

PERO PINAASA AKO NG CONVERGE. No bill adjustment happened and now they are telling me that I have an overdue bill amounting to 3250. EDI WOW! Due to all that happened in October, I had a major loss of income and I had to borrow money from my mom to survive. Technically I’m not prepared to pay a one big blow of 3250, but I have no choice anyway but to pay.

This update is to commend our connection but the experience I have with Converge ICT is still not pleasing at all.

Happy New Year Update – Converge ICT 2020!

Yay! Finally new update about our Converge FiberX plan.

I’d like to greet everyone a happy new year. I’m so happy that since my last update our connection isn’t failing anymore.

Still hoping for it to be consistent til the end of time. Although after several attempts of requesting bills I still haven’t got any legit bill anywhere. Just SMS for he amount to pay.

I tried that link a thousand times but it never gave me a bill.

I find bills very important because it’s a record of your payments, payables, duration of subscription and it can be used as proof of residency.

I’m not sure why can’t they provide that. Not sure tho if everyone is having the same issue with bills. I hope not but I wish they can do this soon.

June 2020 update with our Converge FiberX Experience

So it’s been a while since the last update but I want to keep you all posted.

So far our internet is working well most of the time but for some reasons after we’ve upgraded our speed, there were some issues that Converge still can’t explain. I just accepted it as it is since they couldn’t fix it and I couldn’t either.

The issue is that there are apps that we couldn’t easily access when using our WiFi connection. We use 2 routers and we’ve disabled the WiFi signal of our converge modem so we can smoothly use our Tenda router. My first instinct was to use again their wifi router but it didn’t fix the issue so it means that my Tenda router doesn’t have an issue. 
I called their customer service before and tried so many troubleshooting steps, they don’t usually require resetting of router but we were advised to do so. Yet nothing happens. 

A freaking issue that is still unresolved

I noticed that the issue occurs on apps that are related to money like online banking apps. It happens on all our mobile devices. But not on PCs. It usually says no internet connection and my only fix to it is to connect my phone to VPN or try reconnecting on the app for ten thousand times. It’s bothering because my sister accepts bill payments and she couldn’t connect on the app she’s using because of it. My mom and I also do a few transactions online and it’s a hassle not to be able to connect to the apps we need. I’m not 100% certain if the issue is caused by Converge ICT but I’m very sure that it has started since the upgrade happened.

Our recent gaming experience with Converge

In regards to gaming with Converge, it’s getting really well. I am being able to play while doing live streams. There are cases that I’m getting an excessive lag but I noticed that it only happens when I have a laggy teammate. I play Mobile Legends with my viewers and they usually claim that they tend to be laggy whenever I’m hosting the party. Still not sure if this has something to do with Converge but I just want to share so you’d know. I don’t encounter gaming issues when in LAN.

BTW please follow our Facebook page and join our gaming live streams to earn a top fan badge. I’d do giveaways to top fans. Link to the page I’m pretty sure you’ll find it on the right sidebar if you’re on a desktop.
If you know the solutions to my problems or if you’re using Converge or… or… or… or you just want to share something just leave a comment.

Because a lot of you were asking for update.. here’s one 08/24/2020

Good news, so far our internet connection is better now. YES finally it was good however, my issues with them for billing have not been resolved until now. I still NEVER got a bill copy after requesting it a thousand times via phone and email. I asked them to upgrade our speed limit since we may need it higher speed soon, but after requesting it with all the requirements they asked nothing happened. They emailed me again asking for another requirement and they said the upgrade will be applied soon but it never happened. I think nothings gonna happen.

So again the internet connection is finally OKAY but their service is hopeless. If you want a stress giver service provider then Converge is a perfect option because they’ll never stop from stressing you out. LOL.

I guess this would be my last update for Converge ICT (RIP FiberX) ☠ 09/19/2020

My Speed test as I was writing this πŸ™

Well, I guess I have to say goodbye with Converge ICT Solutions since their solution isn’t solving anything for me. I tried to do what I can to make their service work for us but it’s not working. Kung baga hindi kami para sa isa’t isa.

I tried my best, I bought a good router to lower the ping (which worked but the connection is really doomed and the router can’t make it up). I’ve called, emailed, chatted, ranted on their social media and not just once, not even twice. I have lost my count how many times I’ve tried to reach out to them just to ask for a single copy of my bill every month but they never sent me one ( oops sorry, they did once and actually promised me that I’ll get it every month but no it never happened). They even kept sending me instructions on how-to (as if I don’t know how) that never worked and kept saying contact support no SOA available!


The connection sucks, I don’t know what’s wrong with their servers but there are sites that tend to load slowly using their connection. By that I mean, that the site or the app loads properly on other connection except converge. There are times that the speed gets inconsistent, and it’s so sad that it tends to happen when I’m streaming or certain times of the day.

We have a so-called “fiber” connection but when it rains it sucks. It never happened to us with Globe DSL and PLDT Fibr. It isn’t supposed to happen with a wired connection but it happens with Converge.

Their support… Not sure if you really want to know but it sucks man! Nothing is perfect I know but comparing with other providers like Globe and PLDT, they are not easy to reach out. There may be long queues and delayed processing with those providers but at least they’re getting it into action. Unlike with Converge, I tried to request for an upgrade the first attempt I’ve been charged already without getting any of the upgrades and they didn’t refund it, so I had to follow it up so many times before getting it. (they never refund or adjust the bill even you didn’t have a connection for days. But other ISP in the Philippines does provide bill adjustments when the user wasn’t able to use the service).

With time stamp on LAN connection

And last month (1 and a half months), I requested for a plan upgrade. Yeah! I’m trying my best to give them a chance to improve. I discussed what happened to the previous update. AND GUESS WHAT! MY PLAN STILL SUCKS AND STILL, HAVEN’T GOT AN UPGRADE. Imagine a tindera and you want to buy an expensive item, but the tindera doesn’t care and won’t say a single thing. What would you feel?

Ano masasabi ko consitent ba?😀

Link to my complaint screenshots, I have deleted the others already because it’s taking up my space. πŸ™

So we looked for a PLDT sales agent to process an application for a better plan with LANDLINE that I could use to complain when there’s a problem and not wait in vain just wait on queue.

I honestly feel sad for those who switched to Converge like me, I’m glad there are a few users who say that Converge is good but I’m guessing they’re just working for Converge that’s why they say that. Because I also know people who use Converge and they also had complaints about inconsistent connection. PLDT is not perfect I know that for a fact because we’ve been a 4-year subscriber back then but I’m sure it’s way way better than Converge ICT.

pahabol speed test with Converge wala tlga !

BTW, I’m not sure if I have said this before but this post is not sponsored by anyone but you can support our site by sending ko-fi or tip on my streaming page πŸ˜‹ BEKE NEMEN!

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94 thoughts on “Converge FiberX in Cavite | A must-read review! Updated 2020”

  1. Jayvee Bersamina

    Any more update on the Converge Fibr X wifi? Plus after changing the router we’re you able to change the wifi password? Thanks

  2. Roman Jay Rodriguez

    May I know the steps that you did on this comment as I plan to follow your setup. Thank you in advance.

    1. In the past month we had 1 instance of no internet. But only for few hours.. I comtacted all channels for support like fb email and sms.. I don’t call because they don’t answer the phone and in my case ot will be long distance since they don’t have landline no in Cavite

  3. Andami dn nming bad experiences sa Converge. Sobrang pag sisisi. Mabilis sya at mura pero kalbaryo tlga pag may problema. Manila lng yung number nila long distance na nga wwla pang nasagot. Tipong susuko ka nalng kakaantay buti pa nung pldt pa kmi kht mtagal wait time may nasagot eto wala. Tas kht ilang araw ka nawalan ng internet bayad mo buo padin. Due date palang puputulan kna agad. Kht mg bayad ka on time nawawala padin internet. Dasal ka nlng kung kelan magkaron. Kakasuka tlga tong converge. Game changer pa daw nako kung gamer ka bka mag wala ka tlga!

    1. Nako I feel you sir. I feel bad na pinaputol ko ung globe nmin. I should’ve just waited for the upgraded speed to be available in my area now we’re locked in for two years with this hellish network. It was nightmare to have Converge ICT as a service provider.

  4. Masaklap pa nto sinisisi pa ko ng mga tropa ko kasi hinikayat ko cla mag Converge lagi daw clang DC. 75MBps nila sobrang malag daw buti kayo nag palit kayo ng router. Yung samin kasi tyinaga nmin ung router ng converge eh kaya malag. One week kmi nawalan ng internet ung messenger nila paulit ulit chat bot lng. Kainis ung ibang comment sa Facebook nila nirereplyan ng iba sbi bka daw bnayaran ng pldt o globe para magcomment kung minsan binubura nila. Pero nd alam nyng iba tlgang andaming galit na galit sa Converge nd lng sa Cavite kht sa manila.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Me and my neighbors are about to switch sna but accdg to them they saw a lot of bad reviews that’s why I started searching. I’ve seen a lot of blogs that says it wasn’t good daw. So far your post is the most detailed one and I believe that this isn’t just a paid post. I will tell my neighbors about this as well. Newly activated panmn area nmin.

    1. Hi true desire. I bet you love watching Lucifer on Netflix. ☺️

      Thank you for the feedback about my blog. You’re right this isn’t a paid post anything you can see here on my blog are all based on our own experiences to help others decide too.

      Switching carriers or ISP is a huge decision because of the lock in period that comes with it. I should say that this huge step I made turned out to be good and bad. Good because I was able to experience fast connection at a lower price and bad because of very pooooor or should I say NO support at all when it comes to troubles. It’s fast but unreliable. As you can see on my blog post I had to buy a second modem just to maximize the usage of our internet. Which means I have to spend for a second modem and have to run power (another added cost) to use it.

      As a freelancer getting regular intermittent connection can lead you to no income or possible loss of job. That’s why I don’t recommend Converge for gamers and freelancers.

      This ISP will only be good enough for people who can afford to lose internet for day(s) without beingg assured as to when it can be fixed.

      Hope you subscribe on our blog. πŸ₯°

    1. As usual we had n issue again yesterday which I posted on our Facebook since I am unable to update it here. To be honest the connection is good however we really experience no internet connection every month and it’s quite disappointing especially as a Good payer.

  6. I see, actually i’m from Bacoor area too. Kaka activate lang ng lugar namin ng Converge. So i was thinking kung worth ba itry ang converge?

    1. I see. Mahirap cla contakin eh since manila line lng cla. Ung mama ko nag work sa pasy kaya nattawagan pero wla tlga clang support. Sales lng meron. Not sure if other users experience the same. Kasisa street nmin aq lng naka converge.

  7. Yun lang. Mahal kasi ng Globe Broadband namin. 😭 Wala pa kasi Globe Fiber sa Area namin kaya lugi kame when it comes sa speed na binabayaran namin. Anyway, I Hope updi magka magsawa mag update ng experience mo about your converge internet connection. πŸ™‚

    1. Nka globe dn aq before eh un nga lng mabagal pero bhira ko mag ka issue don eh if ever man mag karon nakakapag pa refund aq dto sa converge nd ko alam kung pde ipa refund twing mag kaka issue. Pano nd ko nmn cla makausap

  8. Hi, may I know if nakakaencounter kapa din Ng problem on your connection? Mag end na kc ung Globe namen and I’m planning to apply for the P1500 plan. Im from Tagaytay, and I dont know if it’s ok here. Thanks.

    1. We always do. Yesterday I thought okay na sya. Pero this morning nwawala wala ulit. I don’t what’s wrong and I’ve been emailing them several times and nd dn tlga naayos. I’m still hoping for it to get better.

  9. Thanks for this blog that i can see other problem that we facing here in everyday for connection and for me sometimes kapag nawawala talaga almost 1 day or more hondi ko lang na count kung ilang beses na aq nawawalan nag rereport aq sa fb msg kaso wala eh puro bot lang no use din sa call loop lang nangyayari maybe i search for other service if lagi nalang ganito thanks again

    1. Tnx for dropping by. I saw nga po sa fb nila andmi nag sasabi na nadedelete daw mga comments nila. That’s why I hope people would share their real experiences with converge here kasi I don’t delete comments unless spam. So tnx for sharing your experience dn po.

  10. ask ko lng san yung area niyo? also do you have any idea on its performance in the cavite area? particularly in Baccor. One of my friends said that it depends on the area location.

    1. We’re from Bacoor Cavite po. Habay. My neighbor mentioned that her classmate daw nakakencounter dn ng issues. Nag vevent out kasi ko minsan sa mga kptbhay. I’m not sure if which area doesn’t encounter issues.

  11. Thanks for the review. Currently we’re using Globe DSL at Home (10Mbps 100GB data limit monthly) and is planning to switch to Converge. I think I started to believe Converge subscribers about the negative feedback and experience. Maybe I’ll stay for a while. Thanks and will keep/waiting for your updates.

    1. Thanks for dropping by. I went to their twitter account today kasi wala nnmn net knina and I found so many tweeted comments on their post about their negative experience I used to have globe pero 5mbps lng pero unlimited. Saglit lng ksi smin ung 100gb in a mont 750 gb consumed n laptop ko eh pati tv and music nmin nakasalalay sa internet. There’s this one time nawalan ng net c converge I can’t turn on our lights kasi naka smart light ung room ko. So I had to reset ung light to control it manually. Sobrang hassle. Tas andmi nming kids sa bahay na ang pantahimik lng eh tablet. If I can turn back time nirenew ko nlng sana ung globe. Ang issue lng kasi is they don’t have higher speed available at the time sa globe. So imagine ung consumption nmin at 5mbps mabagal tlga. Pero nd kmi nawawalan ng net sa globe if mwalan man inaadjust nila ung bill eto walang bill never pa ko nakakita ng bill txt lng nila skn ung amt to pay un na un

    2. Kawaw ung twitter handle na @convergeICT nd nila official twitter un. May ibang company somewhere else na may gmt ng account na un they received a lot of negative tweets na nd dpt sknila. And twitter ng converge is @converge_csu

  12. How is it now, five days into November?

    I signed up for Converge recently, and now the bundled router-wifi device is a /huawei brand. Not sure what to make of it (if it’s performant / problematic), but we’ll see.

    1. Great question. So far so good. Hoping for it to be at this stable condition.

      I guess they realized that their ZTE routers aren’t good.

      I hope you won’t encounter any issue in the future are u from Cavite dn po?

  13. hi! planning to switch din kami to Converge from PLDT naman kami. ngayong nabasa ko po post mo dont know kung itutuloy ko pa application for converge. from cavite din po ako.

  14. Thanks to your review, I’m from Pasong Buaya 2, Imus Cavite and I also have globe broadband which I also hate due to it’s slow internet connection. Though, I know it has a data cap. And then, now Converge is spreading their flyers around the village. I also want to change my connection. PLDT is not available in our area πŸ™

  15. Napakatimely ng pagkabasa ko sa blog mo since a converge agent just contacted me today and offering me converge nga (vallejo subd imus cavite). I work fr home din so it is really crucial for me to have fast and of course stable internet araw araw. How’s your connection so far? Would you still recommend it at its present state? Thanks!

    1. So far I haven’t encountered any issues this month if tlgang nd nag ka issue this month then this would be the first month ever na walang issue. Kasi since kinabit nawawalan kmi ng net every month and tlgang malaking abala sa work. Apparently la pa dn silang hotline sa Cavite and ung agent na nag kabit smin nd na macontact after nmin makabitan.

  16. Still good news πŸ™‚ Sana nga magtuloy tuloy na. Nagpasa na ako kanina ng application and wait na lang ako 2-3 days for their email. Let’s hope for the best. Salamat and pls keep us posted.

  17. Hi Miel,

    How’s your internet today do you still encounter this problem unstable internet connection,

    and how’s your 3rd party router (tenda) what is the come? did you try na off na lang yun wifi ng main router mo

    tapos doon kana connect sa 3rd party router (as your wifi and lan connection) did that connection change

    it’s performance or ganon pa din? due i’m planning to upgrade my internet connection from Fiber X

    1500 (25Mbps) to Fiber X 2500 (75Mbps) kung useless yun binili kong gaming router na Archer C5400X

    by Tp Link..

  18. Hi po, wanted to try converge in dasmarinas, SABANG area. however after hearing your personal experience i have some doubts if tutuloy pa po ba ako. anyways sobrang laking tulong po ng mga updates mo samin.

    please keep us updated.
    salamat po <3

  19. Hi,

    Kaka-apply ko lang sa converge kahapon and then bigla kong nkita tong post mo. I’m thinking na hindi na ipush ung application kapag nag email sila saken. We’re using pldt pero baka magsisi ako kung lilipat akong converge.

    Dito din kami sa bacoor cavite, panapaan.

    1. Aw if I were you nd na ko mag switch last month I thought they were adjusting my bill kasi nga one month kmi nawawalan waln ng net and slow connection last month but I was wrong they sent me notif yesterday saying that we are unpaid so it means nothing was adjusted despite of everything we’ve experienced. When I was using pldt and globe pag may issue andali mag pa adjust ng bill. Sa Converge walang gnun. Inconvenient na nga sayo bbayaran mo pa ng buo. Kakagigil tlga. I’m locked in for 24 months so walang choice.

  20. Hi there. I’m so glad that I’ve read your post. I’m planning on subscribing to Converge Fiber nga this January and currently in contact with one of their sales rep. I’m trying to look for a good internet provider na makakapag-deliver ng minimum 25mbps speed for my homebased job. Globe still does not offer Fiber in Citta Italia, Imus/Bacoor so that leaves me with 2 options, go PLDT or Converge… Upon reading your comments, I guess it would be best if I’d go with PLDT then… Thanks again.

    1. at this point tlga I would recommend pldt since they have landline and easy access to support although mas mhal nga lng tlga and their process takes a while.. Back then I applied through all their booths and offices but they never processed our application until we saw the sales agent na lumalakad lakad tska lng kmi nakabitan ng pldt noon..

      Anyway last month for the first time we had not encountered any issues with converge pero how can I be so sure if this will always be the situation. And my issues of not having a bill still hasn’t been resolved.

    2. HI you’re very welcome… I’m doing this to guide others tlga but I’m hoping that they’d do better…I’ll be happy to update my post when that time comes.

  21. hi everyone,

    do we have a line for converge in generel Trias caviter along manggahan to malabon.. Thanks…

  22. This is the most entertaining and detailed review I’ve read of Converge ICT’s service. Thank you for updating every few months on your experience. β€œGrabe tagalugin na natin to.” had me in stitches! May your connection be stable with this ISP in the following months.

    1. Hahaha thanks I appreciate your comment. So far so good.. we’re finally planning for upgrading our plan in the next months of we don’t encounter any more issues. 😁

  23. Hey! I found this very very helpful since I’m planning to switch to Converge. I live in Imus, Cavite naman.

    How is the connection right now on Feb 2020? πŸ˜‚

  24. Hi, i’m torn between PLDT and Converge, can you recommend parin ba converge ngayon? kamusta stability ng connection? Marami ako naririnig na mabilis talaga kasi syempre fiber na. My only concern is yung stability, at kung nagddown parin ba recently in your experience? and if so gaano katagal downtime? Thanks

    1. Hi Jed… Nice name! Based on my experience po stability wise I’d go to PLDT… Pero after more than 6 months of suffering sa monthly issue ko with Converge , it finally stopped since my last update.. pero masakit padn sa kalooban na pag may issue mhirap cla kontakin and nd cla jag aadjust ng charges.. so if I had a choice and budget malamang mag PLDT ako.. however.. mahal ng knilang 25mbps at the same time nd pareho ang upload and download speed unlike sa Converge same speed ang upload and download…

  25. Need ko rin ng high upload speed eh, planning to stream my gameplay sana. Kala ko same lang din ang download and upload speed ng pldt fibr.

    1. Okay nmn ung Converge nakakapag stream streaman nmn kmi madalas.. pero I had to buy ung router na ininclude ko jn sa review for better ping and prioritization.kung mag stream ka much better meron ka non para kht may kasabay kang nagmt ng wifi pde naka prio ung sayo….if matagal nang may converge sa area nyo cguro stable na dn ung speed jn .. feeling ko kasi kaya kmi nag ka issue ng first half year kasi bago lng sa area nmin. As a matter of fact kmi ung unang nalagyan kasi before announcement nag pm agad skn ung sales na mag kakaron. Kaya nakabitan agad..pero nung tumagal okay na dn nmn ..plano nga nmin itaas sa 2500 ung plan..kaso pinag iisipan pa nmin mabuti hahaha

  26. Thanks sa response, one last question, as you stream saan nakaconnect device mo? Sa converge modem or sa binili mong router?

    1. Sa binili kong router nka WiFi kasi ung sa phone pero ung laptop since mas malapit sa converge modem nka LAN don… Mataas latency ng modem nila sa WiFi lng nmn

  27. Our Village in Imus Cavite has just been activated and I have doubts since ang dami ngang bad reviews. Then nakita ko tong blog na to sobrang detailed nya. Big factor in my decision making. I guess tama ka there is no perfect provider siguro, wala din kasi kaming other option at the moment kasi bago lang ang Subdivision. Thank you.

    1. Hi po thanks dn sa feedback. I think pag tumagal tagal dn sya ngging stable nmn since so far ung amin okay nmn pero we’ve gone through a lot of inconveniences dn on or first half year. Now nag try kami mag upgrade nung promo nila na 99PHP for added 10Mbps sa speed sbi 2 days lng pero one week na nd pa nag take effect. Nd ko pa na update ung post pero will do dn as soon as nag update na ang speed πŸ™‚

  28. any update po sa converge nyo as of now?saan po pala kayo sa cavite?plan ko kasi mag pakabit ng converge… tingnan ko kung worth it…

    1. Hi po.. sorry nd na na update ung blog .. mejo busy. pero okay nmn sya actually I availed ung promo nila un 99 for additional 10mbps speed. Don nag ka issue ulit almost one month sablay ang net although nd nawala pero andming ngng issue for he past 3 weeks.. nd pa sya 100% okay now.. πŸ™

  29. Christian Rey Baron

    Hi. Are you from bacoor? Balak ko mag pakabit ng fiber internet. Mejo nag iisip ako kung pldt or converge. Taga brgy dulong bayan po ako. Sana po matulungan nyo ko na makapag decide. Salamat po.

    1. Opo habay po kmi..mas preferred ko pldt.. la lang ako choice kasi may lock in kmi and mejo matagal mag kabit pldt if sa office ka nag pa kabit .if mag pldt ka pakabit ka sa mga nag iikot ikot na sales.. okay nmn s na kasi converge if wla issue however mahirap ang buhay pag nag kaissue hirap maaus tas wlang bills.. wlang bill adjustments kht one week pa nag loko. Nakakaasar lng

  30. Maam question la g. Step 4 of 9 na kasi ako. Ayon sa status ko sa website nila.need ko na mag bayad.
    Pag ka bayad po. Ilang days ka bago ka installan? Need ko kasi work from home. Si pldt kasi 3 to 5 days daw sana nga totoo

    1. Well samin mabilis lng. Mga 3 days ata..knabitan kmi mahal na araw hahaha..depende yan sa sales agent na kausap mo dn kasi sila nag submit ng request non eh and as far as I could remember may mga sinend cla skn na online forms to confirm the payment so if you didn’t get any trouble submitting the payment info. I guess mas mapapadali ang processing nila.. ewan lng ngaun kasi may mga notice cla about covid keme

  31. Very poor customer service nga po. one week pa lang kami kinabitan, intermittent na ung connection, mabagal saka nawawala. nakakafrustrate kasi walang sumasagot sa phone calls, email and pm. puro generated lang nagrereply. automatic disconnected po ba to pag di ko binayaran ung bill? gusto ko na paterminate, and not willing to pay ung fees. grabe naman kasi. 2nd week na ganun pa rin. unproductive na work from home pa kami.

    1. kaya nga eh… nung umayos ung smin mga ilan month after that nag pa upgrade ako ung promo nila na additional 10mbps forr 99 php. aun nag ka problem nnmn .

  32. Nice, very detailed review.. nagbabalak n din ako magpakabit after ng ECQ sana. pero nung mabasa ko itong review mo about Converge prng nag alangan n aq. heavy internet user p nmn kmi at nakarely lng sa prepaid wifi. gus2 sna nmin matry ung fiber internet thru this ISP pero bka nde q n lng ituloy.. Tatalon, Quezon City p nmn kmi.

  33. Nice, very detailed review.. nagbabalak n din ako magpakabit after ng ECQ sana. pero nung mabasa ko itong review mo about Converge prng nag alangan n aq. heavy internet user p nmn kmi at nakarely lng sa prepaid wifi. gus2 sna nmin matry ung fiber internet thru this ISP pero bka nde q n lng ituloy.. Tatalon, Quezon City p nmn kmi. baka PLDT n lng kunin ko pero 10mbps lng.. mgnda sna converge kc 25mbps tpos 1500 lng sya.

    1. un nga po eh unstable. If for work or gaming nd advisable… Pero kung home use lng okay nmn.. kaso saklap sa end ko kasi I use it for work and gaming πŸ˜₯

  34. Hi! Nice review. Sobrang detailed. I just applied a while ago for plan 1500 nila. Kaso medyo nag alangan na ako pagbasa ko ng blog mo. Currently kasi, naka pldt ako plan 1299 for 5mpbs. Kaso nagkakaissue na sya madalas lately. Ewan ko kung bakit jusko, naapektuhan na din work ko as I’m working from home. Just wanted to ask yung status ni converge ngayon? Maulan pa naman.

    1. Hi JD so far po okay nmn.. nag tataka lng kmi kasi naka fiber kmi pero pag maulan bumabagal minsan.. tngin ko for newly connected accts ung issue.. kasi ung dti after 6 mos umayos tas nung nag pa upgrade kmi nag kaissue ulit pero umok dn after ilang months..

  35. Hi Miely. Super Thanks on a good, detailed review on Converge ICT. Your review is a big help for netizens looking of an ISP. Keep up the great reviews. I’ve been using PLDT internet the past 13+ years and thinking of getting a second internet provider as backup. I’m choosing between Globe Unli or Converge Fiber-X. Through the years, PLDT has stable connection with Fiber and MyDSL. There were downtimes too like network problems, cable issues but eventually resolved. Got PLDT fiber in 2017, connection was stable except this month, no internet for 11 days. This was due to a fiber cable that was eroded according to the tech guy. I checked the Facebook messaging on Globe, Converge and PLDT and they all have negative comments. I guess there’s no perfect ISP. Customer comments

    Looking at Converge’s Plan, on the surface the monthly cost looks cheaper but no landline. Globe and PLDT’s rates are higher, though they have a landline and a physical business center. Thanks and take care.

  36. Hi Miel, would you recommend Converge in Bacoor now? Do you think their teething period is done in Cavite?

    1. Hi karl feeling ko okay nmn na pero nag pa upgrade kasi ko few months ago and nag karon syang samot saring issues.. I’ll discuss later now lng ng katime ulit mag basa ng comments sorry guys for late reply.. Subscribe kau guys and joing our game streams via .. muah!

  37. Hi i just want to ask kung kamusta ang internet connection mo ngaung quarantine, na madaming work from home.Malakas pa din and inconsistent?. na-try mo na maglaro gaya ng ML? medyo lag ba ?

    1. okay nmn na po pero may mga instances na nag loloko as in nhihirapan na ko skanila kasi may mga apps na nag kkaissue kami when using wifi . especially ung mga apps na mataas security like online banking apps usually nag eerror sa internet connection pag nka connect sa converge. mejo hassle pag gnun.. tas pag may lag akong kasama sa ml nag lalag dn ako may mga nkakasama kong nag rereklamo lag daw cla pag ako host kht nd nmn ako nka vpn so ayun po ang update hahaha. please subscribe po and I’d appreciate if mag sali kau sa livestreams nmin at may pa monthly giveaway sa top fan don πŸ˜‰

  38. Butchie Diano PeΓ±a

    Thank you for this detailed/time review! I read everything and it was really helpful in making a decision which internet provider I should get. I’m not a gamer or IT. I just work from home and lately will be doing virtual shoots via zoom because It’s not completely safe to work together in a closed place. People have been telling me to get Converge, but looking at all the FB Converge pages and groups (I don’t really know which one is legit.) They were all negative, angry, and disappointed. Customer service is really important and like you sometimes, I barrage suppliers/online sellers questions and complaints through emails simply because they do not have proper customer service contacts. And I really hate chatting with bots.
    SInce you’re a techy person, I would not know and would now want to keep buying gadgets to upgrade and and support what the provider installed.

    So thank you, and I will check on your blog from time to time. Maybe inquire about lans and routers. Stay well!

  39. Hi, thanks for your blog and honest review. I have applied and paid for the initial payment for their service but its been a month but no one is contacting me for a schedule of installation. Would you know if possible na ipacancel ang application and have my php4000 payment refunded? Sobrang true walang nagrereply sa support web form nila.

    1. Cguro nmn if cancel nyo un bababalik nila ung deposit.. un nga lng pahirapan tlga contakin cla .. kmi nga 3 mos na ata nag papa upgrade til now wlang response and it’s been more than a year til now wla pa dn akong bills na natatanggap after requesting it for thousand times πŸ˜‚

  40. Hi. Naka converge kami 1 month na. Pero may emergency kc and need to cut the connection. Ayaw nmn namin mag bayad ng remaining months dahil nk lock in nga for 24months. Pano kaya gagawin namin?

  41. If I would have only written a blog like this about my PLDT and Converge experiences … my goodness! You are still lucky everything goes quite smooth. For me: I lost over 5M in PHP due to PLDT’s terrible service. As extra provider we tried to have converge, since Fibr connection was not available yet, we did get the normal cable and the Fibr would be available before june 2019. Ofcourse it wasn’t ;). And the converge normal cable connection did work exactly one day. So I just stopped paying when the people did not reply on any of our repair requests through SMS, social media and e-mail.
    Same for PLDT, when I lost 5M in PHP, I stopped paying and kept on complaining. I wanted my money back what I lost, they did want 18K. They can put the 18k in a place where the sun does not shine, they will never get it from me πŸ™‚ same for Converge.

    At this moment we share 2 providers with our neighbours. One is PLDT and the other is Converge. To be honest, PLDT is drama as always and converge has lots of downtime too.
    For people in the Philippines this must be a huge issue, since home schooling is simply not possible this way. Working online is a drama as well, because the internet is almost never stable.

    That sad, happy to leave this country soon. I am so done with the internet and electricity companies … lost too much money because of them. Its not fun living in the Philippines when you financially rely on internet and electricity. It’s a shame that this is still possible in 2020, while everyone needs stable internet and stable electricity. They should fix these things asap all over the country.
    From now on, Philippines will only be for holidays for me … not for permanent stay. Maybe when I retire, my wife (Filipina) and me will return for permanent stay. But not for now … sadly!

  42. omg… i’m about to regret my decision. from bacoor queens row central. i don’t know if I should continue my application. I thought converge na ang para sakin. Nag oonline classes pa naman ako 😩

  43. I was about to upgrade my plan for another 10 MBPS but decided to read reviews of CONVERGE ICT before doing so. I checked the speedtest and really, I only got 3 – 5 MBPS. Not really worth paying 1500 per month. And yes, I agree with you! It IS A MUST THAT YOU CALL the customer service twice a month to get a copy of your Statement of Account and electronic receipt. I hate to think that I will be doing this for the next 21 months.

    1. that’s true and really annoying to ask for the statement from time to time… if you use the speedtest on Google search (people claims that it is more accurate) the results we get is really bad… that’s why we now have 2 connections we recently had PLDT so Converge is now just a back up. We also had that 10 mbps upgrade but it just caused some more connectivity issues to us… Now even there’s only one device connected to our converge connection it still sucks πŸ™

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