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Dashlane (Password Manager) Review: Can it protect the security of your account?

Dashlane Password Management App for All Devices (2019 Review)

Yesterday, there’s a blog post I’ve read about 1Password app talking about how to secure and protect your data and passwords using a single app.

I got super curious about it and I know for a fact that all my accounts are vulnerable. I use only two passwords and I just change the numbers and symbols on it when I need to.

A few months ago, or maybe last year, I received a threatening email saying that they have my personal information. It was somehow believable because they stated my MAIN EMAIL and my MAIN PASSPHRASE. It doesn’t have the numbers or symbols but it was so alarming.

The only way to really prevent my self from being hacked is to at least enable two-factor authentication/ 2FA / 2-step verification. I loved doing that but for someone who changes phone numbers from time to time, having it enabled wasn’t really a good idea.

I used to work in a call center that handles Google customers and most of their issue is about the 2-step verification. Their problem is when they got their phone stolen, they can no longer access their accounts because it requires them to enter code that is sent to their phone. And as customer care rep, we can’t do anything AT ALL to recover it.

So it’s important to be careful with your accounts. Later on this post, I’ll also share how to make use of the DashLane app for this matter.

Going back with my storytelling…

After I seeing the article, I checked all apps on the app store that is similar to 1Password. It is a paid app so I have to look for a free or cheaper version of it. One familiar app came up and that is the Dashlane APP!

It caught my attention because I have that app on my laptop before but I uninstalled it. I checked the reviews and it seemed to have a very good reputation everywhere. So I installed the app!

To my surprise, the app subscription when done on iOS is just 49PHP a year! While on the android devices it is 88PHP per month. And 3.33 USD on Laptop.

dashlane subscription price on ios
It says there that the service is available 1-year renewable subscription at 49 PHP

I thought if I would subscribe on either device the premium will be available only on one device but I was wrong. 49PHP a year covered all my devices. As per the notice there on the app store, the renewal price will be the same. So it’s really AWESOME!

Here are the things that I like about the DashLane App

So far I’ve been using this for a day but I sensed an urgency to share it today before my Mi Band Review. I wanted you guys to take security seriously as well that’s why I am writing it today.

If you are using an iPhone, I strongly suggest you subscribe to it now even you will get a free trial on my referral link, because it is so cheap and useful.

Importing passwords from my browsers

import passwords from your browser

It’s very simple to use. I was able to import all my saved passwords from my browser. If you’re looking on how to do it, DashLane has a support page with step by step walkthrough.

Passwords can be categorized

Well, this feature may not be so important for some, but since we decided to use a password “manager”, might as well put them to categories. I have exported more than 600 passwords and accounts and I’m still in the process of categorizing them.

Payments and Personal Information Autofill

cards, bank accounts and financial info

Unlike with browsers that will only save autofill info once you’ve completed an online form, DashLane can be manually configured with your details. You can have the ability to add all your card information, bank accounts, name, addresses and phone numbers on the app so they are ready to use for autofill,

I actually deleted all autofill data and passwords on my browser and used the browser extension for DashLane to doe the job.

They also have secured notes

use secured notes for back up keys

Since I decided to turn on 2-step verification on the most important accounts I have, I started utilizing secured notes for the backup codes. Later on, I’ll also share what they are for.

It does not only allow you to write notes, but you can also attach the most valuable documents for security.

There’s also another section for Receipts, but I think I am fine saving them on my Evernote like I used to.

Easy Password Changer & Password Generator

I find it really cool. Although it seemed that there are only a few sites that allow this, I still find it cool!

There are a few sites on my saved passwords that allowed me to easily change my password. If you can see the first screenshot above, all I had to do is click the checkbox to choose. Click Change and wait. Once done, it means that the app has changed the password for that site already and the new password is updated.

The password generator, on the other hand, is just a simple tool that suggests a new password. You can easily copy and paste it when signing up for an account or changing your password.

Premium Features that I Really Liked

BTW for FREE Users, you can only store up to 50 passwords, Sync only one device, you can still use the features mentioned above. You can learn more about the free membership here. If you want a free trial, go to my referral link. Based on my understanding you can have up to 6 months free trial when you use it.

Dark Web Monitoring on DashLane

Remember I mentioned that I got an email asking for money because they have my details? I remembered it well that’s why the first thing got into my mind when I subscribed for the premium is to use the dark web monitor.

For me to check if my details were really compromised, I just had to enter my email and it will check for leaked information related to that email such as:

  • user names and passwords
  • phone numbers
  • addresses
  • credit card details

But just a note, once you entered your email it will send an email for you to confirm the request. It won’t proceed unless you confirmed it.

Dashlane has partnered with online intelligence company SpyCloud to perform this feature. You can read more about DashLane’s dark web monitoring here.

They have VPN on DashLane Premium

Dashlane VPN feature

I’m actually having fun using this despite of limited use. I have a YouTube premium account that is always active and I’m not being able to use it because it isn’t available in the Philippines. But by using a VPN, I can change the country to the USA. My baby no longer asks me to skip the ad because YouTube Premium removes them.

But as expected VPN can slow down the internet. And I think I am experiencing a bug, where it’s hard to disconnect DashLane’s VPN. If you encounter that just uninstall the VPN and set it up again if you need it.

Unlimited Everything

Of course, when you use premium, you are able to store unlimited passwords, perfect for someone like me. Unlimited devices and unlimited sharing of passwords.

Now let’s talk about what I did DashLane missed

What I’m about to say is something that I think they missed. Hopefully, they can improve that.

It’s hard to manage duplicate accounts

I think there is a reason why they don’t consolidate duplicate accounts. Maybe because of subdomains. However, it would’ve been nice if it will consolidate all accounts related to a root domain.

I have 8 Google accounts, but on DashLane I had almost 30. All duplicated details. I had to manually delete them and it took some time to do all of it since it didn’t just happen with Google accounts.

Maybe an advanced search

I was trying to filter out duplicates and each time I delete something on the desktop app it will go back to the main view of the passwords. For example, I’m under Google, after I delete an account it will go back to the letter ‘A’.

And when I search it will only search either email or site. If I enter my email all sites with that email will show up and vice versa.

I think it would be best if we can filter with matching sites and email.

You can store ID details but limited

I was able to save my SSS and TAX ID numbers but when it comes to other types of IDs like (let’s say) School ID, Company ID and so on the details are not customizable.

It only asks for my name, ID number, issued date, and expiry date.

In my opinion, it would be better if there’s an option to change the ID Type or name what kind of ID it is that you’re entering. There are also IDs that don’t expire so I guess it would be better if there’s an option for non-expiring IDs.

Other Features of DashLane

  • They don’t have a family plan but you can share passwords to anyone and add emergency contacts that can access your details in case (of course) of emergency.
  • The app is available almost in any device: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome.
  • It has an inbox scanner, that will check your emails for newly registered accounts. I tried it and since most confirmation emails don’t really contain passwords, I ended up skipping them.
  • Identity dashboard shows the status of your passwords, whether they are used several times or if it is secured enough. It gives a quick glance of your overall account security.
  • Authenticator – it can act the same as Google Authenticator app if you set up 2FA or two-factor authentication or 2-step verification (whatever you call it). Because this post is getting too long, I will post a separate one about 2FA.

Overall Experience

Right now I feel safe having this app. It actually allowed me to freely change my passwords to strong and different passwords for my accounts. It also gave me the courage to enable the Two-Factor Authentication (Which I will blog about next…).

To be honest, even it would worth 3$ per month I think this app is worth it enough for people who manage and do a lot of financial transactions online. As a freelancer, I handle not only my personal accounts but also my clients’ so I have to make sure that we’re all secured.

The only thing I’m unable to do is to import my Keychain(iCloud saved passwords). I believe you can do that if you are using Mac, apparently I don’t.

Before you go…

Please share this post if you know someone who needed this kind of app. You can also subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to get our latest posts. Actually, I think you need to see the next post about 2FA. It will be up tomorrow or the next day.

Always be mindful of your account security. You’ll never know. If you want a free trial for DashLane, go to this link.

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