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Milk Warmer that you Should Never Buy!

Review : Milk Warmer from Lazada

When it comes to online shopping, we usually buy from Lazada because of their fast shipping at the same time they have a wide range of affordable products.

Last Dec 6, I ordered three items which are unbranded (or the most affordable ones). I ordered milk warmer, an electric breast pump and a cloth nappy.

As you can see in the title, I’m going to review the milk warmer I bought from Lazada. I’m very unsatisfied with the item and I wanted you guys to know why.

So let’s start with the box.

Review : Milk Warmer from Lazada

The box really showed me the impression that this item wouldn’t work well. But as the old saying goes “don’t judge the book by its cover”.

So I unboxed the item carefully and this is what I got.

It has milk warmer and a bottle.

Review : Milk Warmer from Lazada
Review : Milk Warmer from Lazada

The bottle is made of thin, hard plastic. I don’t know if it is safe to use because the plastic doesn’t look like a virgin plastic. It seemed to look like a recycled one so I decided to just keep it.

The body of the warmer is made of plastic. It is a color dirty white. According to my mom, it is recycled plastic. There’s a metal plate inside and surrounded by plastic too.

The switch is inside and should work when a bottle is placed on the warmer. But I noticed it’s always on when it’s plugged.

Since I decided not to use the free bottle, I tried to get the bottles we use.

The regular curvy bottles don’t fit the milk warmer.

Review : Milk Warmer from Lazada

Good thing I have milk storage bottles that fit.

Review : Milk Bottle Warmer from Lazada
Yummy Bottle Milk Warmer from Lazada

That Bebeta Bottle isn’t really thick, so I thought the milk would be heated faster by using it.

How did this milk warmer perform?

We tried transferring cold milk from the fridge. We tried using it for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes the temperature of the milk didn’t change at all. Bravely, I tried touching the plate to see if it’s even working. I realized it’s hot, but I think the design isn’t effective for heating milk in a bottle.

I’m not fulfilled in testing it for just one time. So I tried it again. BTW, the previous trial is 4 oz. milk while the second trial is just  2 oz. I used the 2 oz. bottle of Baby Flo.

I took a bath while heating the milk. After 35 minutes, the milk is no longer cold, but it’s not warm either. It was just like thawed out of the fridge for a while.

How much was it?

Just to let you know the item is just worth 320 PHP, but even this item would be given to me for free I guess I won’t really bother getting it. It’s just useless. Maybe, I’ll try using the bottle that comes with it, hoping that it would work somehow. But still it’s not worth buying and for busy people like me, I think it would be annoying to use just one bottle for heating milk. It would be a hassle for us to clean the bottle every time it is used.

The verdict. Do not buy this milk warmer if you see it on Lazada. I’m not against with Lazada because I know that the seller is different from them.

I have other items to review as well next time.

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