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bitcoin wallet address
This is how a bitcoin wallet address looks like

As I have advised on my previous post the very first thing you need to set up for collecting bitcoin is a wallet address. There are so many wallet providers out there that is not trusted or sometimes collects fees for all transactions.

On this post I will give you two of the bests! These are the wallets that I’ve been using since the very beginning. – As you can see in its domain it has .ph so it means this is the best wallet for all Filipinos like me. Why? First of all, they have payment methods for most of the local banks, payment centers and mobile payment modes that are being used in the Philippines. Second, the conversion of bitcoins can be Philippine Peso. That is why it’s not hard to convert from bitcoin to USD then USD to PHP. Lastly, verifying details are very easy. You can also earn money with coins.phFind out how to fund your account. – This wallet provider is open to everyone. This is applicable for xapo faucets which asks for email addresses than wallet addresses. It also has wallet addresses. They also have debit cards that can be ordered for purchases on physical stores or groceries.

These sites are secured since it won’t allow anyone to log in to it unless they verified the code that is sent to the mobile number that you have confirmed.

The best thing about these two is that they don’t have transaction fees at all. (Except for the debit card of Xapo).

You can also earn with by referring your friends.


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