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4 Great Pens I Found at SM Bacoor

4 Great Pens I Found at SM Bacoor

I purchased several pens last month at SM Bacoor. Its been a while before I am able to write about it since there’s a lot of things going on this month.

This may be a review or just info about the availability of the most popular pens that bullet journal enthusiasts are using. Most likely you’ve seen these pens a lot of times from YouTube or Pinterest. Not all of it is available in National Bookstores. Although, I am only able to go to National Bookstore at SM Bacoor and Uptown Mall, I truly believe that you may wanna find out where these pens are available or maybe just finding out how much would it be.

So today Im just sharing the pens I got from SM Bacoor’s The Store (Stationery Section). These are the Pilot Petit and Sakura Micron. I also found a good alternative for Fine liners like the ones by Stabilo and Sharpie.

So let us take a look at Pilot Petit first.

The Pilot Petit has 3 variants.
1. Petit 1 – Fountain Pen
2. Petit 2 – Sign Pen(Plastic Nib)
3. Petit 3 – Fude/Brush Pen

I only got the Petit 1 and 3. The Petit 2 has a nib that is quite similar to Sakura Micron Plastic Nib pens.

I liked Petit Pens because of the following reasons:

  • It is cute and very handy. I can surely put them on my pocket securely
  • It is affordable and refillable. The pen itself won’t cost you more than 115 PHP based on the price at National Bookstore and Sm The Store. Although I find it cheaper at SM. The cartridges just cost less than 60 PHP for 3 pcs in a pack.
  • It has several color options. Pretty cool for Fountain Pens.
  • The cartridge refill is compatible with all versions of Petit Pens.
  • I loved the Petit 3 Fude Pen. I can write a modern calligraphy more legibly. I think it is best for beginners like me. I tried Fudebyori and Graphic Art by Zig but I can’t manage writing with them properly.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Petit Pens is the cap. Its cap is twisting a little when I write. I have to put the cap on its bottom to make the pen a little longer for a better grip. Otherwise, you’ll get a hard time writing with this pen because it’s too tiny. It’s more manageable to write with the cap even it is twisting somehow rather than no cap at all.

Photos of the Pilot Petit 1 and 3:

Every day is a fresh start! #mielygraphy #quote

The second pen I got was Sakura Micron

In my experience, this pen is quite hard to find on regular stationery sections and bookstores. You may usually get it from art shops and online stores only.

However, I was surprised that SM Bacoor has these pens already on their Stationery section. Just so you are aware, these pens aren’t even on National Bookstore(SM Bacoor and Uptown Mall) yet.

I remembered when an old lady keeps on looking for these pens at National Bookstore for her daughter. Since the sales lady isn’t aware of what the lady was looking for, I suggested them to check out the Pilot Drawing pen since Sakura Micron isn’t available.

Her daughter is quite hesitant to get the Pilot Drawing pen but was forced to opt for it since Sakura Micron is not available. Her daughter may be rejoicing by now since it’s already available at SM Bacoor.

I’m not an illustrator and I’d be more gladly be buying Pilot Pens rather than Sakura Micron, however, I was so curious why the girl wanted these pens. So I decided on buying one. I got the finest which is the Sakura Micron 005. They also have a brush pen and plastic nib.

I liked this pen as well because my handwriting looked so neat because of its fine line. Although, I guess it is purposely used for illustrating.

Anyways for micron pens they only have the black while they have very few ranges of colors for the plastic nib and brush pen. As far as I could remember it is just lack, pink, purple. It is not more than five colors for sure.

By the way, I got it for 67 PHP, which costs 10 PHP more than the Pilot Drawing Pen.

The last thing I got was the Dong-A Hexaplus Fine liner

This fine liner is very affordable and has several color options. However, I can’t seem to find a set of it so you have to buy them separately per color. This is a great alternative for people who buy in retail instead of sets. It is also a good alternative for Stabilo and Sharpie Fine Liners. The price of this fine liner is just 19 PHP. Very affordable and easy to get when you ran out of one color on your fine liners set.

I really loved pens but I don’t buy sets. To be practical I only buy a few pens once in a while. Most of the time I get my pens lost. Way back in high school I always tend to lose my pen and that resulted from buying a pen everyday. I’m such a really big fan of Pilot ever since, so my daily allowance is being divided in to half because of my pen purchases.

Anyways it is really nice to try out some other brands too. The only thing that I never wanted to happen is my notes to become yellowish after some time. I experienced buying colored ball pens were in my notes using that pen turned in to yellowish notes. It doesn’t really look good that’s why I gave up buying unknown brands.

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This is only open in my home country which is the Philippines. I don’t think I can afford shipping outside the country. hahaha.

~ Miely

This post is written and posted using mobile device as part of mobile blogging challenge

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