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Gadgets Aren’t Supposed To Be Bad For Kids

Gadgets are not supposed to be bad for kids
We all know gadgets and technology are now ruling the world. They are now calling kids Generation X because, at the earliest age, they are now capable of understanding and interacting with gadgets easily without even teaching them how to. I remember my son suddenly started navigating a Windows 8 computer at the age of 2 or 3.
While me, I still hate it because I still loved the old generations of Windows.
2 years old, they aren’t even talking straight. But try to give them a tablet, they’d know how to use, it while their grandparents are still asking how to send a photo on iMessage or Messenger. They’re so capable of doing a lot of things but it turns out to be bad for them at some point.

What happens to most kids after being exposed to gadgets?

This isn’t research or anything but we have a lot of kids in the family who are exposed to gadgets, one of them is my son. These are the things I noticed with them after being exposed to gadgets.
  1. They become stubborn
  2. They lack physical interactions with friends and relatives
  3. They’re not good with social skills
  4. They’d rather wanted to be alone
  5. And they tend to have some eyesight problems.
Some kids may even suffer obesity and other health problems if they’re so hardcore with using gadgets.
Based on the things I listed above, it clearly states that gadgets aren’t really good for kids. But I contradict that because of some arguments.

Let me share a story first.

Just so you know I’m one of those batang 90’s (kids from year 90’s). So what right? Well when I was young, I am one of those who are privileged to use computers at the age of 4. That was the year 1996. I could say that I was privileged because not all kids were able to use computers at that age and that era. But my uncle was in the IT field, and he allows me to use his computer to play “PAINT”.
Microsoft Paint
Source: https://goo.gl/images/hs1Bda
For those who are not familiar with paint, this is the most old school drawing app/program in windows. He taught me how to select all by using CTRL+A and press DEL if I wanted to delete what I draw. I started to learn how to type and draw shapes using that app.
I was able to explore a lot of things because my uncle is literally allowing me to use or open whatever I want. Any way he can fix it if I break it.
From that point, I was able to learn Microsoft Office at an early age which gave me an advantage when I entered Elementary. Because of my early computer literacy, I was able to build a relationship with computers. I feel like I and computers had a great understanding. Well, that’s a metaphor, but what I am trying to say is that I became good at it and it gave me a good opportunity in life.
I am an undergraduate in BS Computer Science. I used to be the top student in programming. Programming is really hard that’s what my classmates used to say. However, it seems that it isn’t that hard for me to back then, I enjoyed it. Too bad for me I wasn’t able to make it. But having computer literacy can still give you a job.

That’s story implies that I am not against gadgets.

I am trying to control my son is using his tablet to the point that I am using it now to write this post. I told him that he was grounded for using the tablet until no definite time. He had no choice but to follow me. I have some suggestions that you can try to turn gadgets from bad to good for them.

How to turn gadgets to be good for your kids

  1. If they’re so addicted to it, detoxify them from using gadgets. Just like what I did to my son. I don’t let him use gadgets for the time being. Right now, we’re seeing him play with his sister and becoming more creative in other ways. You know what I admire about my son when he uses the tablet he can create things that I couldn’t imagine. Like building a house in Minecraft. That can be useful someday, maybe he can become an architect or engineer. Maybe graphic designer or whatever that relates to his creativity. For now, I have to stop him.
  2. Provide some limitations. This goes not just with the time usage but also with their options. I deleted all my son’s games recently and just installed one game. This can be helpful because when they feel sick about playing a specific game, they’d tend to stop playing at all. Of course, still, limit them with their time of use.
  3. Maximize the use of gadgets to educate them. You know recently, I found on the app store some new apps for kids. I can’t believe but they have like movie-making app for kids, coding for kids, and other adult stuff that was translated for kids’ use. This can help them build skills at an early age. There’s also a lot of other apps for reading, writing, math, and other educational apps available on the app store or play store.
  4. Be strict. Always have control of everything. As a parent, you should be the one helping them to turn gadgets from being bad to good.
Now it’s up to you how to implement things with your kids. Things may be bad but we can always turn them to good. Don’t blame it on the gadget in the first place we were the ones who bought it for them.
I hope this article helps somehow. Please share your thoughts and other tips that you can add to the comment.

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