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Review: EQ Colors Diaper(the cheap ones)

EQ Colors Diaper review

I guess it’s a responsibility for me to write a review for this EQ Colors diaper that I recently bought.

EQ Colors Diaper review

Last week, I was at Puregold to buy some diapers for Mikayla. I’m trying to work on my budget because I had to pay my mom.

So I looked around. Actually, her current diaper has been affordable already. I’m not sure if you know the brand “Smile” but that is what I buy her. It costs 321PHP for I guess 48 or 38 pcs I’m not sure because I just pick it up and throw it in the cart.

But I found something else this time. That is the EQ Colors diapers. I saw that it was just 198 for 38 pcs and 311 for 60+4 pcs. I thought it would be good enough for morning use. I can’t find trial packs so I bought the 38 pcs.

EQ Colors Diaper

Each pad looks decent when judging it from the outside view of the packaging. It is mentioned on the package as well that this has a powdery scent which I really prefer. As we get home, I opened it and got quite disappointed. The pads were too thin(what would I expect for that price huh?). The powdery scent was there. I told the babysitter to use it at day time when they can monitor the diapers when it is full to avoid rashes.

Actually, I have some cloth nappies for Mikayla but my mom and the babysitter are quite old. They don’t really prefer making things complicated. They’re in their 50’s now so I understand that they’ve had enough with cloth diapers. I just use the cloth diapers whenever I’m home usually when it’s my day off.

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Diaper Rash?

So going back to the EQ Colors diapers, my daughter has used them for a week now. But I have to stop her from using it.

Her private area was a bit reddish and there are a few rashes coming out as well. Currently, we are trying to figure out if it needs to be checked by the doctor. My big sister advised me to use petroleum jelly and put some of it on the bikini area. My mom said to powder it with regular powder. I have a liquid powder by Lactacyd baby. I’m trying to use them all alternately and waiting for the rashes to be gone.

My baby isn’t that sensitive with diapers, we’ve even tried using the brand “Lampein” but I hate the smell of it so I stopped using it. This is the first time I’ve seen her having diaper rashes. Definitely, this EQ Colors Diaper isn’t recommendable. There may be other variants of EQ that are good, but not the Colors.


For my daughter, this has not been a good choice of a diaper.

Hope this review helps you with your choices with affordable diapers. Please share if you find it helpful.

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