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Review: Samgyeopmasarap SM Bacoor Unli Korean BBQ

Samgyeopmasarap SM review price and food

There are so many unlimited Korean Barbecue restaurants popping up almost anywhere in the country. I feel like Koreans are invading us already.

Hahaha don’t get me wrong, I don’t find it as a bad thing since they aren’t an intentional invasion. I really like Korean BBQ! Another restaurant opened last year at SM Bacoor. SamgyeopMasarap is the name, but is it really that “masarap”(tasty)?

Let’s find out! Here’s another review after the last Korean BBQ we’ve visited.

Since I haven’t written a restaurant review after the Romantic Baboy review, I am so confused now about how to start this.

SamgyeopMasarap took a long time before they finally opened. I guess it’s just really hard to build a BBQ resto since there should be exhaust fans at each table. Also, this restaurant has a gas stove instead of charcoal, unlike Romantic Baboy.

Before the details, I would like to drop the spoiler line — I didn’t really like it that much. Why?

Let’s just talk about the Food and Price here in SamgyeopMasarap SM Bacoor!

Pricing of Samgyeopmasarap at SM Bacoor

Their pricing is quite different from Romantic Baboy. They charge a different price depending on the type of meat you want to eat.  349 PHP for Chicken, 399 PHP for Pork and 499 for Beef.

We asked them “what if we want all types?” The lady told us that we can order one type of meat per person and we can share.

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Did I explain it well? Let me just outline to you so it would be clear. 
We are three adults and a kid.

  • My mom ordered Beef
  • I ordered Chicken
  • My husband ordered Pork

The lady asked if we have any order for my son and my mom said no. Since she told my mom that it is good for sharing. Technically on this day my son got his meals for free.

I forgot if they have card acceptance. But one thing is for sure, they have a VAT of 12%.

Here’s a photo of SamgyeopMasarap’s Menu for your convenience. This menu is based on SM Bacoor’s branch I am not sure if all branches are aligned with the pricing.

SamgyeopMasarap’s Side dishes

Their side dishes aren’t that fun for me. What are they?

  1. Fried Dilis with sesame seeds(Tiny Fish) I really don’t know what it’s called, what kind of blogger am I? Huhuhu.
  2. Radish
  3. Kimchi
  4. Onions
  5. Spicy (mild) Fishcake
  6. Baby potatoes/Potato marbles

That’s it! They are using two-sided side dish plate and it’s ready-to-serve already.

So if you would ask for more potato marbles, whatever is scooped with it will be included.

It could be wasted if the customer wouldn’t like whatever is tied up with it. Unlike with other Korean BBQ Restaurants, they scoop the side dishes at the time that you requested.

Also, they serve the lettuce that isn’t drained yet. My mom is stopping me because I’m literally draining the water on my side. It’s fine if I just have to shake it once or twice but it isn’t. More than 10 times I suppose.

I think they are trying to avoid workload but doing so can turn in to a not so good experience.

Meat and Food Taste at Samgyeopmasarap SM Bacoor

The chicken is masisseoyo (Korean term for Delicious/Masarap). Gosh, I used to study the Korean language but I stopped because it didn’t make sense to me. I don’t have a Korean friend to talk with.

Going back though, the pork and beef had two variants each type.

But I didn’t recognize any difference at all if I would talk about the taste. The one is lighter and the other one is darker that is the only difference. I don’t know if the waiter just didn’t serve us any other variant of the pork or beef.

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Anyway, the food is good. We really liked the chicken, it’s marinated with soy (I assume) and sugar(?). It’s a bit sweet.

I don’t know if other Korean Barbecue Restaurants offer chicken too but with Romantic Baboy they don’t have it. I guess it is because of the name. Hahaha!

The side dishes are quite fine too but it isn’t the fresh looking.  
Oh, the soup that they serve is the ones like in Carinderias. It’s like instant pork or beef broth.

The tables are quite annoying

I’ve seen other reviews that had the same opinion about this. Since they are using gas stoves and the tables are quite small, there is a cabinet-like underneath the table. Because there’s an enclosure, I am unable to sit comfortably on my seat.  I couldn’t tuck my knees in. 

I don’t know if that makes sense to you but it bothered me that much. Like hello I am at a Korean BBQ restaurant and it offers unlimited meat, therefore I might stay longer than the usual dining duration. Having that said, comfort on the seat is somewhat a must.

Side dishes are on the table already before guests even come in

Samgyeopmasarap sm bacoor side dishe and food review
No one seated on it since we got there until we finished.

Yeah, it may save them time, but do you find it sanitary? There are some tables that have them already since we came in and until we got out of the restaurant there was no one occupied it.

Wait time at Samgyeopmasarap SM Bacoor

Well, there’s no long line when we got there at SamgyeopMasarap. Usually, I can see that they don’t have lines or waitlist. But I am seeing that people are coming.


They have high chairs. I know it’s quite common but some restaurants don’t have one, like Teriyaki Boy in SM Bacoor. They don’t have one on the first visit we’ve had. The stove underneath is secure but the hot plate is quite near the other side. But because the cabinet below the table exists, the high chair couldn’t be near the table.

However, if the child is not on a high chair things are easy to reach.

Verdict for SamgyeopMasarap SM Bacoor Branch

Honestly, I am quite disappointed. The food is good but overall I didn’t like it. If you notice, I can’t say many good things about it.

I am seeing that there are a lot of people eating there. You know if it’s unlimited, we’re sure about it. But since I have tried other Korean BBQ like Romantic Baboy already, I didn’t appreciate SamgyeopMasarap that much. I think their side dishes are too common. The meat choices are limited and are a bit bland (except the chicken).

I don’t think it was ideal as well to see the side dishes already in plates and tables prior to people coming because the food is getting exposed. Even they were inside the mall with airconditioning the food can still acquire bacteria and can be contaminated. Also when we asked for a refill for one fo the side dishes they gave us a plate of all side dishes because it is already prepared.

If the customer doesn’t like the other side dishes and your refill provides it all then the rest will be a waste. I don’t like wasting food at all.

This is just based on my own experience and opinion. Please share your experiences too. I’m hoping this Korean barbecue food place in S Bacoor will improve in the future.

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