Sundate @ Inbox Food Hub Imus, Cavite

Feb 25 2018 — it was my first Sunday off at work this year. We had to take a rest day on Sunday due to shift transitions. My mother likes to spend dinners or lunches out whenever we are complete whether it’s weekends or weekdays. And yes! We are complete for the weekend.

We spent half of our day just thinking about what to do and where to go. We thought of going to a resort for swimming. We thought of going to the mall and watch a movie. None of that ended to a reality. My mom said it’s already late for swimming and watching a movie is going to be expensive because our babies will also be paid.

Finally, a Suggestion to go to Inbox Food Hub

My niece suggested to eat out at Inbox Food Hub. It’s new to us and we don’t have any idea of where it was. My mom is not so open to new places. We usually eat at random fast food and restaurants at SM Bacoor and Chinese restaurants outside the mall. It’s all overused. So my sister supported her daughter to try it out.

To make my mom agree, I decided to look up reviews on Facebook. Some said that the food and place were nice. Some said it’s too crowded and had to wait for a long time to have their food be served. There are also some reviews that say there’s a lot of food choices.

We looked for Reviews

As we checked the reviews we realized that the negative feedback arises during night time and weekend visits only But overall they say that the food was nice. So the decision was final. My mom agreed to try it out.

We get there at around 4 pm. Almost 5 pm actually. There’s a lot of seats available. There’s a playground in the middle of the place. Where you can let your kids play without a charge and since it’s in the middle you can see your kids afar.

inbox food hub review : Mielygraphy
View from the top deck
inbox food hub review: mielygraphy
Playground for kids at Inbox Food Hub Imus

I didn’t really expect that it would be a food plaza. Even though it’s quite obvious with the name Inbox Food Hub. Is it obvious? I don’t know. This expectation happened to me as well when we tried out Baga Manila. I thought it’s a closed restaurant.

Why am I telling you that expectation? Well, it’s because of the playground for kids. I thought it’s an indoor playground. I didn’t expect that it would be an outdoor playground with sand. So I have no extra clothes for my son. His hair had some particles of the sand. My mom scolded me though about not bringing extra clothes for my son and telling me that I should bring them whether we’re eating at some indoor resto or outdoors.

Now let’s talk about the place itself.

inbox food hub review : mielygraphy
The night view @ Inbox Food hub IMUS

So I’m hoping that they’re playground doesn’t have a floor of sand. The place is cool even thought there are no fans around because it’s an open place. So the wind practically gets inside the place. They have an upper deck which is really cool. It gives more space for the customers to seat. However, the stairs are not safe(I believe, because it’s not completely flat steps. The stair rails are so dirty. You’d probably prefer not holding it which is quit risky.

The tables are clean on top, however, when we tried to connect the tables to expand our space, the under part of the table is oily and sticky. I found three tables that are like that. Also, I found some chair that has (hardened)ketchup. I asked their personnel if they can wipe it off but he just looked at me and went away.

The Food

Since Inbox Food Hub is like a food court or plaza, there are so many food choices. We can’t really afford to try it all out. Since it was suggested by my niece. We asked her what to try. She said they had a “Boodle Fight” at InstaGrill(a food stall inside Inbox Food Hub). We also ordered Potato Joe’s at a potato/fries food stall(I forgot the name though but it’s just one stall that serves potato fries).

The Boodle Fight by Instagrill

Let me start with what’s good about it. First is the price. It is 900 php and ideal for 8-10 persons. They had other sizes and meals but I wasn’t able to take note of it.

The way it was served looked pleasing but it was not so boodle fight applicable. For people who doesn’t know what boodle fight is, it is a Filipino thing where banana leaves are used as a plate of a long table served food on top of it. The best part of it is all of you shall eat on it without using any separate plates or utensils. Meaning you have to eat with your hands.

To give you some visuals about why it’s not applicable for boodle fight, here is a photo of a real boodle fight:

inbox food hub review: mielygraphy
The real boodle fight

Source: Wikipedia And this is what they have:

inbox food hub review mielygraphy
Boodle Fight from Instagrill For 8-10 Persons 900PHP/order

It was nice but the tray is like for two or four persons only. They should have used a longer tray even they narrow it a little to make space for the 8-10 person that will eat. I’m not sure though if you can request for plates. But if they do the essence of boodle fight will be gone. They just served it that way and gave us plastic gloves to avoid the messiness.

This group meal is consisted of :

  • Plain and Java Rice
  • Fried and Grilled Tilapia
  • Chicken Legs
  • Grilled Liempo (Pork)
  • Grilled Panga(Fish Jaw)
  • Fried Longganisa
  • Ensaladang Manga(Mango Salad) – This should be Lato(Sea Grapes) but they don’t have it so they replaced it.
  • Steamed Shrimp
  • Salted Egg 2pcs (which is cut in to four halves)

Their serving size is worth the price. The taste was good but it could’ve been better if they served it hot. Out of all the viands it has, the fried tilapia is the only one that seems to be newly cooked(and warm). The rest were dead cold.

My verdict for Instagrill: Good but needs improvements.

iinbox food hub review- mielygraphy
Potato Joes for Sharing serving size

We ordered Potato Joes which is like similar to the mojos of Shakeys. It was good. It costs 160 php good “for sharing”. They have solo and for sharing serving sizes. The solo sizes cost about 65 php. Actually, I forgot the price but based on my photographic memory it is 65.

So that’s all we have tried so far. We tried to check some desserts but it was quite expensive and not so worth it. Some people seemed to like them because they’re “instagram-able” , but I don’t thinks it’s gonna be nice to eat.

Because of that we decided to visit the South Supermarket. We bought ice creams and we enjoyed it.

inbox food hub review - mielygraphy
South Supermarket

Other things you may need about Inbox Food Hub:

  • No smoking inside
  • Alcoholic beverages are sold upstairs(not sure though if they have specific time in serving them)
  • There’s a music band at around 6pm but I’m not sure if it’s everyday
  • They don’t have free wifi
  • There’s an available comfort room but I am not able to try
  • 6pm onwards is their peak hours based on our visit.

So I guess I have shared a lot. I am sorry if this was quite long but I hope you find it useful.We really enjoyed eating together.

The place was nice, maybe we’ll go back to try other food stalls.

Moments of the day

inbox food hub review mielygraphy
inbox food hub review mielygraphy
inbox food hub review- mielygraphy
inbox food hub review - mielygraphy

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  1. Looks like you had fun. I must visit this place when I get home to PI since it’s just 30 minutes away from where I am staying 🙂

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