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Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent Review from Lazada | Say No to Dengue?

Recently, our neighbors are talking about Dengue outbreaks here in Cavite. They say that it is increasing so we should be all cautious.

I agree that being cautious ALL THE TIME is a must. Especially when you have kids. The target of dengue is those who have low immune systems and we usually expect that from our kids.

So I decided to browse different mosquito repellents in the market.

We used to have those blue lights with electrical lines to catch mosquitoes before, but aside from it being ineffective at times, it is also noisy.

We also have mosquito swatter (tennis racket-like), but it is a hassle to use.

And we are asthmatics here. So we really can’t use sprays and stuff like that.

But I was able to find an interesting Mosquito Repellent from Xiaomi

I’m quite a fan of Xiaomi because of their affordable products with good quality. One of the last reviews I made for that brand is the Xiaomi Wifi Extender which is still good and up to date.

It was so interesting because it is SMART stuff and looks minimal.

So I started researching about it and they claim it is a good product. But most of those reviews look like sponsored posts.

Inside view of the Xiaomi Mijia Mosquito Repellent

What made me buy this Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent?

Well, despite the pricey cost I decided to buy this product because of the appearance, the brand, and the selling point of it being an ODORLESS REPELLENT.

It was indeed pricey for a mosquito repellent of this size. The smart version which can be connected via Bluetooth with a companion app costs around 800 pesos. While the non-smart version is around 500+.

Well, the first time I saw it, I found it at the price of 1000+ but I am very eager to find a lower price which I was able to find.

Check the link here to find the same item and seller I got this:

Xiaomi Mija Mosquito Repellent (Smart Version)

You can also check out the basic version here. Honestly, I rarely use my phone to control it. I wish I just purchased the basic version as it is cheaper.

How does this repellent work?

It’s quite unique. It doesn’t heat anything.

This has a mini fan below which is supposed to blow off the repellent tablet that you put inside. The repellent tablet is replaceable and claims to be usable up to 90 days with 10-hour daily use.

Is it really odorless?

This is the replaceable repellent tablet.
This is the replaceable repellent tablet.

Yes! It is indeed odorless but not NO ODOR. When I opened the package I tried to sniff the repellent tablet and I got a quick disturbance in breathing.

I should’ve not done that but I was so curious. It had a smell. But while using it and without doing intentional sniffing, you won’t smell anything at all.

Effectiveness of Xiaomi Mosquito Repellent

Let’s break this down into some sub-topics because it may end up being very long.

Indoor Use

It claims to have 28sqm coverage, but our room is quite spacious and our door and windows are always open. That’s the reason why mosquitoes are everywhere. We have a balcony that’s why we always have the room open, to feel the fresh air.

However, I noticed, that using this in our room doesn’t make it cover the whole room. I have to move it to my working desk when I work and move it near the bed when we are about to sleep. BTW our room is about 20 sqm.

It is effective but it slowly dispels the mosquitoes. It doesn’t take effect in an instant. I think it’s fair enough because of its size.

Outdoor Use

As mentioned, we have a balcony which also is our laundry area. We have all our laundry stuff there including the baskets.

Having that said, it is clearly a nest of mosquitoes. We tried it there despite it being an open area, the Xiaomi mosquito repellent worked as intended. You just have to keep it close to you and be patient.

It takes a while to effect.

What about other insects?

I can say that this can also repel flys and ants based on experience.

Does Xiaomi Repellent work against Flys?

During noon time for some reason, we are being bugged by flies. And I tried using the mosquito repellent to see if it’ll work.

I noticed that the flies are able to sit on the item itself without any disturbance but after a few minutes, they miraculously disappear. To validate the efficacy of it with flies, I decided to turn it off and I noticed that the flies were back.

After turning it on again, the flies are gone after a while. Not sure if it was just a coincidence but that happened on the last 3 days of tests I made.

I also found out that it works with Ants too.

I only had one instance of this test. It was discovered by accident.

We have kids at home as they have crumbles of biscuits all over the place. One time, I noticed a piece of biscuit on the floor with ants.

The ants are not moving a lot as if they were sleeping on the biscuit. So I decided to place the Mosquito repellent near them. At first, they weren’t moving at all.

After a few minutes, they seemed to look disturbed and panicking. Then they were gone after I looked again. They were totally gone out of sight. Not sure where they’ve gone.

I tried it again yesterday, it dispels ants only if the repellent is near them. I found some dead ants as well after this trial.

Pros of the Xiaomi Smart Mosquito Repellent

  • minimal and beautiful design
  • Odorless repellent
  • Effective with Mosquitoes and insects
  • Movable, you can place it anywhere
  • It is part of Xiaomi’s Ecosystem
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity, to control the device via an app, monitor the availability of the repellent tablet, and schedule the power of the device.
  • Safe for Kids because even if they touch it, it’s harmless. No cables, no heating, no reachable fan blades, and such.

Cons of this device

  • It’s pricey. The device and tablet itself feel like a luxury item for an average person like me. But I find it awesome.
  • It is battery-operated. Added cost. They could’ve had this as a rechargeable device.
  • Slow action. It’s effective but it dispels insects slowly.
  • Small coverage for an open room like ours.

My verdict with this Xiaomi Smart Insect Repellent

It’s effective and good. But I am looking for some justice about its price. If the room is spacious and open like ours. I think you would need 2 of these but if it’s just a small room or closed room I think one is good enough.

You won’t notice it in action but based on my mindful observation it just acts slowly.

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