There are some effective ways to boost your PTC earnings.
I will tell you some tips on how will it be possible to earn more on PTC sites.

#1. Get some or lots of referrals.
Having many referrals on your downline is one of the best ways to boost your earnings. Inviting your friends, classmates, and workmates to join by explaining them personally how PTC works and give them your referral link and let them sign up. By referring friends, PTC sites give you some bonuses or commissions from your friend’s earnings. Most common commission rates are 10% to 30%. If you have 10 direct referrals and each of them earns $1 and you get 30% commission you will earn $3 without doing anything. Most of the downlines are not just at 1 level, some PTC sites give 5-10 levels of downline. Meaning to say the earnings of the referrals of your downline still gives you a commission up to the level of the PTC site’s limits.
#2. Log in daily
Log in daily and complete the daily checklist and earn bonus cash.
#3. Download ptc sites toolbar/apps(if available)
Some PTC sites have their own apps and toolbar which may help their members to track new ads while on the other sites. This may help you notice new ads if you already logged out and finished clicking the ads.
#4. Advertise your affiliate links/ referral links
You can earn more referrals by advertising your affiliate links to the world. This may give you more coverage on earnings. Pursue blog postings, email list builders, and traffic exchange to earn more visitors and referral prospects.
#5. Upgrade your membership!
This is the 2nd best way, but I put this on no.5 because this is the riskiest part. Why it’s risky? It’s because you will need to pay for a membership upgrade. But I will tell you how it won’t be risky.
Before you invest in something you should be sure first on the company you’ll be investing. Just like upgrading, you need to be sure on the PTC site if you can trust your money to them. 2 ways of doing it is to be sure that you can receive money from them, that means when you reach the minimum payout, request for withdrawal immediately. If you receive the payment within less than or exactly 30 days that is the time to give some trust. Next is to search for the site’s reviews, with this you can read the opinions of other users about the PTC site you like to invest an upgrade with.
If you’re already sure on the site upgrade your membership immediately. After you upgrade you can notice the big difference. Upgraded members earn higher commissions, premium ads that cost .01-.1 per ad and from 20 ads a day before it may become 30-40 ads per day if you become a premium member.
#6. Do #1-#5
And you will be a successful PTC earner!
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