Breast milk refusal

Breast milk refusal made me so worried(and sad)!

Mikayla is very cranky today. She’s crying hard and she had this breast milk refusal attitude the whole day. This is so devastating for me as a mother. I feel like she hates me because I’m working. It’s like I’m not being able to build a good relationship with her that’s why she’s refusing me. This is the first time I’ve seen her cry that way. She cries as if she wants to shout “NO! I DON’T WANT YOU!”, she’s even pushing me away which is so weakening.

I breastfed my first born for 2 years and never experienced that kind reaction. I really felt more hurt when she stops crying whenever her father gets her or anybody else, then cries again when I try to take her again.

Well, I let her cool down a bit and tried to take her calmly. She didn’t cry but she’s not looking at me, I tried to face her and catch her attention but she kept looking away. She’s really turning her face and eyes away from me. It’s so terrible for me.

So I Googled my situation and check if there would be a relevant result to this breast milk refusal situation. Search engines are really helpful, I saw several sites that talk about breast milk refusal. I read so many articles and found some possible reasons why this is happening.

I wasn’t able to take the links for resources but I just typed in “baby suddenly refuses my breast milk”.

Here are some common reasons I found:

1 Hormonal changes

They say that baby may refuse your breast milk may taste a bit different when your about or when you currently have your period. I felt relieved somehow when I saw it because I guess I am one week delay which for me is normal but quite alarming because I don’t use any contraceptive at the moment.

However, as I read through the articles, I found out that it can also happen if you got preggy again. I was like “oh noooooooooo!!!!” So even I am about to be late at work I rushed to the pharmacy and bought a pregnancy test kit.


I might retake it next week if still no red days. Gosh I really hope it would be negative. I have medical conditions and I don’t know if it would be fine.

2 Bottle confusion

She takes expressed milk and sometimes formula and whenever I get home or before I go to work, I feed her directly to mine. That’s what I really love doing โ€” feeding her directly from me.

So that’s our routine and I don’t think it can be a reason.

3 Environmental changes

Not sure if it can be a reason but no.

4 Overproduction of milk supply

Well it not new to me there was a time that my baby doesn’t take my right breast because of an overabundance of milk supply. But today she just refused it all from 4 am till 2 pm(which is when I left the house).

5 Ear infections or minor injuries (I guess that’s what we call Pilay)

Two or a day before, I found out that there are some scabs at the back of her earrings. She had her piercings probably more than a month ago and I was advised that it should heal in less than a week.

So, I decided to ask my husband to take it off. Sterile earrings are quite stiff and hard to take off. As he removed one of the piercing bled.

I cleaned off her ears and the earrings of course but after that she was okay. But this can be a reason too.

Those are the common reasons I found from the web. Right now I guess I have to monitor it before bringing her to the doctor. I don’t really want to be panicky at the moment.

Should you take breast milk refusal seriously?

3:45 am โ€” I just got home and she’s so happy to see me. Her body moved as if she was like the doggy in the window wagging her tail. I took her and hugged her so much as I really missed her. I cradled her and feed her directly with my breast milk and she took it happily. I guess the article I found earlier was right “do not take it personally”.

I feel sorry for my 50 peso challenge as I have used my 50 pesosesoses to buy the PT. I hope she’ll get engaged in taking my breast milk again.

Have you experienced this before? Hope you can share it with how. Cheers!

Bear with this post formatting as I have written it through my mobile phone.


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  1. Sounds like a tough day for you. Definitely a good idea not to take it personally- it comes in handy for parenting challenges in general.

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