Bye January. Hi Feb! (With a quick glance of my bullet journal)

I just finished writing my reflections for the month of January and I realized a lot of things.

Based on what I saw from my bullet journal, I have been quite productive and focused with my blog and my health.

But I found that my January felt a bit sad and that I was quite demotivated at work because of some disputes with my income.

Let’s shrug off the negativity and discuss the good parts of January.

As I have said I’ve been good in being active on my blog and this is the first time I have hit more than 10 posts in a month. I’m glad I met new acquaintances and had 30 new followers from WordPress.

During the first half of the month I struggled in spending less than 200 a day at work even we have free meals at work. But at least I was able to adjust it to 100 pesos a day because my husband lives with me now and he drives an e-bike to bring and fetch me from and to the bus stop.

I was able to take meds religiously but can’t seem to feel better yet. I’m still sleep deprived and as of now there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m only able to tick off two out of my 11 goals. I realized they aren’t measurable at all. Like the goal “Be Healthy” I cannot really say if I am or not. I should have said “no meds skipping”. I feel stupid in goal making.

So for February I only had a few goal items which I am not sure if it’s measurable now. Hahaha.

So btw, here’s how my feb bullet journal set up looks like:

Hahaha nothing really had changed from my January bullet journal set up. I’m glad though that I was able to have a tracker for the whole month in one page because 28 days just fits.

My goals were covered by the water mark but to share it with you it says:

  • Open a bdo acct
  • Do at least 10 blog posts
  • Gain 20 more wp followers
  • Gain at least 1500 hits
  • Finish 2 books
  • One coffee a day or less or max 2 at work.

I find the last one really hard because there’s a free coffee vendos at work and I take about 6 or 8 cups per shift. But I have to switch over to Milo this time to lessen the coffee intake. I need to lessen it because I have hyperthyroidism.

I have a bank account but my mom and sister uses BDO and I believe I should do the same hahaha.

Does it look like more realistic and measurable now?? I hope so. What are your goals for this month?? Is it also measurable and realistic? Or maybe you’re just hoping too just like me? Haha. My mom always says it’s better to have goals and dreams than nothing at all.

Bear with my post I written this on my phone. Lol


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