Get Cashbacks for online bookings

Cashbacks for Online Bookings #Summer

Happy summer guys!

Everyone is looking for a great spot to spend time with their families, friends, and colleagues to have fun and beat the heat of the summer season. But of course, great spots also means great prices! Most of us want to live up wisely and you can't just do that if you spend too much money for going out.
Monetizing blogs in 3 ways

Monetize Blog in 3 Easy Ways

Been blogging for a while for nothing? Some bloggers have great readers great traffic, but just earning popularity. I think when you have those two factors, I think it is time for you to know how to monetize blogs. It is beneficial for you, especially when you pay your domain, your hosting or maybe your internet connection. I'm not sure if there is someone in this world who doesn't know about this. Or maybe they're aware, but don't know how to do it.
shopback get rebates

Cash Backs While You Shop This Christmas!

Shopping these days is quite harsh to our pockets. As much as possible, we want cash-backs, discounts, promos or any sort of thing that can let us save money.
This Christmas, I'm sure you have tons of lists for your inaanak (godson/ goddaughter), children, cousins or anyone that you love. And having that sort of list may take time for you to shop at malls or any stores as there are so many people and long lines that await you.
What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

What is Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

 Bitcoin Cloud Mining?

I have been loving bitcoins for months now or maybe a year already. And I have tried so many things just to find the right ways to earn it. As I remembered, the value of it before was just around 10,000 PHP, but now it's almost 30,000 PHP. As of 12/17/17, it is around 970k PHP per Bitcoin. With less than a year its value increased enormously. Very unusual if you'll compare it with the regular currencies.
wise usage of credit card

Wise Usage of Credit Card

How should we use a credit card? Great question, huh?

I just had my card for almost two months now and I think it's still a question that I have. But before I actually applied for a credit card. I've already read so much things about it and what I have to share are some things they have said in common and my own experiences. ...

QoinPro Review

QoinPro: Review

QoinPro -- Is it still working? (Update as of 12/17/2017 - I found out that it's working and got improved!)

Hey, guys! How are you? Thanks for dropping by. I just want to give you a quick update about QoinPro.
bpi express start credit card review

BPI Express Start Credit Card Review Part II

Last time I actually shared you guys how you can avail the BPI Express Start Program Today, I am happy to tell you now that I already received the card way back 2nd of June. It got some delays on the delivery since I requested for the card to be delivered to the branch instead of having it delivered at home(by the way some banks like BDO doesn't allow that). The reason is we live in a building and credit cards are required to be received by the owner or by the authorized person. I am working so definitely no one will receive it. ...
earn money online

5 Ways to Earn Money Online

There are so many ways to earn money online and there are so many ways to be scammed as well. I have been scammed before by an investment schemed program online and I don't want that to happen to me or anyone else again. So I have here a list of five ways to earn money online without being scammed at all.


top 5 bitcoin faucet

Top 5 Best Bitcoin Faucets

One of the best ways to earn money online is to collect bitcoins. This 2015 bitcoin is a boom! The value of it is getting higher this end of the year.

So I think this is the best time to share you guys the top list of Bitcoin Faucets for us to start maximizing them and earn more bitcoins. So let's start with our countdown.

bticoin cryptocurrency

Bitcoin: My New Pal

Bitcoin is my new pal!!!

Before, I'm so in love with clicking ads for me to get paid. Now, I got my new bestie in earning some money online. That is Bitcoin. I just discovered it few months ago, though I've seen so many things about it a year ago (I don't get my sense in telling that haha). It's just so happened that I wasn't interested about it before and at the same time I don't get how it works. It's also creepy at first.
Now that I know what it is and how it works, I would like to share my simple thoughts about it for everyone to understand it more quickly and be able to start earning as soon as they understood how it works.


I will list some best online investment sites that i know. These are well trusted so don't worry about your money.